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A Static Lullaby

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Half Man, Half Shark; Equals One Complete Gentleman--0
Nightmares Win 6-0--0
Stare at the Air--0
Let Go (Frou Frou Cover)--0
Everybody's Got a Lil' Fonz N'em--0
Godbless You (God Damnit)--0
Annunciate While You Masticate--0
Let Go--0
The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All--0
Hang 'em High--0
The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us--0
Scavenger Hunt--0
Mourning Would Come--0
Annexation of Puerto Rico--0
Let Go (Bonus Track)--0
The Turn--0
Bear Trap--0
The Prestige--0
Aller Au Diable--0
Under Water Knife Fight--0
The Pledge--0
Mechanical Hearts--0
The Everlasting Gaze--0
Song for a Broken Heart--0
Love to Hate, Hate to Me--0
Lipgloss and Letdown (live)--0
A Sip of Wine Chased With Cyanide (live)--0
Nightmares Win 6-0 (live)--0
We Go To Eleven--0
Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)--0
Radio Flyer's Last Journeytransl0
Modern Day Firetransl0
Stand Uptransl0
Static Slumber Partytransl0
The Jesus Haircuttransl0
The Art Of Sharing Loverstransl0
Marilyn Monrobottransl0
Lipgloss And Letdowntransl0
Cash Cowbelltransl0
Annunciate While You Mastacatetransl0
A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanidetransl0
Easier Said Than Donetransl0
Hang'Em Hightransl0
Godbless Youtransl0
Trigger Happy Tarantulatransl0
Shooting Star That Destroyed Us Alltransl0
Nightmares Win 6 - 0transl0
Mechanical Hearttransl0
Smooth Modulatortransl0
Stare In The Airtransl0
The Collisiontransl0
The Annexation Of Puerto Ricotransl0
Love To Hate, Hate To Lovetransl0
Life In a Museumtransl0
Calmer Than You Aretransl0
A Song For a Broken Hearttransl0
Charred Fields Of Snowtransl0
Eager Cannibalstransl0
Half Man, Half Shark, Equals One Complete Gentlematransl0
Faso Latidotransl0
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