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♪ Scheherazade ♪ official lyrics
Across the sea of endless dunes
There was a city covered in ruins
Tell the tale of a faithless king
And how his wives had been suffering

Each day he wed another wife
And each morning he would take another life
And loyalty he could not find?
'Til the day he met Scheherazade

Learn and spin and tell your tale
Bend and twist, your life is frail
Learn and spin and tell your tale
Bend and twist, your life is frail

A thousand miles across seas of sand
There was a prince in a merciful land
With Scheherazade he played when young
In a lower? around the apartment?

She tied a note to a raptor's claw
And he stretched his wings, disobeyed the law
That bird of prey flew through the night
To tell the prince of Scheherazade's plight

Learn and spin and tell your tale
Bend and twist, your life is frail
Learn and spin and tell your tale
Bend and twist, your life is frail
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Abney Park - Scheherazade song lyrics
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