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She Won't Let Me Fucktransl6
One Hit Wonder--4
White Girlz--3
Colt 45transl2
Because I Got High (The Positive Remix) - Bonus Track--2
Crazy Rap--1
In Your Pussy--1
Wonderful Tonight--1
Dicc Hang Low--1
Smoke On It--1
Crazy Rap (Explicit radio edit)--1
Smoke 2 Blunts--1
Po Bitch--1
Whack Rappers II (feat. Strange)--0
Hush (Live)--0
The American Dream - Album Version (Edited)--0
Mississippi - Album Version (Edited)--0
Whack Rappers--0
Fuck Tha Corporate World--0
I've Been Hustlin'--0
Paranoid (feat. The 2 Zigg Zaggs)--0
Keep on Limp'n--0
She Won't Let Me F**k - Album Version (Edit)--0
Let Her Blow--0
Deck My Balls--0
Violent Night (feat. Po Boy)--0
12 J's of X-Mas (feat. The 2 Zigg Zaggs)--0
Jobe Bells (feat. The 2 Zigg Zaggs)--0
Because I Got High (Afroablilitated Clean & Sober)--0
Because I Got High (Afrotime remix)--0
Police Blow My Wad--0
Because I Got High (Afrolicious edit)--0
Because I Got High (Afropulco Gold & Dirty)--0
Me & Kenny--0
Major Beat--0
Because I Got High (remix)--0
Nobody Knows My Name--0
Suck a Dick Jockey--0
Back on the Bus--0
Guitar Solo--0
Tall Cans V.2 (Remix)--0
Crazy Rap (UK radio edit)--0
I've Been Hustling--0
Caddy Hop--0
Just My Paranoia--0
Late at Night--0
Compton Isn't Too Far Away--0
Sag Your Pants--0
What If (feat. E-40)--0
Drive Better Drunk--0
Freak on With You--0
Ghetto Memories--0
O Chronic Tree (feat. Strainj)--0
Death to the World--0
Smokin Weed--0
Homegrown Alabama--0
Couple Next Door--0
Crazy Rap (radio edit)--0
Club Owner Skit--0
Pimpin' Pennsylvania--0
Fun In Washington--0
Hit This Blunt With Me--0
Come Over--0
Let Me Out--0
12 J's of X-Mas--0
There's a Price 2 Pay--0
Afroman Palmdale Is tha City (feat. Fatsoe)--0
Because I Got High (Palmdale Sessions)--0
Afroman - Hungry Hustla Hollas--0
American Dream--0
O Chronic Tree--0
Palmdale Is Tha City--0
N-Word (Skit)--0
Palmdale - Album Version (Edited)--0
I Feel Good--0
Dicc Hang Lo--0
Because I Got High (Afrolicious clean edit)--0
She Won't Let Me F$%^--0
Because I Got High (WRVW No Efx-No Sex edit)--0
Life of Tha Party--0
Ghetto Life--0
12 J's of X-Mas (instrumental)--0
I Wish You Would Roll a New Blunt--0
Beer Bottle Up--0
Feel Alright--0
Smoke Some Green--0
Colt 40 FIVA--0
Jumped Up G'd Up--0
Ho Stopper--0
I Know All About You--0
Because I Got High (Afrolicious clean)--0
Violent Night--0
Because I Got High (album version) (clean)--0
Because I Got High (Edit)--0
Crazy Rap (Colt 45 And 2 Zig Zags)--0
I Got High--0
Because I Got High (Dirty Radio)--0
Because I Got High 2009--0
Becouse I Got High--0
Becauze I Got High--0
She Won't Let Me--0
I Smoke Weed--0
Bacc 2 School--0
I Drive Better Drunk--0
Smokers Only--0
Hungry Hustler--0
Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags) - Album Version (Edited)--0
Because I Got Hight (Sinem)--0
She Won't Let Me F**k--0
Sell Your Dope--0
Smoke a Blunt--0
She Won't Let Me Fucc--0
Crazy Rap (Colt 45)--0
Let's Get High Tonight--0
Because I Got High (extended version)--0
'cause I Got High--0
The American Dreamtransl0
You Ain't My Friendtransl0
I Was Gonna Clean My Room Until I Got Hightransl0
Tall Canstransl0
Let's All Get Drunk Tonighttransl0
Because I Got High 2007--0
Leaving California--0
Because I Got High (radio edit)--0
Let's All Get Drunk--0
Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)--0
Crazy Rap (Cold 45 & 2 Zig Zags)--0
Graveyard Shifttransl0
I Live In a Vantransl0
Jackin' Afroman--0
Jumped Up, G'd Up (Live)--0
Palmdale (Live)--0
Because I Got High (With Guitar Solo) [Live]--0
She Won't Let Me F$%^ (Live)--0
Colt 40ty Fiva (Drunk Driver) [Live]--0
Dicc Hang Lo (Live)--0
Let's All Get Drunk (With Guitar Solo) [Live]--0
Afroman Is Coming to Town (Live)--0
I Know All About You (Live)--0
Tumbleweed (Live)--0
Tall Cans (Live)--0
If It Ain't Free--0
What If--0
Let's All Get Drunk (with Guitar Solo)--0
Colt 40ty Fiva (Drunk Driver)--0
Cali Swangin'--0
Bacc On The Bus--0
Tall Cans V.2 (Remix) [Live]--0
Because I Got Hightransl0
Because I Got High (Dirty Radio Edit)--0
Because I Got High (High Life Remix)--0
Crazy Rap (Dirty Radio Edit)--0
Before I Hit the Party--0
No No Fro--0
Because I Got High (82 BPM R&B)--0
God Has Smiled on Me--0
After the Party's Over--0
My Chunk--0
Afroman Is Coming to Town--0
Jobe Bells--0
Colt 40ty Fiva--0
Because I Got High (No Efx-No Sex edit)--0
Because I Got High (Radio)--0
The 12 J's of X-Mas (Instrumental)--0
Crazy Rap (Radio edit with effects)--0
Pobitch (Skit)--0
Drinkin on the Sidewalk--0
Tumbleweed - Album Version (Edited)--0
Because I Got High - Album Version (Edited)--0
Keep It Movin--0
Because I Got High (with Guitar Solo)--0
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