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Strong (Piano version)--1
Forlorn Hopetransl1
Between Love And Firetransl1
Inimical Chimeratransl1
Mea Culpa (Acapella) [Remaster]--1
Estranged (Session Version)--1
Boundaries Are Open - Session Version--0
Semblance of Confusion (instrumental version)--0
Follow in the Cry (instrumental version)--0
Follow in the Cry (a cappella version)--0
Mea Culpa (a cappella version)--0
Mea Culpa (instrumental version)--0
Life's Vortex (single version)--0
Being Everyone (acoustic live version)--0
Energize Me (Radio Edit)--0
Silence From Afar (demo version)--0
Who Wants to Live Forever (feat. Damian Wilson and Arjen Lucassen)--0
Wings of Illusion (demo version)--0
Leaden Legacy (session version)--0
Mea Culpa (session version)--0
Wings of Illusion (session version)--0
Mea Culpa--0
Leaden Legacy (instrumental)--0
Silence From Afar (session version)--0
Inimical Chimera (session version)--0
Face Your Demons (feat. Marco Hietala)--0
Follow in the Cry (The Embrace That Smothers, Part II) (session version)--0
Yield to Temptation (The Embrace That Smothers, Part III) (session version)--0
Beyond Me (session version)--0
Black Tomb (session version)--0
Silence from Afar (radio edit)--0
Forlorn Hope (2 Metersessies)--0
Line of Thoughts (Instrumental)--0
For the Time Being (demo)--0
My Choice (Video Clip)--0
Beyond Me (feat. Sharon)--0
Silence From Afar (demo)--0
Monolith of Doubt (demo)--0
Zenith (Session Version)--0
Follow in the Cry (The Embrace That Smothers, Part II)--0
Boundaries Are Open--0
My Pledge of Allegiance, Pt. 1 (The Sealed Fate)--0
My Pledge of Allegiance, Pt. 2 (The Tempted Fate)--0
Wings of Illusion (demo)--0
Who Wants to Live Forever (feat. Ayreon)--0
My Choice (single version)--0
Imperfect Tenses (orchestral version)--0
Sins of Idealism (single version)--0
My Pledge of Allegiance #1 (2 Metersessies)--0
Semblance of Confusion (Remaster)--0
Mea Culpa (a cappella)--0
Silence From Afar (radio version)--0
My Pledge of Allegiance #2: The Tempted Fate--0
Intrinsic Introduction--0
Leaden Legacy Introduction--0
The Key Introduction--0
Being Everyone (acoustic version)--0
Tortuous Threnody (Remaster)--0
Digital Deceit (Remastered Single Version)--0
Life's Vortex (Remastered)--0
Eccentric (Remastered Orchestral Version)--0
Sins of Idealism (Remastered Single Version)--0
Blind Pain (Remastered Aggressive Version)--0
Reflections (Remastered)--0
Victim of Choices (Remastered)--0
Eccentric (Remastered)--0
Sins of Idealism (Remastered)--0
Through Square Eyes (Remastered)--0
Blind Pain (Remastered)--0
Two Sides (Remastered)--0
Two Sides (Remastered Single Version)--0
Beneath (Remastered)--0
Live and Learn - Non-Album Track--0
My Choice (Remastered Acoustic Version)--0
Being Everyone (Session Version)--0
No Control (Session Version)--0
Pledge of Allegiance, Pt. 2 (Session Version)--0
The Evil that Men Do (Remastered Single Version)--0
My Choice (Remastered Single Version)--0
My Choice (Remastered)--0
Glorifying Means (Remastered)--0
The Evil that Men Do (Remastered)--0
One Day I'll Fly Away (Remastered)--0
Between Love and Fire (Remastered)--0
Beautiful Emptiness (Remastered)--0
Follow in the Cry (Session) [Remaster]--0
Wings of Illusion (Demo) [Remaster]--0
Yield to Temptation (Session) [Remaster]--0
Beyond Me (Session) [Remaster]--0
Black Tomb (Session) [Remaster]--0
Silence from Afar (Demo) [Remaster]--0
Follow in the Cry (Acapella) [Remaster]--0
Wings of Illusion (Remaster)--0
Come (Session Version)--0
Mea Culpa (Instrumental) [Remaster]--0
Semblance of Confusion (Instrumental Version) [Remaster]--0
Follow in the Cry (Instrumental) [Remaster]--0
Tortuous Threnody (Session) [Remaster]--0
Ephemeral (Session) [Remaster]--0
For the Time Being (Demo Version)--0
For the Time Being - Session Version--0
Semblance of Confusion (session version)--0
Tortuous Threnody (session version)--0
Ephemeral (session version)--0
Monolith of Doubt (Session Version)--0
The Key - Session Version--0
Inimical Chimera (Session) [Remaster]--0
Silence from Afar (Session) [Remaster]--0
Mea Culpa (Session) [Remaster]--0
Wings of Illusion (Session) [Remaster]--0
Inimical Chimera (Remaster)--0
Emphasis (Session Version)--0
Sins Of Idealismtransl0
Beautiful Emptinesstransl0
Digital Deceittransl0
Blind Paintransl0
Two Sidestransl0
Childhood In Minor--0
One Day I'll Fly Awaytransl0
Line Of Thoughts--0
My Choicetransl0
Glorifying Meanstransl0
The Evil That Men Dotransl0
Through Square Eyestransl0
Victim Of Choicestransl0
Being Everyonetransl0
Free Of Doubttransl0
Only Everythingtransl0
Living Shieldstransl0
Boudaries Are Opentransl0
Life's Vortextransl0
The Keytransl0
My Pledge Of Allegiance #2transl0
Mea Culpa (The Embrace That Smothers - Prologue)transl0
Empty Memoriestransl0
Leaden Legacy (The Embrace That Smothers, Pt 1)transl0
Semblance Of Confusiontransl0
Black Tombtransl0
Beyond Metransl0
Who Wants To Live Forevertransl0
Wings Of Illusiontransl0
Follow In The Cry (The Embrace That Smothers, Pt 2)transl0
Silence From Afartransl0
Estranged (A Timeless Spell)transl0
Imperfect Tensestransl0
My Pledge Of Allegiance #1transl0
Monolith Of Doubttransl0
Tortuous Threnodytransl0
Yield To Temptation (The Embrace That Smothers, Pt 3)transl0
Ex Cathedra (Ouverture)transl0
Face Your Demonstransl0
No Controltransl0
My Choice (acoustic version)--0
The Evil That Men Do (single version)--0
Digital Deceit (single version)--0
Blind Pain (aggressive version)--0
Two Sides (single version)--0
Monolith of Doubt (single version)--0
Leaden Legacy--0
Yield to Temptation (Remaster)--0
Being Everyone (single version)--0
Monolith of Doubt (Demo Version)--0
Yield to Temptation (The Embrace That Smothers, Part III)--0
My Pledge of Allegiance--0
Boundaries Are Open (single version)--0
Attendance (Industrial remix)--0
Semblance of Confusion (Session) [Remaster]--0
Ephemeral (Remaster)--0
Leaden Legacy (Session) [Remaster]--0
Imperfect Tenses (Session Version)--0
Silence from Afar (Remaster)--0
Follow in the Cry (Remaster)--0
Taste the Day (Remagine)--0
Imperfect Tenses (feat. Damian Wilson)--0
Energize Me (Album Version)--0
Black Tomb (Remaster)--0
Eccentric (orchestral version)--0
Follow in the Cry--0
Cry With a Smiletransl0
Who I Amtransl0
Withering Timetransl0
Equally Destructivetransl0
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