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Kiss Me Kill Metransl1
Beyond The Sacred Glasstransl1
Interlude 4--0
What Goes Around... (Justin Timberlake cover)--0
Hidden Track--0
The Martyr--0
Early Mourning--0
Sirens Soliloquy--0
Double or Nothing--0
Deja Vu All over Again--0
Dancing Alone--0
Last Three Letters--0
Through The Eyes of Uriel--0
The Acolyte--0
In Her Tomb by the Sounding Sea--0
Fatima Rusallka--0
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night--0
Comedy of Errors--0
Fatal Optimist--0
Apology (acoustic)--0
The Puppeteer--0
Second Guessing--0
The Goddess--0
What Goes Around…--0
A Lunatic’s Lament--0
Ciao, Bella--0
Apology (Acoustic Version)--0
The Dark Wood of Error (Score)--0
Early Mourning (Bonus Track)--0
Necro's Decay--0
Fits and Starts--0
Before Him All Shall Scatter (Score)--0
The Wanderer (Score)--0
The Coward--0
This Converstion Is Over--0
And Now for the Final Illusion (Score)--0
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Marionettes (Score)--0
Lullaby of the Crucified (Score)--0
Adagio for Catastrophe--0
A Gilded Masquerade (Score)--0
Ending Without Stories--0
Secret Song--0
Hymm for the Shameless--0
Third Temptation of Paris--0
Apology RMX--0
Vestige (Score)--0
Apology (Remix)--0
All Night Dance Parties In The Undergound Palace--0
Interlude 3--0
Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen--0
And Now For The Final Illusiontransl0
Pathetic, Ordinarytransl0
Alchemy Sounded Good At The Timetransl0
Early Morningtransl0
Not a Single Word About Thistransl0
Daggers Speak Louder Than Wordstransl0
The Last Three Letterstransl0
A Siren's Soliloquytransl0
Nero's Decaytransl0
The Third Temptation Of Paristransl0
This Conversation Is Overtransl0
Tilting The Hourglasstransl0
Obsession Is Such An Ugly Wordtransl0
As You Wishtransl0
A Most Profound Quiettransl0
Goodbye, Goodnight, For Goodtransl0
This Is Usually The Part Where People Screamtransl0
Congratulations, I Hate Youtransl0
Red And Dying Eveningtransl0
Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charmingtransl0
All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palacetransl0
Endings Without Storiestransl0
And They Call This Tragedytransl0
Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistakentransl0
The Uninvited Thirteenthtransl0
Beautiful In Bluetransl0
Curse Of The Virgin Canvastransl0
Lullaby Of The Crucifiedtransl0
Before Him All Shall Scattertransl0
Circle VII: Sins Of The Liontransl0
Hand In Hand With The Damnedtransl0
The Temptresstransl0
The Fiendtransl0
The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Marionettestransl0
A Gilded Masqueradetransl0
The Wanderertransl0
Welcome To The Vanity Fairetransl0
A Forbidden Dancetransl0
The Dark Wood Of Errortransl0
Hymn For The Shamelesstransl0
The Thespiantransl0
The Murderertransl0
A Lunatic's Lamenttransl0
The Artisttransl0
Heavy Hangs The Albatrosstransl0
The Lovertransl0
Best Ex-Friendtransl0
What Goes Around...Comes Aroundtransl0
To Be Scared By An Owltransl0
In Her Tomb By The Soundingtransl0
Fatima Rusalkatransl0
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