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In the tunnel I noticed I had a choice of three. While I
thought it very kind of them to offer me this, I do wonder
if they realized what a dilemma they were sending to face
The trouble was, if I looked at your reflection in the left
window I missed the actual image of you and your reflection
in the right. And if I looked in the right I had the same
problem but the other way around.
At first I thought I should probably settle on one of the
mirrors as they were soon to disappear, but that idea
quickly wilted, and my attention was drawn back to the
center, occasionally checking on either side.

I must say I did question the authenticity of your nap a few
minutes before. As the train left Loughborough I suspected
it could've been a device to avoid conversation. I'd barely
considered this for a moment, however, when a heavy breath
and a gulping sound that I decided would be too embarrassing
to fake led me to conclude that your nap wasn't fraudulent.
I found it difficult to concentrate on anything else as you
slumped beneath your coat. Delighted that we'd waited until
this hour to travel so the evening sun got its opportunity
to skip across those sleeping cheeks, but unnerved by the
prospect of being removed from the opposing chair to yours.
I knew it was reserved but hoped that whoever had reserved
it had fallen over.
It looked as if today I'd be safe. The train wasn't too busy
but I did take a moment to recall the time when I was less

I remembered it with a chilling vivivity we were on the way
to Brighton.
I knew it was going to be his seat as soon as I saw him on
the platform, unzipping, checking, zipping, and rechecking
things. Something about his face suggested that he had for
years had a mustache and had not long since removed it. He
wasn't going to think twice about disposing of me,
especially considering then he'd get the chance to sit with
Though his hiking boot-march through the carriage was rather
revolting, it wasn't this that made my hands tense up into
sour claws of nausea. It was the way he said it.
"You're in my seat."
No "excuse me," no polite uncertainty, just the rigid,
hideous fact. The thud with which it landed expelled all my
preparation. Before I remembered my plans to pretend to be
asleep, deaf, French, or only sat there because someone else
was in my seat, I was walking to find another vacancy.
I ended up dwelling unhappily beside a girl with a boys bum.
I knew that because she walked too far past when she
returned to one of what I thought to be two empty seats when
I sat myself there. I fidgeted until our reunion on the
platform, where you brutally informed me "That man was
really rather pleasant, actually."

Today I thought I'd better make sure that couldn't happen
again and I pulled the ticket from the top of my seat. It
took a few attempts and the facade of hanging a jacket to
finally complete. I was terribly cautious. There's a threat
of punishment for such deeds by fine as far as I understand,
but those shackles were at the back of my mind as I crushed
the reservation in my hidden fist. Folding and squeezing as
if it were that beast on the way to the seaside.

Fortunately, there was no retribution. If anything the train
got quieter as the journey continued.
And so in the tunnel, unable to decide, my head flicked
through this trilogy of angles, angel after angle, until we
were out the other side.
My frantic twitching no doubt caused the man at the adjacent
table to narrow his eyes at the very least, I imagine.
I don't know for sure.
I didn't have time to add him to the cycle.
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Alex Turner - A Choice of Three song lyrics
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