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Black Gives Way to Blue (Piano Mix) [Bonus Track]--4
Got Me Wrongtransl1
Love, Hate, Lovetransl1
When The Sun Rose Againtransl1
Dam That Rivertransl1
Them Bonestransl1
Private Helltransl1
Black Gives Way To Bluetransl1
Whale & Wasp--1
Phantom Limbtransl1
God Am (Live)--0
A Little Bitter (Live)--0
Them Bones (Live)--0
Dam That River (Live)--0
Dirt (Drunk and Disorderly Version)--0
We Die Young (Demo Version)--0
Love Song (Hidden Track)--0
Again (Trip Hop mix)--0
Again (Live)--0
I Can’t Have You Blues (demo)--0
Heaven ’n Hell--0
I’ve Seen All This World I Care to See--0
Your Decision (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Man in a Box (live)--0
I Can’t Have You Blues (1988 demo)--0
Whatchya Gonna Do--0
Love Song--0
Whatcha Gonna Do (demo)--0
Killing Yourself (demo)--0
Ring Them Bells--0
I Don't Want Be a Soldier--0
It Ain't Like That (live)--0
Dirt (Drunk and Disorderly Version) [Live]--0
Sludge Factory (Live)--0
The Killer Is Me (Live)--0
Bleed the Freak (Live)--0
Heaven Beside You (Live)--0
Junkhead (demo)--0
Lying Season--0
Social Parasite (demo)--0
Bleed the Freak (demo)--0
Sea of Sorrow (demo)--0
Rooster (demo)--0
Again (Tattoo of Pain mix)--0
Killer Is Me (unplugged)--0
Nutshell (unplugged version)--0
Heaven Beside You (edit)--0
Heaven Beside You (album version)--0
Your Decision (radio edit)--0
Over Now (Live)--0
Man in the Box - Live Edit--0
Radio Intro--0
Man in the Box (album version)--0
Last of My Kind (Explicit)--0
It Ain’t Like That (Remastered) (Live)--0
Red Giant--0
Rooster (1992)--0
Nutshell (Live)--0
Lip Lock Rock--0
Frogs (Live)--0
Hate to Feel (live)--0
Man in the Box (live)--0
Down in a Hole (radio edit)--0
Bleed the Freak (Remastered) (Live)--0
Man in the Box (edit version)--0
Sea of Sorrow (edit)--0
Sea of Sorrow (album version)--0
Real Thing (live)--0
Put You Down (live)--0
Sunshine (live)--0
We Die Young (live)--0
Bleed the Freek--0
Radio Intro (Remastered) (Live)--0
Man In the Box (Remastered) (Live)--0
Sea of Sorrow (Remastered) (Live)--0
Real Thing (Remastered) (Live)--0
Put You Down (Remastered) (Live)--0
Angry Chair - Live Edit--0
Sunshine (Remastered) (Live)--0
We Die Young (Remastered) (Live)--0
Get Born Again (edit)--0
Sickman (Live) [Alternate]--0
Would? (Reprise) [Live]--0
It Ain't Like That (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
We Die Young (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
Man In the Box (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
Sea of Sorrow (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
Real Thing (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
Bleed the Freak (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
Put You Down (Live 1990 Broadcast Remastered)--0
Got Me Wrong - Edit--0
Sickman - Live--0
Dam the River--0
Queen of the Rodeo (not live)--0
Can't Have You Blues--0
Man in the Box (1990)--0
Fat Girls--0
Over the Edge--0
Sealed With a Kiss--0
Ya Yeah Ya--0
Glamorous Girls--0
Hush Hush--0
Distance Aside--0
Killing Yourself (not demo)--0
Your Decision (edit)--0
Little Bitter--0
Junkhead (Live)--0
Angry Chair (live)--0
Love, Hate, Love (Live)--0
The Real Thing--0
Stick Man--0
Drum Solo--0
King of the Cats--0
Sea of Sorrow (live)--0
Your Decision (album version)--0
Rooster (1991 demo)--0
Black Gives Way to Blue (piano mix)--0
Nutshell (1994)--0
What the Hell Have I (remix)--0
A Little Bittertransl0
Brush Awaytransl0
Sludge Factorytransl0
Heaven Beside Youtransl0
Head Creepstransl0
Shame In Youtransl0
God Amtransl0
So Closetransl0
Nothin' Songtransl0
Over Nowtransl0
Killer Is Metransl0
Chemical Addictiontransl0
Swing On Thistransl0
Fairytale Love Storytransl0
Get Born Againtransl0
I Can't Have You Bluestransl0
Killing Yourselftransl0
King Of The Katstransl0
Leave Me Alonetransl0
Queen Of The Rodeotransl0
Social Parasitetransl0
Suffragette Citytransl0
What The Hell Have I?transl0
Pretty Donetransl0
Don't Followtransl0
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Heretransl0
I Know Somethin' ('Bout You)transl0
Your Decisiontransl0
We Die Youngtransl0
Man In The Boxtransl0
Sea Of Sorrowtransl0
Bleed The Freaktransl0
I Can't Remembertransl0
It Ain't Like Thattransl0
Put You Downtransl0
Real Thingtransl0
No Excusestransl0
Right Turntransl0
Am I Insidetransl0
Rain When I Dietransl0
God Smacktransl0
Hate To Feeltransl0
Angry Chairtransl0
Rotten Appletransl0
I Stay Awaytransl0
Lab Monkeytransl0
Your Decision (live)--0
So Far Under--0
Rainier Fog--0
I Know Somethin (Bout You)--0
Nothin’ Song--0
No Excuses (Live)--0
Brother (Unplugged)--0
Iron Gland--0
Queen of the Rodeo (live)--0
Man in the Box (Jam)--0
I Know Something (About You)--0
Deaf Ears Blind Eyes--0
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