AmaLee Heavenly Lies - aLIEz x Heavenly Blue (Aldnoah.Zero) song lyrics
Heavenly Lies - aLIEz x Heavenly Blue (Aldnoah.Zero) AmaLee sheet
Heavenly Lies - aLIEz x Heavenly Blue (Aldnoah.Zero) - AmaLee lyrics
♪ Heavenly Lies - aLIEz x Heavenly Blue (Aldnoah.Zero) ♪ official lyrics
I will rise in resistance, sing the oath of rebellion
And cease fire, on this high-wire, head to toe in vanity
When those eyes in the mirror, stare back at me
I'm reminded that the ghost of pride is clear to see

Rain melts down from the stars
Falling from azure skies
All at once, turning this world's every hue into blue
Granted a simple choice
Stay mute or raise your voice
I for one, want to find out just how far you can be heard

Wipe away the weakness, will you let those scars define you?
Or will they adorn you as we carve our way to victory?
Doubt is crying out but I refuse to let it drown me,
Wearing down my fight till nothing's left

At a glance, we both were falling
For this world, enchanted by its light
Could this be the place we finally belong?
For all of humanity, I will take the stage alone,
And somehow manifest a roaring symphony
We were born for flight, before the light of the dawn

Where is our motherland?
Could it be where we stand?
Do you think maybe in another life we were here?
Everything we will seek
Everything we will feel
All depends on how far the two of us can cast our reach

Come on, one more breath, my ravaged voice betrays me
Will you never hear those final words i failed to choke out?
Tried to survive by putting all my faith in instinct,
But now I regret what have I done?

I stand gazing down at DEATH as they say
They say fight for peace does is exist??

My hand can you reach it?
My cry can you hear it?
Can you, can you tell me if this 'dream' was worth it?
My hand can you reach it?
My cry can you hear it?
Can you, can you help me, wake me from this nightmare?

One and all are falling deeply
For this world, enchanted by its light
Could it be thanks to this distant melody?
For all of humanity, we will take the stage as one
And somehow manifest a roaring symphony

Take your dreaming heart and set it free
As we reach out for the same horizon
Toward that light, the one within our dreams
Even tho its far away, I believe in our resolve
If this is meant to be we will find a way
Put your faith in me, and reach for that HEAVENLY BLUE!
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AmaLee - Heavenly Lies - aLIEz x Heavenly Blue (Aldnoah.Zero) song lyrics
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