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♪ Startear (Sword Art Online) ♪ official lyrics
I wish to numb my heart, to numb my heart
Against the pain and take it away
because there must be more than this.
Those countless times I gave up all hope
Because I couldn't change what's behind me
I hid inside my shell from the world
Out of sight, tucked away so that no one could see
Once again I feel all of the pain rise inside
Rushing back to me like and unstoppable tide
I don't need the warmth and no, I don't need the pain
I'm fine without this thing called "love"
I wish to numb my heart, to numb my heart
Against the pain and take it away
So I can overcome the dark
Just like a shooting star in the sky
Into the deep I sink, nearing the brink
My heart and soul succumb to the fall
I try to scream but there's no sound
So I accept I won't be found
But then I hear your voice calling
I'm no longer falling but rising up
As you pull me to the light
The world I knew, once quiet and gray
Began to change when you looked my way
I thought for sure my heart wouldn't heal
But guess you have made the impossible real
Look me in the eyes and make my heart skip a beat
Fill my world with color and set my spirit free
I was never falling - I was swept of my feet
The very moment you reached me
I wish to numb my heart, to numb my heart
To find the strength to heal what's inside
So I can overcome the dark
Just like a shooting star in the sky
Into the deep I sink, nearing the brink
But now I know you're there if I fall
I'll show the darkness I can fight
And when I'm lost, you'll be the light
So, now there's no hesitating
Im tired of waiting to turn the page
And to find out what's to come
I'll always treasure our time together
These golden memories
When I was falling and you were calling
I heard a knock on the door
Through all the pain I've overcome
I'll take a step out of my shell
I've waited all this time to turn the page
And now I'll finally blink away what held me back -
in the past
I swear
I wish to numb my heart, to numb my heart
Against the pain and take it away
So I can overcome the dark
Just like a shooting star in the sky
This oath will never die, my tears have dried
I'll never let my life slip on by
Because I know there's more than this
And if I only have one wish
I pray the chapter that follows will lead to tommorow
So I will see what the future holds for me.
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AmaLee - Startear (Sword Art Online) song lyrics
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