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Je Suis Comme Toi--373
Barbie as the Princess & The Pauper--70
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse--59
Pour être Une Princesse--55
Si Tu M'aimes Juste Pour Moi--49
Des Ami(e)s Comme Toi Y'en a Peu.--42
Vois Comme Nous, Volons Haut--37
Le Miaulement Du Chat--29
Barbie As the Island Princess--29
We're Gonna Find It--29
Si je brillais--27
Suivre mon étoile (Reprise acoustique)--23
Être ensemble en chanson--20
I Am a Girl Like You--18
Toujours Libre--16
Barbie Rock'n Royals Finale--15
Quand tu es une princesse--15
Barbie and the Diamond Castle--10
Comment Refuser--9
Tous au camp--9
Keep On Dancing (From "Barbie in the Pink Shoes")--9
Shooting Star--9
To Be a Princess / To Be a Popstar--8
Light Up The Worldtransl7
The Wish I Wish Tonight--6
Princess & Popstar Finale Medley--6
Rapunzel Theme--6
The Cat's Meow--6
Si je brillais Remix--6
Look How High We Can Fly--6
Here I Am / Princesses Just Want to Have Fun--5
Mermaid Party--5
Deck the Halls--5
Here I Am ( Keira Version)--5
Élevons nos voix--5
C'est ton moment--5
Gotta Get to Camp--4
Perfect Christmas--4
Queen of the Waves--4
Here I Am (Tori Version)--4
If You Love Me for Me--4
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses--3
Written In Your Heart (Prologue)--3
Silver Lining--2
Constant As the Stars Above--2
What If I Shine--2
To Be a Princess--2
Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure Present the Greatest Day--2
Barbie und das Diamantschloss - Teil 1--2
You're the One (From "Barbie & Her Sisters In a Pony Tale")--2
Pensel Och Palett (Butterfly)--2
What If I Shine (Remix)--2
Barbie Goes Around the World (instrumental version)--2
On Top of the World--2
Wrap It Up, Stack It Up--1
Let Your Hair Down--1
Eine Prinzessin im Rockstar Camp - Teil 7--1
Første Skoledag (Ain't That Just the Way)--1
I'm On My Way--1
I Wish I Had Her Life--1
What's Gonna Happen--1
When You're a Princess--1
How Can I Refuse--1
The Princess and the Pauper Soundtrack--1
Tusen Hjertelig Takk (You're Not Alone)--1
Brand New Sound--1
I Hagen (Saturday Night)--1
Shooting Star (Acoustic Reprise)--1
Usłysz mój głos--1
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini--1
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow--1
A Different Side of Me--1
On My Mind--1
Entä jos loistaa saan (Remix)--1
Doktor Barbie (Space Invadors)--1
All I Want for Christmas Is You--1
Perfect Day--1
Kapitel 1--1
Wat als ik shine remix (Dutch/Flemish Version)--1
Shine (Aus: Die 12 Tanzenden Prinzessinnen)--1
I've Got Magic--1
Αν λάμψω ξανά Remix--0
Just Believe It--0
Realizza i tuoi sogni--0
Wielki finał--0
Er man prinsesse--0
Learn Your Lessons--0
Spil Nu Ken (Bailando)--0
Tu sei in una canzone--0
Mix de chansons--0
Here for You--0
The Magic of the Rainbow (instrumental)--0
I'm Flying--0
How Can I Refuse (Reprise)--0
Ken Kan Spille Banjo (Bailando)--0
Feel It (instrumental)--0
Sie ist eine Prinzessin--0
Stråla - acapella version--0
Nu så är det läger igen--0
Hvor Er Du Nå? (Where Are You Now)--0
Russian Dance--0
Kens Bursdag (Manic Monday)--0
Sprint (When I Think of You)--0
Bli Med Oss (Give It Up)--0
Gi Oss Ditt Råd (I Love Your Smile)--0
Dameness Dans (I Love to Love)--0
Utrolig Lykkelig (I Should Be So Lucky)--0
Dragefestival (Vill Ha Dig)--0
I Dyreparken (Freed from Desire)--0
Her I Mitt Liv (How Will I Know)--0
Kapitel 07--0
Hermoso Es (Pista Extra)--0
Este Sentir No Tiene Fin--0
Tak pięknie jest (Bonus)--0
Ben Bir Yıldızım--0
Leuchtend hell (Akustische Version)--0
Unicorn (Score)--0
Barabba (Instrumental)--0
Medley Final--0
Damenes Dans (I Love to Love)--0
Hun Har Det (Venus)--0
Finn dig själv i en sång--0
Głos ma siłę--0
Hva om jeg skinner remix--0
We gaan op kamp (Dutch/Flemish Version)--0
Wat als ik shine (Dutch/Flemish Version)--0
Vind je zelf in een lied (Dutch/Flemish Version)--0
Leef en geniet (Dutch/Flemish Version)--0
Barbie finale mashup (Dutch/Flemish Version)--0
Voy a Brillar Reprise--0
Leb deinen Traum--0
Kocham lata smak--0
Wielki mój sen--0
Hva Gjør Vi Nå? (Turn Around)--0
Barabba (instrumental version)--0
Come and Get It--0
Modezauber in Paris - Track 4--0
Jenter Vil Ha Det Gøy (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)--0
Min Beste Venn (2 Cool 2 B Cool)--0
Stilig Show (Believe)--0
Nå Drar Vi Til Ibiza (Barbados/ We're Going to Ibiza)--0
Najjaśniejsza z gwiazd--0
Pensel Og Palett (Butterfly)--0
So Beautiful (Bonus Track)--0
Laverna's Formula--0
Una Estrella Soy (Versión Acústica)--0
Live in the Moment--0
Can You Keep a Secret--0
Kapitel 4--0
You Are the Most--0
The Greatest Day--0
Hacia el Campamento--0
Auf ins Camp--0
I Gotta Feeling--0
My Only Wish This Year--0
All We Got--0
Princesses Just Want to Have Fun--0
Me, Myself and Time--0
Voy a Brillar--0
Poder Soñar--0
Werd’ ich besteh’n--0
Catch My Breath--0
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies--0
Do the Mermaid (From "Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2")--0
You Can Tell She's a Princess (Main Title Version)--0
Unlock Your Dreams--0
Double Vision--0
Kalas (Believe)--0
Love You Like a Love Song--0
Written In Your Heart--0
Raise Our Voices--0
If I Had Magic--0
Finale Mash Up--0
Find Yourself in the Song--0
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)--0
Only a Breath Away--0
Wish Upon a Star--0
What's Gonna Happen Reprise--0
Be a Friend--0
Strength in Numbers--0
Barbie und ihre Schwestern im Pferdeglück, Teil 6--0
Something to Dance For--0
The Friends You Haven't Met (Reprise)--0
A Rainbow In Your Eyes--0
Stay Awhile--0
Búscate en la Canción--0
I Must Be Strong--0
Barbie in "Die magischen Perlen" - Teil 3--0
All for One--0
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