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Piano Mantransl4
The Downeaster "Alexa"--3
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)--2
And So It Goestransl2
The Siegfried Line (demo, Never Released)--2
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant--1
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me--1
The Longest Timetransl1
Baby Grandtransl1
The River of Dreams (alternate version)--1
Just The Way You Aretransl1
Uptown Girltransl1
Leave a Tender Moment Alone (live)--1
Shades of Grey--1
She's Always a Woman to Me--1
Air (Dublinesque)--1
Opus 1. Soliloquy (On a Separation)--1
Elegy: The Great Peconic--0
Vienna - 12 Gardens Live--0
Keeping the Faith (12" version)--0
Elvis Presley Blvd.--0
Scandanavian Skies--0
Prelude / Angry Young Man - 12 Gardens Live--0
My Life - 12 Gardens Live--0
The Ballad of Billy the Kid - 12 Gardens Live--0
The Entertainer - 12 Gardens Live--0
Everybody Loves You Now - 12 Gardens Live--0
All You Wanna Do Is Dance--0
Heartbreak Hotel--0
You Picked a Real Bad Time--0
Highway 61 Revisited (demo)--0
The Night Is Still Young--0
Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go out on Broadway)--0
Motorcycle Song (demo)--0
These Rhinestone Days (demo, Never Released, Became "I Loved These Days")--0
Only the Good Die Young (alternate version, Never Released)--0
Zanzibar (album version, Unfaded)--0
I Go to Extremes (live)--0
A Room of Our Own--0
The Times They Are a Changin'--0
Baby Grand (feat. Ray Charles)--0
To Make You Feel My Love (bare bones version)--0
The End of the World--0
Goodnight My Angel--0
The River of Dreams (Percapella mix)--0
Ballad of Billy the Kid--0
Band Introductions--0
The River of Dreams (album version)--0
The Prime of Your Life--0
Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway) - 12 Gardens Live--0
The Entertainer - Live Version--0
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Live Version--0
Band Introductions - Live Version--0
She's Got a Way - Live Version--0
Prelude / Angry Young Man - Live Version--0
Honesty - 12 Gardens Live--0
Stiletto - 12 Gardens Live--0
Los Anegelenos - Live--0
Captain Jack - Live Version--0
I've Loved These Days - Live Version--0
Everybody Loves You Now - Remastered--0
Why Judy Why - Remastered--0
Falling of the Rain - Remastered--0
You Can Make Me Free - Remastered--0
She's Got a Way - Remastered--0
Say Goodbye to Hollywood - Live Version--0
A Hard Day's Night - Live Unreleased Version--0
It's Still Rock & Roll to Me - 12 Gardens Live--0
And So It Goes - 12 Gardens Live--0
Laura - 12 Gardens Live--0
Goodnight Saigon - 12 Gardens Live--0
An Innocent Man - 12 Gardens Live--0
Allentown - 12 Gardens Live--0
The Great Wall of China - 12 Gardens Live--0
The Night Is Still Young - 12 Gardens Live--0
Zanzibar - 12 Gardens Live--0
Miami 2017 (demo, Never Released)--0
Keeping the Faith - 12 Gardens Live--0
The River of Dreams - 12 Gardens Live--0
Only the Good Die Young - 12 Gardens Live--0
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - 12 Gardens Live--0
Piano Man - 12 Gardens Live--0
You May Be Right - 12 Gardens Live--0
Big Shot - 12 Gardens Live--0
A Matter of Trust - 12 Gardens Live--0
We Didn't Start the Fire - 12 Gardens Live--0
New York State of Mind - 12 Gardens Live--0
Getting Closer--0
That's Not Her Style--0
When in Rome--0
Worse Comes to Worst--0
Through the Long Night--0
Close to the Borderline--0
She's Right on Time--0
Streetlife Serenader (Live)--0
Say Goodbye to Hollywood (live Attic version)--0
Stop in Nevada--0
If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)--0
Weekend Song--0
Christie Lee--0
Last of the Big Time Spenders--0
Somewhere Along the Line--0
Los Angelenos--0
The Great Suburban Showdown--0
A Hard Day's Night (Live)--0
You're My Home (Bonus Track)--0
Travelin' Prayer (live)--0
The Ballad of Billy the Kid (live)--0
Everybody Loves You Now (Live)--0
Waltz #1 (Nunley’s Carousel)--0
All About Soul (live)--0
Waltz no. 1 (Nunley's Carousel)--0
Only the Good Die Young (Live)--0
Moving Out (Anthony's Song) (Live)--0
Nocturne (live)--0
Turnaround (live)--0
Why Judy Why--0
Travellin’ Prayer--0
Don't Worry Baby--0
Tomorrow Is Today (live)--0
Rosalinda (live)--0
Long, Long Time (live)--0
Josephine (live)--0
Everybody Has a Dream--0
Big Man on Mullberry Street--0
I Go to Extreme--0
Scandinavian Skies--0
Miami 2017--0
I'll Cry Instead (live, 1981: New York, NY, USA)--0
You Got Me Hummin' (live, 1981: New York, NY, USA)--0
Only The Good Die Young (live, 1993-09: Boston, MA, USA)--0
River of Dreams (live, 1993-10: New York, NY, USA)--0
All About Soul (live, 1993-10: New York, NY, USA)--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas--0
Long Long Time--0
Only a Man (demo, Never Released)--0
Oyster Bay (demo, Never Released)--0
New Mexico (demo, Never Released, Became "Worse Comes to Worst")--0
My Life (single version)--0
Only a Man--0
Turn Around - Remastered--0
Running on Ice--0
Shameless (live, 1993-09: Boston, MA, USA)--0
No Man's Land (live, 1993-09: Boston, MA, USA)--0
Got to Begin Again--0
You Look So Good to Me--0
Falling of the Rain--0
Dance to the Music--0
Honky Tonk Women--0
You Can Make Me Free--0
Opus 10. Air (Dublinesque)--0
Modern Woman--0
Blonde Over Blue (live, 1993-05: Long Island, NY, USA)--0
Shades of Grey (live, 1993-09: Boston, MA, USA)--0
River of Dreams (live, 1993-09: Boston, MA, USA)--0
No Man's Land (live, 1993-05: Long Island, NY, USA)--0
When You Wish Upon a Star--0
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (live unreleased version)--0
Music Source--0
Cross to Bear (demo, Never Released)--0
Worse Comes to Worst - Remastered--0
Hard Day's Night (live unreleased version)--0
Further Than Heaven--0
Country Boy--0
Four O'Clock In The Morning--0
Getting Closer (Alternate Version)--0
These Rhinestone Days (Demo)--0
The Prime of Your Life (Demo)--0
And So It Goes (Demo)--0
Hotel St. George--0
Downeaster Alexa (Live)--0
The Ballad Of Billy The Kid - Live At Shea, 2008--0
Only the Good Die Young (Alternate Version) (Live)--0
Miami 2017 (Live)--0
Opus 8. Suite for Piano (Star-Crossed): II. Sorbetto--0
Opus 8. Suite for Piano (Star-Crossed): III. Delusion--0
Odoya (feat. Zhournalist)--0
Cross to Bear (Demo)--0
Oyster Bay (Demo)--0
Vienna (5.1 mix)--0
Only the Good Die Young (5.1 mix)--0
Don't Worry Baby (live)--0
Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) (5.1 mix)--0
Billy the Kid - Live--0
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant - Live At Shea, 2008--0
Only The Good Die Young - Live At Shea, 2008--0
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