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Black Veil Brides

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Wake Uptransl1
Stolen Omentransl1
Lost It Alltransl1
In The Endtransl1
Die For Youtransl1
Fallen Anglestransl1
Heart Of Fire - Spoken Word--1
Vale (This Is Where It Ends)transl1
Our Destinytransl1
Perfect Weapontransl1
Fallen Angels--0
World Of Sacrifice - Spoken Word--0
Sex & Hollywood--0
F.E.A.R. Transmission 2: Trust--0
The King Of Paintransl0
Lay You Down--0
The Shattered God--0
F.E.A.R. Transmission 1: Stay Close--0
Knives and Pens (Demo)--0
My Vowtransl0
Ballad Of The Lonely Heartstransl0
F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades--0
Knives and Pens (acoustic)--0
Goodbye Agony - Spoken Word--0
Youth & Whisky--0
We Don't Belong--0
Throw The First Stonetransl0
Crown of Thorns--0
New Years Day--0
A Devil for Me--0
Knives And Penstransl0
The Shattered God - Spoken Word--0
Exordium - Commentary--0
Done For You ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
Shadows Die ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
Resurrect the Sun ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
Days Are Numbered ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
New Years Day ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
Lost It All ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
I Am Bulletproof ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
Wretched and Divine ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
I Am Bulletproof - Commentary--0
In the End (NOW What's Next Bonus Track)--0
F.E.A.R Transmission 3: As War Fades, In The End, F.E.A.R Final Transmission--0
F.E.A.R. Transmission - Commentary--0
Lost It All - Commentary--0
In The End - Commentary--0
Resurrect The Sun - Commentary--0
Nobody's Hero - Commentary--0
We Don't Belong - Commentary--0
Stolen Omen - Spoken Word--0
New Years Day - Commentary--0
Crown Of Thorns - Spoken Word--0
Walk Away - Spoken Word--0
Last Rites - Spoken Word--0
Faithless - Spoken Word--0
Overture - Commentary--0
Drag Me To The Grave - Spoken Word--0
Dead Man Walking (overture II)transl0
Done For You - Commentary--0
Devil In The Mirror - Spoken Word--0
Sons Of Nighttransl0
The Outsidertransl0
Love Isn't Always Fairtransl0
Rebel Yelltransl0
This Prayer For Youtransl0
The Legacytransl0
God Bless Youtransl0
New Religiontransl0
Smoke And Mirrorstransl0
Youth And Whiskytransl0
Set The World On Firetransl0
Devil's Choirtransl0
Rebel Love Songtransl0
Children Surrendertransl0
Beautiful Remainstransl0
Heaven's Callingtransl0
All Your Hatetransl0
Sweet Blasphemytransl0
Never Give Intransl0
Sex And Hollywoodtransl0
We Stitch These Woundstransl0
Hello My Hatetransl0
The Gunslingtransl0
The Mortician's Daughtertransl0
We Don't Belongtransl0
Wretched And Divinetransl0
When They Call My Nametransl0
Heart Of Firetransl0
The Last Onetransl0
Incipiens Ad Finemtransl0
Devil For Metransl0
Crown Of The Thornstransl0
Shattered Godtransl0
Drag Me To The Gravetransl0
Walk Awaytransl0
Last Rites--0
World Of Sacrificetransl0
Goodbye Agonytransl0
Devil In The Mirrortransl0
Victory Calltransl0
New Year's Daytransl0
Let You Downtransl0
Done For Youtransl0
I Am Bulletprooftransl0
F.E.A.R: Final Transmissiontransl0
F.E.A.R Transmission 3: As War Fadestransl0
F.E.A.R Transmission 2: Trusttransl0
F.E.A.R Transmission 1transl0
Nobody's Herotransl0
Days Are Numberedtransl0
Shadows Dietransl0
Resurrect The Suntransl0
In the End ((Legion of the Black) [Opening Credits])--0
lyrics translation visits
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