Boss Livin' Loc'd song lyrics
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Livin' Loc'd - Boss lyrics
♪ Livin' Loc'd ♪ official lyrics
Yo, man, fuck that, man
Niggaz be on some real bullshit
Yo, I'll bust that nigga ass, get the fuck outta here
Yo, what the fuck is up, bitch?
Where the fuck you been at, man?

Yo, man word is bond niggaz in here be frontin'
Niggaz can't get off that ol' bullshit
Word up, man, fuck that, knahmsayin'?

Yo, I'm muh'fuckin' sticky fuckin' fingaz, knahmsayin'?
Fuck that, and this motherfuckin' bitch Boss
And word is bond I want you to tell these motherfuckers
How we livin' Boss, tell 'em

Broke as a goddamn joke
Up in Detroit and once again I'm just a few short
Couple of hundred bucks, so fuck the rent
My share of that shit got spent on some Newports
So yankin' many motherfuckers is my new sport

I'm ready to blast and kill for a rap deal
Fuck the landlord and the gas bill, we don't give a fuck
We sickin' shit of livin' shabby
Waited until my cash got right then took a flight to Cali

Off into the night, me and Dee up into mo' hell
Got into some shit befo' we even reached the hotel
Fuck the dumb shit, gotta get rich at the same time
'Cause niggaz steady throwin' up they gang sign

No loot, no more palm trees, no more calm breeze
But it's cool, deez bitches 'bout to slang ki's
So on my hip goes a pager, [Incomprehensible] major
It's two bad behavior bitches that got gangsta flavor

See a punk, kill a punk and then we mug 'em quick
Out to get paid, motherfuck this strugglin' shit
Bullshit's nothin' to a bitch with no emotions
Tell 'em how the fuck you livin', I'm livin' like loc'd

Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, bitch niggaz get smoked
Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, motherfuckers

Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, bitch niggaz get smoked
Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
And all the bitch ass niggaz can suck my dick

Buck, buck, then I let the trigger loose
Motherfuckers better duck, but it ain't no goddamn duck duck
Haven't you heard of this murderous bitch crawlin' slow?
And puttin' lead to the head of my foes on the down low

'Cause all we got we fuckin' tooken it
Got ourselves a buck and now we roll it, fuck footin' it
Cruisin' down the 'shaw, smokin' joints 'cause we blaze weed
Down to [Incomprehensible] spot
Cluckers kickin' in their Daisies 'n shit

'Cause niggaz'll never drop the dirt
Do we're layin' niggaz on they back
Then actin' like we never even fuckin' knew ya
Unload the clip off in your chest, take a deep breath
Goddamn, what a motherfuckin' bloody mess

Sleepin' on benches, turned us into roguest bitches
We jumpin' fences from the feds through puddles and ditches
Goin' out, don't give a fuck if I get smoked
Yo, at least I'm goin' out loc'd

Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd

Livin' loc'd, livin', livin' loc'd
Livin' loc'd, bitch niggaz get smoked
Livin' loc'd

And for any bitch beefin' then the Boss will have to put a
Ass full of my foot for fuckin' with the butchers
Fuck next, steppin' with gauge upon my hip, weapon
Nine double m's for the 187
'Cause I'm nothin' but a mag totin' bitch, smokin' fifty
Rollin' niggaz up like the motherfuckin' zig zag

Understand this bitch never [Incomprehensible] mine
Or catch two into your chest with the Tec 9
'Cause ever since the days of way back
I never played, you let the gat go rat a tat tat tat

I fill gats, so how the fuck you figure, nigga
Put you in kill range 'til you feel pain from the trigga,
When gangsta bitches just can't cope
Niggaz are gettin' smoked nine trey and forever, livin' life

It's the motherfuckin' Boss
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Boss - Livin' Loc'd song lyrics
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