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Look Into My Eyes (Everything I Do )transl919
Spirit L'étalon Des Plaines Sonne Le Clairon--60
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You (Spanish version)--44
Je reviendrai vers toi--44
Rien De Ce Que J'ai Vécu--41
Spirit Deux Frere Sous Le Soleil--33
Right Here Waiting For You--28
Spirit L'Etalon Des Plaines - Ma Place Est Ici--27
Everything I Do I Do It For Youtransl18
How Do You Talk To An Angel--17
Please Forgive Metransl14
Me voilà--13
Me voilà (version single)--12
I Will Always Returntransl10
Je Défendrai Ma Vie--10
Here I Am - End Title (French)--9
Here I Am (End Title from "Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron")--9
You Can't Take Me - French Version--8
When You Really Love a Woman--8
Here I Amtransl7
Don't Let Go (feat. Sarah McLachlan)transl7
Deux Frères Sous Le Soleil--7
Thought I'd Died & Gone to Heaven--7
Ma Place Est Ici--6
I Need Somebody--6
This Is Where I Belong - French Version--6
I Will Always Return - End Title (French)--6
(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear--6
[Spirit] Sound The Bugletransl5
Sound The Bugle - French Version--5
Here I Am - Soundtrack Version (French)--5
Brothers Under The Sun - French Version--5
I'll Always Be Right Theretransl5
Me Voilà (Here I Am)--5
Summer of '69 (Acoustic Version) [Live]--4
Inside Outtransl3
Summer of '69 - FR--3
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves)--3
Nothing I've Ever Known - French Version--3
Summer Of '69 - MTV Unplugged Version--3
You're Still Beautiful To Metransl3
Here I Am (From "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)--3
When You're Gone (feat. Melanie C)--3
I Still Miss You... A Little Bit (Live)--3
Open Road--3
Here I Am (instrumental)--2
Can't Stop This Thing We've Started--2
Let Me Take You Dancing (Disco Mix)--2
Don't Even Try--2
Take Me Back (Live)--2
Here I Am - Instrumental Version--2
Get Off My Back - French Version--2
Every Thing I Do It for You (Robin Hood)--2
I Can’t Stop Loving You--2
Heaven (Live)--2
Rescue Me, Do I Have to Say the Words--2
I'm Ready (live at Slane Castle)--2
Heaven (MTV Unplugged Version)--2
[Spirit] You Can't Take Metransl2
All For Lovetransl2
Summer Of '69transl2
Sonne Le Clairon--2
Everything I Do--2
[Spirit] Get Off My Backtransl2
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?--1
Teacher, Teacher--1
Getaway - Live At The Budokan--1
You Want It, You Got It (Live)--1
Let It Be Me--1
Straight from the Heart--1
I'm Not the Man You Think I Am--1
Heaven (Remaster)--1
It's Only Love (live, 1985-04: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)--1
Io Vivo In Te--1
I Still Miss You... A Little Bit--1
Never My Love--1
One Night Love Affair (live)--1
By Your Side--1
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? (feat. Paco de Lucia)--1
I'm Readytransl1
Wait and See--1
There Will Never Be Another Tonight--1
Before the Night Is Over--1
Do I Have To Say The Words ?transl1
Run to You (Live)--1
So Far So Good (Anthology Version)--1
Homeland (main title)--1
When You're Gone (feat. Mel C)--1
Lie to Me--1
If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?)--1
If Ya Wanna Be Bad - Ya Gotta Be Good / Let's Make a Night to Remember--1
Give Me Your Love--1
You Want It, You Got It--1
Don't Give Up--1
I Ain't Losing the Fight--1
Hey Honey - I'm Packin' You In--1
Last Chance--1
Back To Youtransl1
Nothing I've Ever Knowntransl1
Young Lust--1
Cloud Number Ninetransl1
I Cant Stop Loving Youtransl1
There Will Never Be Another Tonight (live)--1
Run To Youtransl1
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You--1
You Belong To Me--1
Lay Lady Lay--1
On Christmas Day--1
Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven--1
It's Only Love (with Tina Turner)--1
Friday Night In London--1
From This Moment--1
The Way You Make Me Feel (Live - Bare Bones)--1
Tonight We Have the Stars (Acoustic) [Live]--1
If Ya Wanna Be Bad, Ya Gotta Be Good/Let's Make a Night to Remember (MTV Unplugged Version)--1
Low Life (Bonus Track)--0
We don't know what we're doing--0
Into the Fire (live)--0
Not Romeo, Not Juliette--0
Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love--0
Blessing In Disguise--0
I'm Packing You In--0
You Walked In--0
C’mon Everybody--0
House Arrest (live)--0
Hey Little Girl--0
Rock Steady (live)--0
How Do Ya Feel Tonight? (demo)--0
Inside Out (demo)--0
Reggae Christmas--0
Crei Morir e ir al cielo--0
Cloud Nine--0
It Ain't Over Yet--0
Song for a Star--0
If Wishes Were Horses--0
The Only Thing That Locks on Me Is You--0
Thing Called Love--0
Christmas Times--0
There Will Never Be Another Night--0
Kids Wanna Rock (live)--0
If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good--0
Heart of Fire--0
One Night Lover Affair--0
It's Only Love (take I + II)--0
The Best Is Yet to Come--0
Best Is Yet to Come--0
Win Some, Loose Some--0
The Best of Me (album version)--0
Flowers Grown Wild--0
Tonight We Have Stars--0
Thought to Died and Come to Heaven--0
Until I Find You--0
Roxy Roller--0
No. 5243605 Smith--0
Shut Up--0
No One--0
All of a Sudden (instrumental)--0
Say Hello Say Goodbye--0
Touch The Hand (Blues Version)--0
Cloud #9 (live From Slane Castle)--0
I Love Ya Too Much--0
Where Do I Go From Here--0
What Does It To Your Heart--0
Hearts on Fire (live)--0
18 'til I Die (single mix)--0
Let's Make This a Night to Remember--0
Lonely Night--0
It Ain't a Party--0
Flying (Live From the Sydney Opera House, 2011)--0
Heaven (Anderson Center for the Performing Arts In Binghamton, NY 14.6.2010)--0
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Cuts Like a Knife (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Please Forgive Me (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Walk On By (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Cloud Number Nine (Live - Bare Bones)--0
It's Only Love (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Heaven (Live - Bare Bones)--0
The Right Place (Live - Bare Bones)--0
You're Still Beautiful to Me (Live - Bare Bones)--0
It Ain't a Party (If You Can't Come 'Round) [Live - Bare Bones]--0
Straight from the Heart (Live - Bare Bones)--0
I Still Miss You...A Little Bit (Live - Bare Bones)--0
All for Love (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Somethin' to Believe In (Acoustic) [Live In Barcelona]--0
Here I Am ("Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Soundtrack Version)--0
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? (Soundtrack Version)--0
You've Been a Friend to Me (Live)--0
Here I Am (Live)--0
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You [Live - Bare Bones]--0
Let's Make a Night to Remember (Live - Bare Bones)--0
Walk On By (Live)--0
I Thought I'd Seen Everything (Acoustic) [Live]--0
House Arrest (live from the Montreal Forum)--0
Tonight In Babylon (Live From the Sydney Opera House, 2011)--0
Rock Steady (Demo Version)--0
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