Busta Rhymes Intro - There’s Only One Year Left!!! song lyrics
Intro - There’s Only One Year Left!!! Busta Rhymes sheet
Intro - There’s Only One Year Left!!! - Busta Rhymes lyrics
♪ Intro - There’s Only One Year Left!!! ♪ official lyrics
Little girl: daddy, what's it gonna be like in the year
Dad: well sweetheart, for your sake I hope it'll all be
peaches &
But I'm afraid the end time is near. the cataclysmic
To in the scriptures of every hole book know to mankind. it
will be an
Era fraught with boundless greed & corruption, where global
Systems disintegrate, leaving brother to kill brother for a
grain of
Cook rice. the nations of the civilized world will collapse
under the
Impressive weight of parasitic political conspiracies which
remove all
Hope & optimism from their once faithfull citizens. around
the globe,
Generations of polluters will be punished for their sins.
By the o-zone they have successfully depleted, left to bake
in the
Cering naked rays of light. wholesale assassinations served
Every remaining government, leaving the starving & wicked to
For themselves. bloodthirsty renegade cyborgs created by tax
Corporations reek havok. pissed off androids tired of being
slaves to
A godless & gutless system, where the rich get richer & the
poor get
F**ked over and out, unleash total world wide destruction by
Of nuclear holocaust, annihilating the terrified masses,
leaving in
Torturous wake nothing but vicious, cannibalistic, mutating,

And horribly dis-figured hordes of satanic killers,? begged
But against home?, there are so few left alive. starvation
Forcing unlucky survivers to eat anything & anyone in their
Massive earthquakes crack the planets crust like a hollow
egg shell,
Causing unending volcanic eruptions. creatures of the seven
Unable to escape the certain death upon land, boil in their
Disease then circles the earth, plagues & viruses with no
known cause
Or cure laying waste to whatever draws breath, and
human-kind having
Proven itself to be nothing more than a race of ruthless
Victim to merciless attacks at the hands of interplanetary
Tribes who
Seek to conquer our charred remains. this is extinction
level event,
Final world front. and there is only, one, year, left.
Little girl: wow, that's cool, I can't hardly wait!
Dad: you don't have to, beacause here it is...(echos out)
Busta rhymes: callin all live niggaz!
Callin all live bitches!
We got a job for y'all on planet earth
Flipmode world domination in progress.
Mutha f**kas!...
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Busta Rhymes - Intro - There’s Only One Year Left!!! song lyrics
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