Busta Rhymes Make It Clap song lyrics
Make It Clap Busta Rhymes lyrics sheet
Make It Clap - Busta Rhymes lyrics
♪ Make It Clap ♪ lyrics
[Busta Rhymes]
Just make it clap, just make it clap
Ay yo we 'bout to take everybody from every street
And throw a party in the Grand Canyon, come on!!!
Ah ha, yeah yeah, uh ah uh, yeah yeah, ah, ah, ah
Flipmode baby, yeah, check it out

[Busta Rhymes]
Hey! Hey! Ain't no fakin the fluid
Water drippin off asses of women that's shakin it too it
While I'm takin you through it, no mistakin my crew is
Flipmode baby!!! got you actin all stupid
Now I'm back in the cupid, just to tell you the truth is
Them niggas that be havin you blacken and ready to lose it
Pushin lambos and harley rockin Roberto Cavalli (Huh!)
Now I got a new hobby diamonds and tattoos and bodies
Watch me crash through the party, go 'head and spaz girl
Tatoo in the name of my click across yo' ass girl
We 'bout to blast girl, from here to Albuquerque
Like jamaican niggas rockin big chains in socker jerseys
Take you on hotter journeys, the way we put it down
And be hittin be havin you shittin more than a box of
We come to control it we come to command it
And just for the record we always come to set a new standard

Act like you know

[Refrain] :
Incase you ain't know and incase you ain't heard
And if you want us to set it just give me the word
This one goes out to my soldiers that be flippin them birds

To all my shorties wigglin they shakin they curves
Just make it clap, Just make it clap, Just make it clap
Just make it clap

[Spliff Star]
See you a hot little mama it's only right that I holla
Love your face love your smile love that ass in a Prada
Make it, bounce up and down like the six four impalla
Turn around wiggle it like you shakin it for dollars
Girl your skin tone pretty and you love top wear Vickey
Sport Gucci and Gabbana when you love the world is sticky
Got a, crib in the city with a cherry eight fifty
We could cruise down the avenue and shop till you dizzy
Throw some karats in your pinky have your neck and wrist
I could bless you with it all boo but never say gimme
We can, pop yellow bottles push whips in all models
Vroom vroom on the Calisport instead of Gucci goggles
I'm a fly little nigga boo enough for you to dig it boo
Hit me up later we can go somewhere and kick it boo
The name is Spliff baby I'll make you man hate me
Cause my shit's steak and gravy plus my pipe gettin crazy


[Busta Rhymes]
I say come on if your ready, we wylin all night
We make you feel good, make you feel right
See they drunk off of the henny, niggas wanna fight
Shit these bitches be wearin be fittin real tight
Niggas up in the club, niggas outside
Bag a couple bitches, bring 'em in inside
Shorty dodgin and dippin, shorty tryin to hide
Busy dodgin a nigga because she wanna ride, come on if

[Busta Rhymes]
All ready we come to muscle y'all women
Come on, rastle and try to hastle and hustle y'all women
Come on, you you you you see how we bubble y'all women
Come on, dibble and dabble how we be lovin y'all women
Come on

[Spliff Star]
Let's get it on and let me hit it with my fitted on
Never mind a slow jam pump one of Biggie's songs
Strip, yell or purr her off show me that butter soft
Open wide ma swallow when I let it off, yo


Just make it clap, Just make it clap, Just make it clap
Just make it clap
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Busta Rhymes - Make It Clap song lyrics
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