Busta Rhymes So Hardcore song lyrics
So Hardcore Busta Rhymes lyrics sheet
So Hardcore - Busta Rhymes lyrics
♪ So Hardcore ♪ official lyrics
Yo, I walk through brick walls
Fuck around hijack your whole shopping malls
I be rippin shit, that's my word bond
Scream then I watch the whole planet earth respond
Do just what ya told
The remote control
Crash cars and shit
Ya know how we role
When I tumble and drive then you reply my my my my my my
Yo I execute all plans
Run up in two bitches for me and my mans
Ha, breakin flows, ha for my fans
In return they just give me the ha sound stand
Strike matches, golden egg hatches
Request line is open send all your faxes
Freaks the flows with no rehearsin
Rollerskate backwards which when the beat start reversin
You so wack you make people start cursin
Flows contradict worser than the King James version
Turn on the mic but your shit will stop workin
Beats brutalized your whole rhyme, your head hurtin
Broom sticks and britches from rags to riches
Forget mad love
Well ya'll niggas britches
Amateur, why won't you look right at the calender
A matter of time before I start to damage ya
So starting to just bust my rhyme calibre
Consecutive wounds like a nigga stabbin ya
Ya, my whole team get wild cream
Poloticin every move to the extreme


So hardcore like Quickdraw McGraw
Fuck what you heard you ain't heard this before

Ha, yo I come right through the door
With rhymes galore Busta Rhymes be embassador
Explore my metaphor you beg for more
Hardcore serious surely insecure
I said my whole squad of niggas come through and break the
My family tight more than connect four
I come through and create the master pieces
Bend your mind with rhyme colicanises
Ya'll, I will break shit down
Lost or found floor will blast like a four pound
Right before I hit you off with my vaccine
Starch, carbohydrates lots of protein
Vaccine baby girl yo I hope your ass clean
Magazine frontine fly lips is lime green
Ya'll, every time ya'll, I'm on the scene
High beam the lights and watch will remain supreme, ha
Don't ya know when I keep it comin
Blow the fort
Make ya wrist hard to handcuffin
Bounce on the beat and watch how a nigga work it
Buck wild makin ya speaker short circuit
This heavyweight tip the scale on the triple beam
Busta Rhymes blast and still bang the main screen, blow
I had ta make ya all mad
Hit ya off, interlude
Bounce to Trinidad
Know I see a bitch nigga soft
Make a nigga cough, breakin and turn ya ass off
Extra raw
Lay on your back and on the floor
Busta Rhymes got to headline the whole ball
Cause we so hardcore like Quickdraw McGraw
Fuck what you heard we ain't heard this before


Ya'll ...
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Busta Rhymes - So Hardcore song lyrics
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