Busta Rhymes Tear da Roof Off (clean version) song lyrics
Tear da Roof Off (clean version) Busta Rhymes sheet
Tear da Roof Off (clean version) - Busta Rhymes lyrics
♪ Tear da Roof Off (clean version) ♪ official lyrics
Yea, Hmmm
Alright now
After the ultimate world blast that ended all things
this is how we rebuilt shit from the underground up

Bounce nigga bounce bounce bounce nigga bounce bounce
When I come THROUGH, hit y'all with the one TWO
Break y'all niggas that y'all niggas won't even know what to
Break fool, make all y'all people wanna come TO
Feel the force of my shit kickin' like it was Kung FU
Blast THROUGH, don't these corny niggas harass YOU
Set a tone in the streets where even the fans blast YOU
Ask YOU niggas, do y'all really want the brand NEW?
Corny niggas just finish your time and over pass DU
HE HA What HO, think it's way pass your CURFEW
Hit you with some shit that make doctors come have to nurse
I'm rollin' with my whole CREW
Bounce threw niggas when ever we surround YOU
Flipmode role THICK, and you know we don't QUIT
Hit you with some more HITS that make y'all wanna
YO make y'all niggas jump BACK
Hit that hurry and pass the rest of the weed BLACK

Rep my crew yo, Flipmode hit you off
YO Y'all know what to do ok, TEAR DA ROOF OFF
Y'all know what do I'm sayin' TEAR DA ROOF OFF

One more time I hit y'all with a crime
WHILE I be in my rhyme I hear that a drop of a dime
WILDIN' all in my Tim BOOTS
Now we stackin' mad LOOT
Everybody holdin and 21 gun soLUTE
Anyway any HOW, I'ma give it to you NOW
You ain't wildin my nigga, that is something I won't ALLOW
One Two Three Four, I be knockin' at your DOOR
Hit y'all niggas with an effect that y'all never felt beFORE
OR leave you with someMORE freaky dicky metaPHOR
Rep for all my niggas who stay reppin' the hardCORE
Slug it out, bugging out, all off my niggas THUG IT OUT
Tired of all these weak niggas now I'ma RUB YOU OUT
Yo, what you talkin BOUT, make y'all niggas scream and SHOUT
Yo, we bout to blast you out the spot my nigga no DOUBT
Yo you know we always stay ON
Keep wildin' before you know it the entire day is GONE
Left RIGHT left, YO no ned to hold your breath
YO, better chill your body up while we beat you to death
Blast you right threw your chest
YO you know we runnin' shit and we never settle for less


Yea motherfuckers
Flipmode Squad eternally imperial, powerful, universal
Flipmode Squad, from the underground up motherfuckers
Always remember that
From the underground up
We gonna rebuild this whole shit
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Busta Rhymes - Tear da Roof Off (clean version) song lyrics
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