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Cab Calloway and His Orchestra

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The Scat Song (Remastered)0
Minnie the Moocher0
I Love to Sing0
The Scat Song0
Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby0
St. James Infirmary (Remastered)0
I Love to Sing-A (Remastered)0
St. James Infirmary0
The Honeydripper0
Are You Hep to the Jive? (Yas, Yas) (78rpm Version)0
The Man from Harlem (Remastered)0
Reefer Man (Remastered)0
Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day (Remastered)0
Some of These Days (Remastered)0
Minnie the Moocher (Remastered)0
Farewell Blues (Remastered)0
Creole Love Song (Remastered)0
Six or Seven Times (Remastered)0
Jess's Natu'lly Lazy (Remastered)0
Frisco Flo (Remastered)0
Chinese Rhythm (Remastered)0
Down-Hearted Blues (Remastered)0
Do It Again0
Frantic in the Atlantic0
Hot Water0
Mood Indigo0
A Ghost of a Chance0
Happy Feet0
Floogie Walk0
A Ghost of Chance0
Hot Toddy0
Cruisin' With Cab0
Man From Harlem0
Pluckin' the Bass0
Every Day's a Holiday0
Minnie the Moocher (1931 Version)0
How Come You Do Me Like You Do?0
Emaline (Remastered)0
Every Day's a Holiday (Remastered)0
I've Got You Under My Skin0
Lady Whistle Bait0
Ghost of a Chance0
Russian Lullaby0
Chant of the Jungle (Instrumental)0
St. Louis Blues (Remastered)0
Down-Hearted Blues0
Farewell Blues0
Kickin' the Gong Around0
Moon Glow0
Save Me, Sister0
Love Is the Reason0
Are You in Love With Me Again?0
Frisco Flo0
The Man From Harlem0
Chinese Rhythm0
Corrine Corrina0
Margie (Remastered 1998)0
Margie (Remastered)0
Minnie the Moocher (The Ho De Ho Song)0
Everybody Eats When They Come to My House0
Good Sauce From the Gravy Bowl0
Jess's Natu'Lly Lazy0
Some of These Days0
Creole Love Song0
The Wedding of Mr. And Mrs. Swing0
The Hi De Ho Miracle Man0
Don't Know If I'm Comin' Or Goin'0
Kickin' the Gong Around (Remastered)0
Good Sauce from the Gravy Bowl (Remastered)0
Love Is the Reason (Remastered)0
Save Me, Sister (Remastered)0
Are You in Love with Me Again? (Remastered)0
Don't Know If I'm Comin' or Goin' (Remastered)0
That Man Is Here Again (Remastered)0
My Gal Mezzanine (Remastered)0
St. Louis Blues0
Six or Seven Times0
Minnie the Moocher (theme song)0
My Gal Mezzanine0
That Man Is Here Again0
Jive (Page One of the Hepster's Dictionary)0
Bye Bye Blues0
Three Swings and Out0
Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)0
Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day0
Three Swings and Out (Remastered)0
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