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Rats and Roaches13
Baby I Love You10
My Way7
One Meat Ball (acoustic)6
Rats & Roaches6
You Don't Know4
This Is Your World4
So Blue (About You)3
One Meatball3
Lonesome Cowboy (adapté de l'œuvre originale « Gangster of Love »)3
Big Brother3
Last Night3
All Along the Watch Tower2
That Wouldn't Be Enough2
Rockin’ the Republicans2
Country Boy2
This Could Be the Day1
Me and You1
Don't Turn Your Head1
I Dreamed I Saw1
We Can Live Together1
Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold1
Lovin' You1
All I Need1
Like a Revolution1
Shackles and Chains1
The Answer?1
Rolling Wheel1
You’re My Baby1
Where the Blues Get Born1
Wild Wild West1
A Crack In Time1
Let the Music Play1
Behind the 8 Ball0
Cut the Silver Strings0
Oval Room0
It's All Over Now0
Crack in Time0
Living on the End of a Gun0
Time Flies0
Little Stars0
Are You Waiting?0
Different people0
The More I Know0
When You Smile0
Midnite man0
Don't Want to Go to Heaven0
Free In Freedom0
Are You Ready0
Dawg Eat Dawg0
In Spite of It All0
Just Like L.A.0
Live Till I Die0
Texas Blues Again0
This Is Your World (Memphis Mix)0
Petit gars0
Too Old to Grow Up Now0
Down in Texas0
North Austin Slim0
Maybe Some Day0
Wagon to Stars0
One Step Ahead0
This Is My Life0
I Should Have Been Home0
Forever Young0
Living at the End of a Gun0
Love Stealer0
Play With Fire0
You'll Get Yours0
Sam Brown0
Sweetest Tenderness0
Dream of a Better World0
Drive By0
My Love Is So0
I Gave My Soul to You0
I Want to Change the World0
Nothin' Can Save Me0
Somewhere Over the Rainbow0
Keepin' the Demon Down0
It's My Life0
Down Down Down0
lyrics visits
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