Damian Marley Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) song lyrics
Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) Damian Marley sheet
Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) - Damian Marley lyrics
♪ Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) ♪ official lyrics
In a gunman world
In the night him clock in at work
Marrow splash at the tool box pull
The magazine in a the two glock full
And he's watching as the days goes by
And he's counting as his peers all die
Sleeping with the rifle cross his chest
So he never get's a good night's rest
And then he's cranky in the morning times
And more victims have to lose their lives
The community a christian birth
Wishing that they wasn't in a gunman world

In a gunman life
Him might not come home from work one night
So every minute matter, ignores advise
From his weeping baby mother and child
That he won't win every game he plays
So she knows he'll meet his end one day
Some juvenile will have to earn his stripe
And have to take another gunman's life
What if a back stabber names his price

And how ironic if him dead from knife

The mount a bullet weh him put 'pon boy

Job description kill and destroy

Now tell me is it worth it all?
If one gun rise then the next must fall

Tell me is it worth it all?
Sleepless night's and patrol old car

Tell me is it worth it all?
One child smile while a next one bawl

Tell me is it worth it
Is it worth it, is it worth it all

In a gunman world
Life is so stressful
Back to school time come
Cause when a gunman work
If he is successful
And the job is well done
Then there will be an unsolved crime
With no one to fill out all blank line
John Public haffi hear and deaf

Informer get a kuff, kaff, kweff
Does he get nervous just like you and I?
Watching out 'fi the police pass by

Cause anyday you hear a gunman fail
Then is either dead house or jail
What will it cause to make a gun man rich

How many life before a gun man switch
The truth mi want the youth dem stop ignore

Say the majority a gunman poor

And when a gunman makes choice
I wonder what goes through a gunman's mind
And does a gunman think twice
Before him take another someone's life
I wonder what it is a gunman say?
To the father when a gunman pray
Does he kiss his kids to bed at night?
Making sure the blanket tucked just right
Nothing no scary like a gunman voice
When people beg a gunman think twice

What could a scary like a gunman's voice
When people beg a gunman think twice
Him say no...
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Damian Marley - Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) song lyrics
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