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Stay Strong--7
Stone Coldtransl7
Rascacielo ("Skyscraper" Spanish Version)--7
Heart Attacktransl3
Heart By Hearttransl3
I Will Survive--3
Gift Of a Friendtransl2
So Far So Great (From "Sonny with a Chance")--2
Only Forever--2
Made In The USAtransl2
Let It Go (from "Frozen")--2
This Is Metransl1
You're My Favorite Song--1
This Is Real--1
Make a Wave Ft. Joe Jonastransl1
Heart Attack (White Sea Acapella Remix)--1
Cool for the Summer - Live from Spotify NYC--1
Believe In Metransl1
Sorry Not Sorrytransl1
Really Don't Caretransl1
Daddy Issues--1
Sorry Not Sorry (Freedo Remix)--1
Skyscraper (Instrumental)--1
Why Don't You Love Metransl1
Confident - VARA Remix--0
Really Don't Care (Cole Plante Radio Remix)--0
Give Your Heart a Break (The Alias Club Mix)--0
Kill Em With Kindness--0
Heart Attack (White Sea Remix)--0
Take Me To Church (BBC Live Session)--0
Heart Attack (Deejay Theory Remix)--0
Wonderful Christmastime--0
Cool for the Summer (Mike Cruz Remix)--0
ハート・アタック -ジ・エイリアス・ラジオ・リミックス--0
Intro - Live from Spotify NYC--0
Trainwreck (Live)--0
Confident - Gianni Kosta Remix--0
Confident - DJ Lynnwood Remix--0
Heart Attack (Belanger Remix)--0
Heart Attack (The Alias Radio Remix)--0
Made in the USA (Live From London)--0
Confident Outro/For You Intro (Commentary) - Live from Spotify NYC--0
Behind Enemy Lines (Live)--0
About Fix a Heart--0
About All Night Long--0
Neon Lights (Radio Version)--0
La La Land (Live)--0
Father Intro (Commentary) - Live from Spotify NYC--0
Demi In London--0
About Who's That Boy--0
About Together--0
Cool for the Summer (Cahill Remix)--0
Catch Me / Don't Forget (Acustic)--0
Me, Myself and Time (From "Sonny With a Chance")--0
About Give Your Heart a Break--0
Heart Attack - Mike D Mixshow Remix--0
Neon Lights - Jump Smokers Remix--0
The Gift of a Friend (From "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure")--0
Neon Lights (Live From Honda Center/AnaheimCA/2014)--0
Cool for the Summer (Todd Terry Remix)--0
Confident - Live from Spotify NYC / 2015--0
Confident - The Alias Remix--0
Cool for the Summer Intro (Commentary) - Live from Spotify NYC--0
For You - Live from Spotify NYC--0
Neon Lights - Betty Who Remix--0
Don't Forget (Live)--0
Neon Lights - Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 Remix--0
Really Don't Care (Cole Plante Remix)--0
Cool for the Summer (Dave Audé Remix)--0
About Lightweight--0
Heart Attack - Live in London--0
Cool for the Summer (VARA Remix)--0
Give Your Heart a Break - Live in London--0
Be Okay--0
Heart Attack (The Alias Club Remix)--0
About You're My Only Shorty--0
Cool for the Summer (Plastic Plates Remix)--0
Neon Lights - Belanger Remix--0
Give Your Heart a Break (DJ Mike D Remix)--0
Really Don't Care - Live in London--0
Skyscraper - Live in London--0
Heart Attack (Manhattan Clique Dub Remix)--0
About Unbroken--0
La La Land (Caramel Pod D Remix)--0
About Hold Up--0
Trainwreck - Live From London--0
Heart Attack (The Alias remix edit)--0
Really Don't Care (Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Remix)--0
Neon Lights (Filtercrush remix)--0
スカイスクレイパー 〜空を貫いて--0
ラスカシエロ (スカイスクレイパー 〜空を貫いて - スパニッシュ・バージョン)--0
About Mistake--0
Really Don't Care (Digital Dog Radio Remix)--0
Neon Lights (Live At Honda Center/Anaheim CA/2014)--0
About For the Love of a Daughter--0
Neon Lights (Country Club Martini Crew remix)--0
Neon Lights (DJ Penetrate remix)--0
About Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)--0
About Unbroken Introduction--0
La La Land (Wideboys club mix)--0
Remember December (Sharp Boys club mix)--0
Really Don't Care (Digital Dog Club Mix)--0
Let It Go (From "Frozen" / Single Version)--0
Really Don't Care (RD Version)--0
Moves Me (instrumental mix)--0
Wonderful Chistmastime--0
That's How You Know (From "Enchanted")--0
Neon Lights (Muramatsu Karaoke)--0
Neon Lights (Mike Cruz remix)--0
Neon Lights (Cosmic Dawn remix)--0
Heart Attack (Muramatsu Karaoke)--0
Really Don't Care (Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Radio Remix)--0
Confident - Volkoder Remix--0
Don't Forget - Live From London--0
La La Land - Live From London--0
Tell Me You Love Me (Dave Audé Remix)--0
Tell Me You Love Me (NOTD Remix)--0
ハート・アタック - ベランガー・リミックス--0
Here We Go Again (Sunset In Ibiza Remix)--0
Neon Lights (Country Club Martini Crew radio remix)--0
Ain't No Way - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC--0
Tell Me You Love Me (Spanglish Version)--0
Tell Me You Love Me (Live Acoustic)--0
About My Love Is Like a Star--0
Heart Attack (Manhattan Clique Remix)--0
Heart Attack (Manhattan Clique Edit Remix)--0
Father - Live from Spotify NYC--0
Heart Attack - DJ Laszlo Remix--0
The Gift of a Friend (From the Film "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure")--0
スカイスクレイパー 〜空を貫いて (ウィズ・ダム・リミックス)--0
Wouldn't Change a Thing (Instrumental)--0
That's How You Know - Original Version--0
Moves Me (karaoke mix)--0
Get Back (Live)--0
Remember December (Sharp Boys radio edit)--0
Get Back - Live From London--0
Gift of a Friend (From "Tinker Bell")--0
Nightingale (Live At Honda Center/Anaheim CA/2014)--0
Tell Me You Love Me - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC--0
Made in the USA - Live in London--0
Really Don't Care (Live At Honda Center/Anaheim CA/2014)--0
Behind Enemy Lines - Live From London--0
Really Don't Care (DJLW Radio Edit)--0
Neon Lights - Tracy Young Remix--0
About In Real Life--0
About Skyscraper--0
La La Land (Wideboys radio mix)--0
Really Don't Care (Digital Dog Club Remix)--0
It's Not Too Late (camp Rock 2 Soundtrack)transl0
Can't Back Downtransl0
We'll Be a Dreamtransl0
Me Myself And Timetransl0
Work Of Arttransl0
Brand New Daystransl0
Sing My Song For Youtransl0
Got My Girlstransl0
Make a Wavetransl0
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