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Earth - Devin Townsend lyrics
♪ Earth ♪ official lyrics
I know!
Raised before the sky bleeds
For we are, we are light!
I wallow... but I'm not sorry at all!

The Planet Smasher...
A creature with a voice so powerful, one word can destroy
galaxies, universes!
One utterance of the most powerful sonic force of anything,
anywhere can defeat Blattaria!

Way out in space and far from home.
Who's the maker? Who's the man?
Who's the maker? Who's the man?
It's your way out...

Raise before the night bleeds
A man will come and be flown away.
Come forth as the time needs
Free in the universe

Night, the infinite darkness. The death of a star. These
things will all come to pass unless Ziltoid and the humans
are victorious.

We're on our way... follow!
All gone astray? We fly!

Legend has spoken of the Planet Smasher in hushed tones...
The size of 50 elephants, a huge gaping maw baring rows of
dagger-like teeth!
Claws that could tear a human in half with a single,
effortless swipe!
Eyes that burn like a hellish furnace!! Get a hold of
yourselves, humans...
And prepare. He. is. COMING!

Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...
Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...
Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...
Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...

On the horizon, a looming shadow begins to appear.

Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...
Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...
Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...
Coming to Earth, coming to Earth, coming to Earth...


He's so cute! Haha!
No, no, no... He's terrifying!
No, no, no... Just look at him! … He's so FUZZY!
No, seriously, don't provoke him!

Well, as it turns out, the Planet Smasher is just a little
guy... Furry, and about the size of a football.
And with the most adorable little toes... you could just eat
them up!

The stage is set...
The immensely powerful, though admittedly cute as a button
Planet Smasher
is wielded carefully by the humans. Ziltoid leads the army,
and it has been decided that he will be given the weapon at
the right moment.
Ziltoid is the only one capable of summoning the Smasher's
mighty roar.
But is even he strong enough?
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Devin Townsend - Earth song lyrics
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