Devin Townsend Soul Driven Cadillac song lyrics
Soul Driven Cadillac Devin Townsend lyrics sheet
Soul Driven Cadillac - Devin Townsend lyrics
♪ Soul Driven Cadillac ♪ official lyrics
Now that the love is gone
What's still holding on?
If all that was said was true...
What's still holding you?
If ever, you need someone there
Who's been there for ever
And ever, will waken the dawn
Awaken the dawn for you...

Please don't hesitate to call
Please don't hesitate at all...
Please don't hesitate to call
Please don't hesitate at all

(So many words, which ones do you say?)

Sing maute dingas!
(Everyone who knows and everyone who noticed...
Anyone who noticed anyone who knows it...)

Soul driven! -- Devil
-- Nature
-- Cadillac
-- Jesus
-- Allah
-- Krishna
-- Buddah
-- God

The birth has occurred and the time has begun, it's the end
of this age and the
preparations must begin for a new time that takes so much
work and will hurt in the
beginning, change always does, and know strength is not
something you buy or sell
through aggression and fear. Only love and acceptance of
faith will convince you
that you're not alone and exist among friends so have

Don't give in...
Don't give in...
Have patience...

-- It's time
(Is this what you want? Are you happy with what we've
become? Is this the way you want to live?) have a decision to make
Bodywash! Home everybody e-a
Everybody knows, it's very good now... home... home...
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Devin Townsend - Soul Driven Cadillac song lyrics
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