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Ziltoidian Empire - Devin Townsend lyrics
♪ Ziltoidian Empire ♪ official lyrics
Calling on the earth's core (part of the mind)
We are human beings!

Calling on the earth's core (part of the mind)
We are humans being!

What will we find, when we all will die?

Collective, this is commander Ziltoid the omniscient
Greetings, Ziltoid... what is that strange creature?!?
Oh, this little thing! Yes... they call it a 'Poozer'
...From the planet Titan?? You must take it back!!!

Calling on the earth's core (part of the mind)
We are human beings!

Calling on the earth's core (part of the mind)
We are humans being!

Where do we find the human soul?
All the searching leads to you!

(I've grown over, I roll over)
I crawl over my life of honour
All these children, entitled horrors...

Meanwhile, far across the solar system, Queen Blattaria, a
war princess and the mother of the poozers, realizes one of
her children has gone missing!

Oh no... where is my Poozer!!!!!!???

The plot thickens...

(I am nowhere, I am no one... I am nowhere, I am no one)

Commander, are you sure that the war princess does not
suspect it was you who abducted her Poozer?
Oh yes, absolutely collective, indeed. You should have seen
I was in and out like the wind! Indeed. She shall never
suspect a thing!!
We hope so, for your sake
We cannot risk intergalactic war with Titan. Where is the
Poozer now?

Up to this point, Ziltoid has had his back turned to the
Poozer... but he makes a break for it.

Quickly, Ziltoid, show us the Poozer!
Yes, of course, I've kept a very close eye on him... err...

(We are all in line and we are all prepared to die)

Gadzooks! HE'S GONE!!!

Through the cold abyss of space, the little Poozer races

Collective! I'm sure that he was right here... computer!
Please tell me where the Poozer is now...
Current location of the Poozer: directly through the
Hmmmm... well... poop.

Through the wormhole, the Poozer has arrived back on Titan.
He reports to his mother, the war princess, what he has
seen, and that it was Ziltoid who had abducted him!
Now the War Princess is a beautiful, vain, and rather grumpy
She lusts for power, and though she is the mother of
countless Poozers, her vanity has made her rather revolted
by these "children" of hers.
She is devious; and knows that she can utilize their blind
love and devotion to create a formidable army!
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Devin Townsend - Ziltoidian Empire song lyrics
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