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Dr. Dog

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Bring My Baby Back0
The Rabbit, the Bat & The Reindeer0
Jackie Wants a Black Eye0
Distant Light0
Heart It Races0
Engineer Says0
Die, Die, Die0
Humble Passenger0
Control Yourself0
Broken Heart0
Swampedelic Pop0
Shadow People0
The Breeze0
Golden Hind0
How Long Must I Wait?0
That Old Black Hole0
The World May Never Know0
Oh Man0
Swamp Is On0
Fire on My Back0
Heart Killer0
The Way the Lazy Do0
Worst Trip0
The Truth0
Nobody Knows Who You Are0
The Ark0
A Long Time Ago0
Unbearable Why0
Eyesing the Blues0
I Only Wear Blue0
Me and My Girl0
Oh My God0
Where'd All the Time Go?0
100 Years0
The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer0
Uncovering The Old0
Army of Ancients0
The Old Days0
The Beach0
Hang On0
My Friend0
Little Bird0
I Hope There's Love0
Mirror, Mirror0
Control Yourself (Bonus Track)0
Listening In0
Go out Fighting0
Buzzing in the Light0
Virginia Please0
Critical Equation0
True Love0
Under the Wheels0
Coming out of the Darkness0
Swamp Descent0
(Swamp Inflammation)0
The Sound0
Nobody Knows Who You Are (Bonus Track)0
Lonesome - Live From Spotify NYC0
Shame, Shame0
Dead Record Player0
Holes in My Back0
Beer Can0
In Love0
Good Grief0
Turning The Century - Live From Spotify NYC0
Big Girl - Live From Spotify NYC0
Mt. Slippery0
Can't Remember0
What a Fool (Bonus Track)0
I'm Standing in the Light0
Be the Void0
Exit for Sale0
What a Fool0
These Days0
Get Away0
Do the Trick0
Heavy Light0
Big Girl0
Over Here, Over There0
Warrior Man0
Turning the Century0
Ain’t It Strange0
Take Me Into Town0
Humble Passenger (Bonus Track)0
Take Me Into Town (Bonus Track)0
Black-Red (Bonus Track)0
Heart It Races (Dr. Dog Version)0
Oh No0
Oh No (Live)0
Broken Heart (Paste Live Sessions NYC)0
Minding The Usher0
Too Weak To Ramble0
Long Way Down0
Rock & Roll0
Drop Me Off0
What a Strange Day0
I've Just Got to Tell You0
Livin' a Dream0
Old News0
My Old Ways0
Keep a Friend0
The Girl0
We All Belong0
Heart It Races (As Played by Dr Dog)0
I'm Standing in the Light (live)0
Oh Me Oh My0
Going Home0
County Line0
The Pretender0
Easy Beat0
Dutchman Falls0
Fools Life0
Say Something0
Wake Up0
I Can't Fly0
Mystery to Me0
How Dare0
Say Ahhh0
Jealous Man0
The ABC's0
The Man Who Was Wrong0
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