Eazy-E Just Tah Let u Know song lyrics
Just Tah Let u Know Eazy-E lyrics sheet
Just Tah Let u Know - Eazy-E lyrics
♪ Just Tah Let u Know ♪ official lyrics
Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton
Just Tah Let U Know
... ... ... ... (keeps on repeating)


It's that man comin up from that land of tha c-p-t
("what's my motherfuckin name?" - snoop) eazy-e
Comin thru with a big lick for '94
Showin alla y'all them true-ass gangsta flows
So bow-wow bow-wow the big dog's in town
And them guts is the only thing a nigga pound
Laid back as i blow a fat sack
Hittin switches for them bitches, hittin corners in a
So take a ride on tha ruthless side
With the e to the a-z-y
That nigga makin more off yo hits than you do
You fools, need to recognize this crew when i roll through
Tryin to speak up on tha og, nigga you don't know me
Break em off these nuts lil wanna-be
Cause i peel caps if need be
And ain't nothin you gonna bring don't see me
Just tah let u know...

repeat 2x

One more time for the rhyme again
Comin from the c-o-m-p-t-o-n
Just tah let u know
Just tah let u know


It's the e comin up from the gank
So nigga let me ride all the way to the bank
Coz ain't nuthin on my mind but the gips
Gotta have a grip, run a nigga dip
Back to the pass on the compton streetz
Where the niggaz get beat when us gangstas meet
And fools gettin mad coz they can't ride like i ride
Front n back, dippin side to side
And it's been like that since i was a bg
"it's the e," that's what they scream when they see me
Mama said every day is like this
Fools screamin that i put em in a twist
Thought you had it bad, isn't really all good
If the homies only knew in the hood
That you was gettin done like a two dollar hoe
It's just a lil something from the e tah let u know...


It's still the c-p-t, nuthin more, nuthin less
On a quest to put that bomb in my chest
Coz them busta-ass niggaz can't see what i'm sayin
They think the e be playin But i ain't givin up nuthin but
this glock in yo mouth
So recognize that and get yo punk ass knocked out
So if you wanna ride nigga jump on in
Sip a cup o' gin. ain't no friends when it come to ends
So no hard feelings when you niggaz be dealin
With the original compton criminal
Coz the only thing poppin is a snaps
And ain't no fun when a nigga be tap perhaps
But a nigga like the e ain't trippin though
I'm just here tah let u niggaz know...

You have your own freedom of choice
So you do what the fuck you feel like doin
Take it from me, that streetwise motherfucker named eazy e
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No unauthorized reproduction of lyric. Writer(s): REGINALD PACE, ANGELO TROTTER, ANDREA BOKIE EDWARDS Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com
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Eazy-E - Just Tah Let u Know song lyrics
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