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I Don't Want Nobody4
I've Tried Everything2
Tenor Madness2
The Tender Storm1
Spanish Bull1
Live Again1
It Feels So Good1
He's an Island Man0
A T C - Original Mix0
More Soul Than Soulful0
Everything Happens to Me0
Django Castle0
But Not for Me0
Look Ahere0
Brother Ed0
Hip Hoppin'0
From Russia With Love0
Stum Stang0
Since I Fell for You0
These Lonely Nights0
Tranquility & Antagonistic0
Listen Here Hi Life0
People Get Funny When They Get a Little Money0
How Can I Find Some Way to Show You0
Walkin' the Walk0
Fusion Jazz Dance0
Bold and Black (DJ Nu-Mark remix)0
Happy Gemini0
House Party Blues0
Chicago Senerade0
Days of Wine and Roses0
Groove Movies0
I Have to Love Somebody0
Yeah You Right0
Its About Time0
Love Is What I Find In You0
Letter K0
I'm Watching You0
Unusual Blues0
I Love You0
Stephens Song0
Chicago Serenade0
House on the Hill0
Cryin' Blues0
Love for Sale0
Who Can I Turn To0
Theme From Malamondo0
Sarah's Theme0
Night Must Fall0
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face0
Little Lo Lo0
You Stole My Heart0
Love Theme from "The Sandpiper"0
I'm Gonna Leave You By Yourself0
Little Bit0
Smoke Signals0
Born to Be Blue0
Lover Man0
I Need Some Money0
A Child Is Born0
Gone Home0
A. M. Blues0
Little Girl Blue0
Cold Duck Time0
Lolita Marie0
Movin' on Out0
1974 Blues0
Live Right Now0
Get on Down0
Time to Do Your Thing0
That's It0
Shorty Rides Again (feat. Less McCaan)0
On Green Dolphin Street0
The Shadow of Your Smile0
Freedom Jazz Dance0
Sham Time0
Wade in the Water0
Lovely Is Today0
Theme in Search of a TV Commercial0
Winter Meeting0
It's Alright Now0
Drunk Man0
Pot Belly0
Wait a Little Longer0
I Waited For You0
Conversations of Everything and Nothing0
It's War0
Ballad (For My Love)0
It's Crazy0
I Don't Want No One but You0
Work Song0
When a Man Loves a Woman0
Gimme Some Lovin'0
You Stole My Heart - The Last Encore0
Hey Wado0
Giant Steps0
Without You0
Mean Greens0
Steps Up0
Judie's Theme0
Space Commercial0
Reason Why I'm Talking - The0
What's New0
Tel Eco Teco No. 20
Drunk Man (Remastered Album Version)0
The Dancing Bull0
Yea, Yea, Yea0
Exodus - Exodus to Jazz0
Alicia - Exodus to Jazz0
Gone Home - Exodus to Jazz0
A.T.C. - Exodus to Jazz0
A.M. Blues - Exodus to Jazz0
East End Blues0
Wade In Water (1996)0
The Next Band0
The Wok0
My Shining Hour0
Children's Song - Live At Newport0
Carry On Brother - Live At Newport0
Don't You Know Your Future's In Space - Live At Newport0
Walk Soft - Live At Newport0
South Side - Live At Newport0
Live Right Now - 7" Edit Version 2006 Remastered Version0
Listen Here (Remastered Album Version)0
Silver Cycles (Remastered Album Version)0
Love Theme From "The Sandpiper" [The Shadow Of Your Smile] (Remastered Album Version)0
Little Girl Blue - Exodus to Jazz0
Velocity - Exodus to Jazz0
W.P. - Exodus to Jazz0
Just Friends - A Study in Jazz0
Olifant Gesang - A Study in Jazz0
Moon River - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Something for a Cat - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Sally's Tomato - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Mr. Yunioshi - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
The Big Blow Out - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Hub Caps and Tail Lights - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Latin Go Lightly - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Holly - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Loose Caboose - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
Fantastic Waltz - A Study in Jazz0
Down - A Study in Jazz0
My Buddy - Mighty Like a Rose0
Willow Weep for Me - Mighty Like a Rose0
Spartacus - Mighty Like a Rose0
God Bless the Child - Mighty Like a Rose0
Sally T - Mighty Like a Rose0
Fontessa - Mighty Like a Rose0
There Is No Time - Mighty Like a Rose0
Exodus (Single Version) - Bonus Track0
Alicia (Single Version) - Bonus Tracks0
No One - A Study in Jazz0
Dancing Bull - A Study in Jazz0
Cuttin' Out - A Study in Jazz0
The Big Heist - Jazz For "Breakfast at Tiffany's"0
It's All Right Now - Remastered0
Sonnymoon For Two0
Oliphant Gesang0
Sounds at the Archway0
Step Da Co Eel Waltz0
Ed's Blues0
Grenn Delphin Street0
It Was a Very Good Year0
Blues In the Basement0
Goin Home0
Samia (feat. Les McCann)0
It Never Entered My Mind0
The Golden Striker0
I Can't Get Started0
Illusionary Dreams0
Don't Let Me Go0
People Getting Ready to Go See Eddie Harris0
What I'm Thinking Before I Start Playing0
Are There Any Questions0
The Reason Why I'm Talking0
The Next Band - Music: Brother Soul, Part 10
Ain't Shit Happening - Music: Brother Soul, Part 20
People Enjoying Themselves0
Eddie Atlantic0
Archway Theme0
Instant Death0
Renovated Rhythm0
For All We Know0
Stars Fell on Alabama0
Georgia on My Mind0
W P - Original Mix0
Alicia (Single Version) - Original Mix0
Alicia - Original Mix0
A M Blues - Original Mix0
Little Girl Blue - Original Mix0
Exodus - Original Mix0
Exodus (Single Version) - Original Mix0
Velocity - Original Mix0
Gone Home - Original Mix0
Tel Eco Teco0
Inapplicable Concord0
Listen Here Goes Funky0
Of Age0
Fragmentary Apparitions0
Aleph the Fool0
I'm Lonely0
A Little Wes0
Zambezi Dance0
Summer's On Its Way0
Step Da Co Eel Waltz (Stepdacoel)0
The Time of My Life0
Yea, Yea, Yea - Original0
Whispering Bossa Nove - Original0
W.P. - Original0
Velocity - Original0
Tonight - Original0
There Is No Time - Original0
These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) - Original0
The More I See You - Original0
The Big Blowout - Original0
The Big Heist - Original0
Mr. Yunioshi0
Scandia Skies0
Half & Half0
Step Down to the Top0
I Guess I'll Have to Hang My Tears Out to Dry0
Tenor Madness (Live)0
The Wok (Live)0
My Shining Hour (Live)0
Vocalese (Live)0
Eddie Who? (Live)0
Ampedextrious (Live)0
Cuttin Out0
Alicia (Extended Version)0
Misty Thursday0
If I Did - Would You?0
My Buddy0
Latin Golightly0
K.C. Blues0
Cutting Out0
Dancing Bull0
Be My Love0
Alicia (Single Version)0
Hub Caps and Tail Lights0
Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry0
Gone With the Wind0
Fantastic Waltz0
No One0
Sally's Tomato0
Blues at Steeple Chase0
I Remember You0
The End of the Day0
For You, For Me, For Evermore0
If I Should Lose You0
Night and Day0
All Alone0
Fly Little Bird, Fly0
Tel Eco Teco, Pt. 20
Something for the Cat0
Shakey Jake0
Samba Para Dos0
Half and Half0
Alicia (45 Version)0
There Was a Time (Live)0
In Transit (Live)0
Chasin' the Bird (Live)0
The Big Blow Out0
The Big Heist0
There Is No Time0
I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry0
Cev Y Mar0
Pocket Full of Miracles0
Illusionary Dream0
Django's Castle0
Everthing Happens to Me0
Whispering Bossa Nova0
Groovy Movies0
Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)0
Theme from "Malamondo" ("Funny World")0
Whispering Bossa Nove0
My Budy0
W. P.0
Cutin' Out0
I Can't Get Started With You0
El Cid0
My Man Ed0
On a Clear Day0
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley0
If Ever I Would Leave You0
You've Changed0
Scatting Unlyrically Simultaneously0
La Carnival0
Ski Ball0
Three Quarter Miles0
Silver Plated0
Love Theme "The Sandpiper"0
S Wonderful0
Vexatious Progressions0
Cedar Trees0
Sara By Moonlight0
Monk's Moment0
Sally T0
The Shadow of Your Smile (From The Sandpiper)0
The Grand Strut0
Set Us Free0
You Are Not the Right One for Me0
Dancing By a Rainbow0
An April to Be Remembered0
It's Just Fun and Games0
Hal Strange0
Get On Up and Dance0
Bad Luck Is All I Have0
Why Must We Part0
Funky Doo0
The Children's Song0
Is There a Place for Us0
Listen Here0
Theme in Search of a Movie0
Essence of Matter0
Love Theme from 'The Sandpiper' (The Shadow of Your Smile)0
Is It In0
God Bless the Child0
Green Dolphin Street0
Just Friends0
These Foolish Things0
Olifant Gesang0
Secret Love0
The More I See You0
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square0
Silent Majority (live at Newport)0
Carrie On Brother0
For Your Life0
Let the Healing Begin0
Salute to Bird0
That Is Why You're Overweight0
Tryin' Ain't Dyin'0
How Can I Find Some Way to Tell You0
Love Is Too Much to Touch0
Get Down With It0
I'd Love to Take You Home0
Come Dance With Me0
Bird of Stone0
Why Do You Hurt Me0
It's All Right Now0
I'm as Happy as I Want to Be0
The River Nile0
Salute To Bags0
Samba de Orfeu0
Only the Lonely0
Wait Please0
Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova0
Bold and Black0
The Things You Do0
Free Speech0
Nothing Else to Do0
Mighty Like a Rose0
Is There a Place for Us (Live at The Village Gate, NY)0
Listen Here (Live at The Village Gate, NY)0
Things You Do0
Please Let Me Go0
Ten Minutes to Four0
Walk With Me0
Eddie Harris Sings the Blues0
The Next Band / Music: Brother Soul, Pt. 10
Ain't Shit Happening / Music: Brother Soul, Pt. 20
Listen Here (Edit Version)0
My Funny Valentine0
On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)0
Ballad (For My Love) [Live at The Village Gate, NY]0
The Children's Song (Live at The Village Gate, NY)0
Breakfast At Tiffany's0
Lawrence of Arabia0
Ciel y Mar0
Eddie Who0
How Can You Live Like That0
Yeah Yeah Yeah0
Projects and High Rises - Music: Bee Bump0
Singing and Straining - Music: The Aftermath0
Movin' On Out (Live at The Village Gate, NY)0
Funky Doo (Live at The Village Gate, NY)0
If Ever I Would Leave You (The Tender Storm)0
Free At Last0
Coltrane's View0
Sharky's Theme0
Stealin' Trash0
Moon River0
Something for Cat0
Loose Caboose0
Exodus (Single Version)0
Exodus (Main Theme)0
Silver Cycles0
The Shadow of Your Smile (Love Theme from "the Sandpiper")0
Willow Weep for Me0
Live Right Now (7" Edit Version)0
Bold Black (Blend Crafters Remix)0
South Side0
Electric Ballad0
Don't You Know the Future's In Space0
Nowhere to Go0
Why Don't You Quit0
Children's Song0
Carry On Brother0
Don't You Know Your Future's In Space0
Silent Majority0
Walk Soft0
Main Title Theme from 'Exodus'0
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