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Ass Like That ((Explicit)) - Eminem lyrics
♪ Ass Like That ((Explicit)) ♪ official lyrics
The way you shake it, I can't believe it
I ain't never seen an ass like that
The way you move it, you make my slinky go
Doing, doing, doing

I don't believe it, it's almost too good to be true
I ain't never seen an ass like that
The way you move it, you make my pee pee go
Doing, doing, doing

The way she moves she's like a belly dancer
She's shaking that ass to the new Nelly jams, I
Think someones at the door
But I don't think I'm gonna answer
Police saying freeze
Doing, doing, doing
What do you mean freeze?
Please, I'm a human being, I have needs
I'm not done, not till I'm finish peeing
I am not resisting arrest, I am agreeing Mr. Officer
I'm already on my knees
I can't get on the ground any further, it's impossible for
And do not treat me like a murderer, I just like to pee,
pee, pee
Yes, I make r&b, I sing song it go
Ring-a-chong, a-ching-chong-chong-chong-ching
Psych, I joke, I joke, I kidd, I kidd
If I offend I'm sorry, please, please forgive
For I am Triumph, the puppet dog, I am a mere puppet
I can get away with anything I sing, you will love it

Jessica Simpson, looks oh so temptin'
Nick I ain't never seen an ass like that
Everytime I see that show on MTV my pee pee goes
Doing, doing, doing

Mary-Kate and Ashley used to be so wholesome
Now they're getting older, they're starting to grow bum bums
I go to the movies and sit down with my pop corn
Police saying freeze
Doing, doing, doing
What do you mean freeze?
Geez, I just got my seat
I have ticket, look I put away, my zipper's zipped
Please do not remove me from this movie theater please
I did not even get to see Mary-Kate shower scene
I didn't mean to be obscene or make a great big scene
And don't treat me like I'm pee wee herman, this movies PG
Mr. Officer, I demand to see my attorney
I will simply plead innocent, cop a plea and be free
Free, yes, free, right back on the streets
What you mean my lawyer's with Michael, he's too busy?
I am Triumph, Britney Spears has shoulders like a man
And I can say that and you'll laugh cuz that is a puppet on
my hand

Hilary Duff is not quite old enough so
I ain't never seen a butt like that
Maybe next year I'll say ass and she'll make my pee pee go
Doing, doing, doing

The way she moves she dances like a go-go
In that video she sings get out you bozo
I need a new boyfriend, hi my name is JoJo
Police saying freeze
Doing, doing, doing
What do you mean freeze?
My computers would be seized and my keys to my ranch
I just baked cookies Mr. Officer, looky, take a whiff of
Here, I make Jesus juice, take a sip of this
Nobody is safe from me, no not even me
I don't even know if I can say the word pee pee, pee
On the radio, but I think I did
Janet, is that a breast, I think I just saw a tit
Psych, I joke, I joke, I kidd, I kidd
I don't think my joke is working, I must flee quick
Get to the chopper, everybody get out
I am not Triumph, I am Arnold, get down

So Gwen Stefani, will you pee pee on me please?
I ain't never seen an ass like that
Cuz the way you move it, you make my pee pee go
Doing, doing, doing

Fuck is wrong with you? (ha!)
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Eminem - Ass Like That ((Explicit)) song lyrics
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