Eminem Crackers 'n Cheese song lyrics
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Crackers 'n Cheese - Eminem lyrics
♪ Crackers 'n Cheese ♪ official lyrics
If you really loved me
the way you say you do
If you love me half as much
as I love you
You would pluck a planet from the sky
You’d use a star to dot the “i”
In I love you... that is what you’d do
You'd take a dreary day
and you would paint it blue
If you loved me unconditionally
These are the things
that you would do for me

Because I need you
Like a fish needs the sea
Like a fire needs oxygen
Like a flower needs a bee
And if you really care for me
You’d let me video you while you wee

Standing up in the bath,
I shouldn’t even have to ask
Perhaps you’ll even store
a little more in a flask
These are just the things that people do
When their love for one another is true
Ba da da

We go together
Like a cracker and Brie
Like racism and ignorance
Like bling and R&B
But if you really want to show you care
You’d let me wear your underwear
When we visit your mum's,
it's a bit of harmless fun
I just like talking about your childhood
with some lace between my buns
There’s no reason for a big to-do
If your love for one another is true
Ba da da

We go together
Like a bird in a nest
Like Internet and porn
Like guns and the US
And if you love me
like you say that you do
You'd purchase forty cockatoo
And teach them to fly
in formation in the sky
And shit the words “Tim is God”
on my ex-girlfriend’s Hyundai
Sure, it might be easier with doves
But shirking challenges is not what love

Is all about
Love is not all wine and roses
Sometimes it’s handcuffs and cheese
No-one said love is for free
And if you agree with that
You'll sing me passages from the Koran
wearing nothing but a Bob the Builder hat
To the tune of waltzing Matilda
I just love the combination of Islam,
nationalism and builder

(And a little bitty builder)
(Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy)
(And Bob the fucking Builder)

Because I need you
Like a tick needs a tock
Like bananas need pyjamas
Like a nun needs cock
But if you want to put your love for me first
You wouldn’t go through childbirth
You’d agree to adopt
so that you could stay thin
We’ll get a Chinese kid,
it could teach us Mandarin
And communists don’t make as much noise
And they’re really good
at sharing their toys

Because I dig you
Like an Aussie digs pies
Like Born-Agains dig Jesus
Like Jesus dug guys

And if you love me unconditionally
You’d do my tax return for me
Cos it’s way overdue,
and I just don’t know,
I guess I’m self-employed
but do I still pay as I go?
And does the threshold apply to me?
And should I register for GST
And if you love me unconditionally
Would you let me video you while you wee?
Assuming there's nothing worth watching on the ABC
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Eminem - Crackers 'n Cheese song lyrics
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