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Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Deathtransl2
Out Of My Waytransl1
Under the Gun--1
Wreaking Havoc--1
The Clerictransl1
Time Is Uptransl1
The Ambulant Plague of Humans--0
Category of the Dead--0
Season of the Locust--0
A Pyrrhic Victory For Humanity--0
Scabs of Trust--0
Hang 'Em High--0
Path to Nowhere--0
Waste of Life--0
Century of the Deviant--0
The Root of Evil (demo version)--0
The Disease--0
Morbid Symmetry--0
Circling the Drain--0
Peace Is in Pieces--0
Claiming Certainty (Live)--0
Deaf to the Swan Song--0
Wake Up--0
Postmortem/Raining Blood--0
Intention to Deceive--0
Monologue With the Sky--0
Post Mortem / Reigning Blood--0
Postmortem/Raining Blood - Slayer Cover--0
Claiming Certainty--0
Carver of Lies--0
Vitruvian Ghost--0
The Monsoon--0
Postmortem / Raining Blood--0
To Helltransl0
Identity Thefttransl0
The Root Of Eviltransl0
It Is True--0
Unnatural Selection--0
Last Wordstransl0
Scumbag In Disguisetransl0
Prepare For Attacktransl0
Fatal Interventiontransl0
No Amnestytransl0
Killing Tendenciestransl0
Covering Firetransl0
Point Of No Return--0
From The Cradle To The Grave--0
Postmortem/Raining Blood (Slayer Cover)--0
Children of the Grave--0
Melting the Mountain--0
Worse Than War--0
Fate Controls--0
Unfinished Business--0
Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death--0
Ivory Tower--0
Living Nightmare--0
Give Me Liberty​.​.​. or Give Me Death--0
I Am the State--0
Chasing the Edge--0
lyrics translation visits
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