Hi-Rez Do What You Love song lyrics
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Do What You Love - Hi-Rez lyrics
♪ Do What You Love ♪ official lyrics
What up?
Verse 1:
Dis dat eardrum pleasure, lyrical hidden treasure.
Little something extra, bout to blow I'm the next up.
Hey, so you can say im on deck wit it.
Doin this for years pussy rookies come f wit it.
I'm the face of the youth, I'm the best image.
Always got the best weed, always got the best women.
Yeah, but ya'll are slaves to reality.
Never follow im leading that's why im burning my calories.
Hi im Sour D, that is my main course.
They follow so much that they life is just a fake tour.
Why you think they hate for, what team do ya'll play for?
Time is money so I'm never late with the pay sours.
Just Kidding I'm actually in debt, I regret being care free
I have no regrets.
Run up the steps to the crest, to the moon boy im blesses.
With some sneakers and a dream that I follow till my death.
A hint of weed on my breathe, you worried bout lookin fresh.
Im worried about myself, you worried about the rest.
Yeah, but I'm a focused individual.
Always liquored on primeval, one day gon be a criminal wait.
But im just messin with ya'll, this is a crime scene I
suggest you section it off.
You were discursion for ya'll, thought of rap when I craw.
I got a more then I fall, never gave school in my all, but
To music I devoted my time, I wouldn't have it any other
Boy I'm just fine, wouldn't go back in time, aint no pressin
So light it up, breath it in, blow the stress out your mind.
Hook x2:
Do what you love, and love what you do.
And honestly be real to yourself, you'll know if it's true.
If you lyin, you probably gon ever regret.
So our life result in never-ending stress, what you gon do?
Verse 2:
You got some choices in life, you fly or you fall.
And when I chose I was thinkin real different then ya'll.
Music's the only reason im existing at all, I'll only givin
my all, wait I said givin my all, yeah.
I do the wrong things, for the right reasons.
So maybe one day my mama can go sight seein.
Catch some flights in the evenin, runway leavin.
Workin hard, workin hard, sleepin on weekends, yeah.
And I see all of my real friends, Caps goofy ass, Cash
Money, Nick, and my dude Ben.
See, it's really all about love, mixed with a specific
decriminalized medicinal drug.
Rap is my life, fuck a job where you piss in a cup.
I'm not givin a fuck, life I'm livin it up, a-yeah.
And I never stick to the plan, care free no stress for
infinity and beyond.
Boy, and we light years ahead of em', the ones who aint
believe boy you know we just forgettin them.
Yeah we forgettin them, never regrettin em', matter fact
this is the last time I'll even mention em'.
Ya'll as rapper cause... im original, every single thing you
posers do is so typical.
You only care about money that's how it's visible.
Boy that shit is pitiful learn to use your peripherals.
Hook x2:
Do what you love, and love what you do.
And honestly be real to yourself, you'll know if it's true.
If you lyin, you probably gon ever regret.
So our life result in never-ending stress, what you gon do?
Outro x2:
Do what you love, and love what you do.
Be real to yourself, you know if it's true.
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Hi-Rez - Do What You Love song lyrics
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