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OJ Rap (Instrumental) C [70 BPM]1
001 Magic Potion to Hip Hop, The Time Has Come0
Panda (Instrumental)0
Something To Believe (Instrumental)0
Maybe it will be a Better Day (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Just Be You (Instrumental with Chorus) [95 BPM]0
Don't You Wana Dance (Instrumental with Chorus) [98 BPM]0
I'm On the Micraphone All Day (Instrumental With Chorus) [100 BPM]0
Girls In Tel Aviv (Instrumental with Chorus) [105 BPM]0
I Hear You Calling Me (Instrumental With Chorus) [80 BPM]0
Gameing Remaining Maintaining (Instrumental with Chorus) [95 BPM]0
Girl If You Want to Dance With Me (Instrumental with Chorus) v1 [100 BPM]0
Heaven Is Inside of You (Instrumental with Chorus) [82 BPM]0
Give Me Some CDs (Instrumental With Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Have a Flow (Instrumental with Chorus) [98 BPM]0
Girl Let Me Know You Want Me (Instrumental With Chorus) [99 BPM]0
Hip Hop (Instrumentals with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
In the City Tonight (Instrumental with Chorus) D [93 BPM]0
I'm a Hustler (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Cosmonaut Moonwalker, Pop Stop and Drop, Freezeframe (Instrumental) [72 BPM]0
Epic Hip Hop Instrumental Style0
Destiny (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
I Love to Floss the Game (Instrumental With Chorus) [95 BPM]0
I Used to Be a Gangster (Instrumental With Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Just Have Faith (Instrumental with Chorus) [91 BPM]0
Just Like That (Instrumental with Chorus) [95 BPM]0
Kick Left or Kick Right (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Ma At Wrote'sa E T (Instrumental with Chorus) [97 BPM]0
Ooo Girl (Instrumental with Chorus) [96 BPM]0
International (Instrumental With Chorus) [99 BPM]0
If Your Man is the Man (Instrumental with Chorus) [98 BPM]0
I Want You (Instrumental with Chorus) [97 BPM]0
Lets Ride (Instrumental With Chorus) [99 BPM]0
I Know you wana Get with Me (Instrumental with Chorus) [98 BPM]0
A Yo, A Yo, A Yo, A Yo, A Yo. (Instrumental with Chorus) [93 BPM]0
So in Love (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Will My Hip Hop Dreams Come True (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Welcome To Tel Aviv (Instrumental with Chorus) [114 BPM]0
A Song About Shorty (Instrumental with Chorus) [95 BPM]0
You are so Fly (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Clap Your Hands (Instrumental with Chorus) [97 BPM]0
Check the Check List (Instrumental with Chorus) [100 BPM]0
Baby Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish (Instrumental with Chorus) [76.025 BPM]0
Always Be Prepared To Get Paid (Instrumental with Chorus) [101 BPM]0
Cackilac (Instrumental With Chorus) [90 BPM]0
01 Im a Space Alien, from Another Planet 72bpm0
02 Sherlock 85Bpm0
03 Bubble Skank, Club Bounce 80bpm0
04 Shorty If Ya Runnin Game 85bpm0
The Hip Hop Guy (Instrumental with Chorus) [94 BPM]0
Perfect Dread (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Dreams, Dont Let Them Go (Instrumental with Chorus) [72 BPM]0
Yous a Showday (Instrumental with Chorus) [97 BPM]0
This Is Hip Hop (Instrumental with Chorus) Ebm [89 BPM]0
You Know That I Want You (Instrumental with Chorus) [100 BPM]0
Hip Hop Changed the Ways (Instrumental with Chorus) [93 BPM]0
Walk on By (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
You are My Baby (Instrumental with Chorus) [90 BPM]0
Something About Your Booty, It Gets Into My Head (Instrumental with Chorus) [100 BPM]0
Shorty If Your Runnin Game (Instrumental with Chorus) [85 BPM]0
Sexy Swing (Instrumental with Chorus) [92 BPM]0
Senorita (Instrumental with Chorus) [104 BPM]0
Tell Me if You Wana Feel it Drip Drop (Instrumental with Chorus) [100 BPM]0
Shorty Got Love All In Her Head (Instrumental with Chorus) C [84 BPM]0
Girl If You Want to Dance With Me (Instrumental with Chorus) v2 [100 BPM]0
07 Big 80Bpm0
Interstate Shawty (Instrumental)0
Grab the Scale (Instrumental)0
Shoot or Die (Instrumental)0
Trappin' Stupid (Instrumental)0
Rich Rollin' (Instrumental)0
Riding Good (Instrumental)0
One For The Players (Instrumental)0
Shorty (Instrumental)0
Dirty Trap House 2 (Instrumental)0
Baby Get Low (Instrumental)0
The Lifestyle (Instrumental)0
Out Here Hustlin (Instrumental)0
No Games (Instrumental)0
End Zone Trappin (Instrumental)0
From The Ground Up (Instrumental)0
Slow It Down 2 (Instrumental)0
I've Been Hustlin' (Instrumental)0
By Any Means (Instrumental)0
Baby Let's Chill (Instrumental)0
Antidote (Instrumental)0
Boss Status (Instrumental)0
I'm The Future (Instrumental)0
Women Around The World (Instrumental)0
Hotline Bling (Instrumental)0
Low Life (Instrumental)0
Girl Scout Cookies (Instrumental)0
Lost Soul (Instrumental)0
Hop In The Cypher (Instrumental)0
All About That Paper (Instrumental)0
Hard Work (Instrumental)0
Summer B.B.Q. (Instrumental)0
Long Hard Struggle (Instrumental)0
Hip Hop Meditation (Instrumental)0
Mister Important (Instrumental)0
Do It Big (Instrumental)0
Dirty Minds (Instrumental)0
Black Mask Black Flag (Instrumental)0
Under Go The Funk (Instrumental)0
Blownin On That Loud (Instrumental)0
Cali Roll Up (Instrumental)0
Dedication To Uncle (Instrumental)0
Dont Be Scared (Instrumental)0
Dont Get Wet (Instrumental)0
Hit Licks (Instrumental)0
Hit The Club (Instrumental)0
Hit Um Up Grind (Instrumental)0
Huh (Instrumental)0
Lights Out (Instrumental)0
Run An Hide (Instrumental)0
You Don't Love Me (Instrumental)0
California Kush (Instrumental)0
Always On My Side (Instrumental)0
With Out You (Instrumental)0
Go O (Instrumental)0
Body Snatcher (Instrumental)0
Welcome To My Kingdom (Instrumental)0
Hood Politics (Instrumental)0
Turn Up In This Club (Instrumental)0
Dab (Instrumental)0
High Life (Instrumental)0
West Coast High Rise (Instrumental)0
You Ain't Flexin' on Me (Instrumental)0
Baby Let Me Know (Instrumental)0
Fallin' Soldiers (Instrumental)0
Wonderful Ways (Instrumental)0
Caught A Body (Instrumental)0
09 Romancing the Shorty 70bpm0
186. Go Getter0
Mask Up (Instrumental)0
Mountain Top (Instrumental)0
Motivational Flow (Instrumental)0
Jumpman (Instrumental)0
Rounds in the Clip (Instrumental)0
Turn the Party Up (Instrumental)0
Blue Sky (Instrumental)0
Slick Talker (Instrumental)0
Inspire (Instrumental)0
Work of Art (Instrumental)0
My House (Instrumental)0
Choir Bang (Instrumental)0
Superficial (Instrumental)0
T.H.C. Smoke (Instrumental)0
Angel (Instrumental)0
Swishers & Backwoods (Instrumental)0
188. Chinatown0
189. Jazzy In The Lounge0
192. Groovy Alternative, Funky Drums, Bhangra0
194. The Mystery Capper0
195. Rastas Struggle for A Living, Life Support0
196. Chinese Noodle Soup0
197. Thai Stick0
198. I Know A Place0
199. Beautiful0
200. Eccentric Rhythm and Bass0
The Way She Move (Instrumental)0
Only One Way Up (Instrumental)0
Running out of Time (Instrumental)0
This the Way We Ride (Instrumental)0
Always Got My Back (Instrumental)0
Time to Pay (Instrumental)0
Pounds of Cheeba (Instrumental)0
Say It (Instrumental)0
No Worries (Instrumental)0
Trade Places (Instrumental)0
Wavy Ride (Instrumental)0
Best Friend (Instrumental)0
Vintage Dreaming (Instrumental)0
Smooth West (Instrumental)0
Pressure (Instrumental)0
Loving Soul (Instrumental)0
Good Lovin' (Instrumental)0
Summer Sixteen (Instrumental)0
To the Floor (Instrumental)0
Black Nights (Instrumental)0
Under World (instrumental)0
Big Face Blue Bills (Instrumental)0
Still Mac'N (Instrumental)0
Torch (Instrumental)0
Sunset (Instrumental)0
Change Gone Come (Instrumental)0
Residential Burglary (Instrumental)0
You Can Roll You Can Smoke (Instrumental)0
Heavy Load (Instrumental)0
Social Media Love (Instrumental)0
Don't (Instrumental)0
Really Really (Instrumental)0
Straight To the Top (Instrumental)0
Power (Instrumental)0
The Way We Ride (Instrumental)0
No Refunds (Instrumental)0
We Gone Be Alright (Instrumental)0
Vibe Out (Instrumental)0
184. And The Adventure Begins, World Bass Crusade, Premier Presentation0
10 Cosmonaut Moonwalker, Pop Stop and Drop, Freezeframe 72bpm0
034 The Rub Down, Silk Sheets Bass Bottom0
041 Roxanne, Roxanne0
043 I Live In The City0
047 Ghetto Seal, Mission Impossible0
048 Wonton Soup, and The Humming Bird of Zhen Shan0
049 The Robot of Love, In Runnaway Passion, Saxgasm0
051 Bebop Is In His Bass Jeans, A Night On The City0
052 Peanut Butter and Apple Pie0
055 Bongo De Dread, Mash Up De Bass0
056 Ghetto Ops0
059 The Hood, Urban Strugle to Make a Living0
066 Around the World In Thirty Ways, Bass Expedition0
068 The Time Machine, and Captain Cosmic Traveler0
073 A Thick and Bassy, Stroll In the Park0
033 The Typewriter and Bass Inkpress0
031 Elevate Their Conciousness, Youll Be The Dawn0
Hip Hop Instrumentals 1510
002 Butterfly Kamasutra0
005 Clarity Got Cha Whits About You, Hiphop0
008 Morph of the Artifact, The Mystery of Change0
009 Legend, The Exodus of Shaolin0
013 Shaolin Tea House0
015 Cuban Cigar from Havana, The Gambinos0
017 Chinese Stitching, and The Silk Road Dancers0
019 A Bubble Bath and Patron, Lounge and Zone Out0
020 We Gona Rise, Out'ee Babb'ee'lon, On a Rasta Dread0
024 Comic Book Cyber Pimp With a Ghost In the Machine0
026 Graffiti Spray Cans and The Funky Bass Painter0
027 Pianos and Champaign, Silk Woofer Excursion Bass0
029 Jazz Sweep, A Backwards Beat and A Bass Bottom0
076 Game, Bass Bottom Rumble0
077 Hustle and Bass, The Professional0
085 The Philoshipher of Bass0
130 You Are So Fly 90bpm0
134 Ooo Girl 96bpm0
136 I Hear You Calling Me 80bpm0
137 Godzilla and The Ballet 90bpm0
146 Far from Home and Lonely, City Nights Debonair0
152 It Is What It Is, Mask of Bass0
157. Rasta Dreads Harvest Time, Trimmings and Sticky Scissors0
163. Rastas Groove of Bass0
166. Frankenstein On A Spanish Fly0
168. The Epic Trilogy of The European Imperialistic Crusaders0
169. The Bass Clap and Bongo Orchestral Crescendo With A Ghost0
176. Desperados At High Noon, Horse Hoofs In the Dust0
177. Legend of The Iron Monk0
179. The Crib0
129 Perfect Dread 90bpm0
124 Just Be You 95bpm0
088 The Twister of Bass, Bboys Special Art Show0
101 Im A Space Alien, from Another Planet 72bpm0
102 Sherlock 85bpm0
104 Shorty If Ya Runnin Game 85bpm0
105 Flashy, City Nights 76bpm0
107 Big 80bpm0
110 Cosmonaut Moonwalker, Pop Stop and Drop, Freezeframe 72bpm0
111 Yous a Showday 97bpm0
112 Its The Melody 95.7bpm0
113 Just Like That 95bpm0
114 Give Me Some Cds 90bpm0
115 Blue Skies 90bpm0
122 So In Love 90bpm0
123 Cackilac 90bpm0
180. The Hustle and The Hood0
A Thick and Bassy, Stroll in the Park (Instrumental) [92 BPM]0
I'm on One (Instrumental) C [90 BPM]0
I'll Teach you the Ropes, in the City (Instrumental) [96 bpm]0
I Hear You Calling Me (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
It's going to be all right (Instrumental) [79 BPM]0
Jazzy in the Lounge (Instrumental) [107 BPM]0
Jazz Alley (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
Jazz Sweep, A Backwards Beat and a Bass Bottom (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
I Live in the City (Instrumental) [92 BPM]0
It's the Melody (Instrumental) [95.7 BPM]0
In a Steam Room, With a Geisha (Instrumental) [88 BPM]0
Hope of the Blue Lotus (Instrumental) [100.53 BPM]0
I Used To Be a Gangster (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
I'm a Space Alien, from Another Planet (Instrumental) [72 BPM]0
I Know a Place (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
Roxanne, Roxanne (Instrumental) [129 BPM]0
Sands of Time, in the Bass Dunes with the Piano Man (Instrumental) [87 BPM]0
A Blunt in the Shade, on a Breezy Summer Afternoon (Instrumental) [87 BPM]0
A Song About Shorty (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
FEMA and the NWO, in Bass Lockdown (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Dreading the Task at Hand, Hard Labor of Bass, Computational Sadness (Instrumental) [93 BPM]0
Just Be You (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
Flashy, City Nights (Instrumental) [76 BPM]0
Fly (Instrumental) E [115 BPM]0
Jazzy, Mackin in the Chill Lounge (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Elevate Their Consciousness, You'll be the Dawn (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Eloping with a Millionaire (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
Far from Home and Lonely, City Nights Debonair (Instrumental) [71.5 BPM]0
Just Like That (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
She Will (Instrumental) Cm [72 BPM]0
Sand Desert, Camel Ride (Instrumental) [114 BPM]0
I Do It (Instrumental) Asus4 Dm [95 BPM]0
International Love Rap (Instrumental) Fm [120 BPM]0
I Could Feel You, Visionary (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
Rasta's Making Dinner and Spices, Bass Bubbler (Instrumental) [77.3 BPM]0
Wake and Bake from the Hangover, Clock of Mystery (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
Tijuana Dreadlock Tequila (Instrumental) [75 BPM]0
The Voyager (Instrumental) [111 BPM]0
Urban Philosopher, Poetic Contemplation (Instrumental) [98 BPM]0
Walk on By (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Urban Satellite (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Thoughts of a Funky Bass line Comeback (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
We Found Love (Instrumental) Am [70 BPM]0
Were going to Rise Out of Babylon, on a Rasta Dread (Instrumental) [111.9 BPM]0
We Fly Together (Instrumental) C [80 BPM]0
The Magic Mix of Bass and Rhythm Soup (Instrumental) [87 BPM]0
Eccentric Rhythm and Bass (Instrumental) [120 BPM]0
Dreams, Don't Let Them Go (Instrumental) [72 BPM]0
Return of the Dark Alley Knight on Bass Street (Instrumental) [85 BPM]0
Restitution (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
It's Super Bass (Instrumental) Cm-Cdim [100 BPM]0
It Done Got Real (Instrumental) G [95 BPM]0
Island Madness (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
In the City Tonight (Instrumental) D [93 BPM]0
Sexy And You Know It (Instrumental) Cm [63.5 BPM]0
Rasta's Groove of Bass (Instrumental) [83 BPM]0
Hustle and Bass, The Professional (Instrumental) [92 BPM]0
In the Face of Adversity (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
Inspector Deck, The Ghetto Sleuth (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
I'm a Hustler (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
The Typewriter and Bass Ink Press (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
The Twister of Bass, B-Boys Special Art Show (Instrumental) [120 BPM]0
Rasta's Struggle for a Living, Life Support (Instrumental) [83 BPM]0
Reflections of a Drama Scene (Instrumental) [95.98 BPM]0
You Are So Fly (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
The Jazz Hatter, and Slick Sub Bass (Instrumental) [91 BPM]0
Morph of the Artifact, the Mystery of Change (Instrumental) [100.5 BPM]0
Lay Back and Relax, Bass Massage (Instrumental) [91 BPM]0
Ma At Wrote'sa E T (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
Destiny (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
A Bubble Bath and Patron, Lounge and Zone Out (Instrumental) [86 BPM]0
Cuban Cigar from Havana, the Gambinos (Instrumental) [85 BPM]0
Dogs and Boots to Jail, Citizen Internment Camps (Instrumental) [98 BPM]0
A Magic Carpet Ride on Jazz (Instrumental) [107 BPM]0
Somthing to clown to (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
The Crib (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Still Got it (Instrumental) Bm [101 BPM]0
The Bass Clap and Bongo Orchestral Crescendo with a Ghost (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
The Chinese Street Market, Urban Shopper (Instrumental) [91 BPM]0
So in love (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Take Care (Instrumental) Cm [94 BPM]0
Kick Left or Kick Right (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Double O (Instrumental) Cm [100 BPM]0
010 Alternative Bass, Rock of Love, Rap0
Distractions (Instrumental) D [95 BPM]0
Big (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
Let's Roll (Instrumental) F# [110 BPM]0
Dance (Instrumental) Am [73 BPM]0
Bebop is in His Bass Jeans, A Night on the City (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Magic Potion to Hip Hop, The Time has Come (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Lotus Flower Monks (Instrumental) Am [90 BPM]0
This Is Hip Hop (Instrumental) Ebm [89 BPM]0
DJ of Love (Instrumental) [75 BPM]0
A Smooth Jazzy Cappuccino and Sweaty Nipples on a Hot Day (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Cybertronics Funky Tribal Trail through the Jungle of Bass Boom (Instrumental) [107 BPM]0
Desperados at High Noon, Horse Hoofs in the Dust (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Double-O Hustler, Of the Cabana (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Smoke and Smoke, flick the Ashes (Instrumental) [68 BPM]0
Maybe it will be a Better Day (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Some Girls are Realy Nasty (Instrumental) [70 BPM]0
The Bass Bottom, Top Hat, and a Magic Trick (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Shaolin Tea House (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
The Epic Trilogy of the European Imperialistic Crusaders (Instrumental) [92 BPM]0
The Ghost of Rocky and the Navy Seal on Mission X (Instrumental) [78 BPM]0
The Cutting Block the Leopard and the UFOs, Bass Abduction (Instrumental) [99 BPM]0
The Lady of the House of the Orient (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
The Hunt of the Werewolf (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
The Late Night Hotline (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
The Jazz and Blues Band of Club Bass (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
The Dreamer (Instrumental) C [120 BPM]0
The Hustle and the Hood (Instrumental) [131 BPM}0
The Cyber Shanty Town Blues (Instrumental) [82 BPM]0
The International Hip Hop Trade Route (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
The Hood, Urban Struggle to Make a Living (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Thai Stick (Instrumental) [91 BPM]0
Talk To Me (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
Shorty If Your Runnin' Game (Instrumental) [85 BPM]0
The Coming of the Return, Cosmic Space Wars, Galactic (Instrumental) [84 BPM]0
Taking You Back, B-Boy in a Time Machine, Reminisce Street Life (Instrumental) [120 BPM]0
Make Me Proud (Instrumental) Am [75 BPM]0
Shorty Wants an Honest Man (Instrumental) A [87 BPM]0
March of the Hill Billys Moonshine Jug at the Jazz Bayou (Instrumental) [64 BPM]0
Shorty Got Love All In Her Head (Instrumental) C [84 BPM]0
Street Life of a Ghetto Trooper (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
That Talk (Instrumental) Cm [90 BPM]0
The Believer (Instrumental) Cm [75 BPM]0
Sherlock (Instrumental) [85 BPM]0
She's the One That Got Away (Instrumental) D#m [100 BPM]0
That Way (Instrumental) Am [88 BPM]0
The Come Up, Urban City Grind, illuminati (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
The Mad Hatter (Instrumental) Am [104 BPM]0
Mission Critical (Instrumental) [92 BPM]0
Graffiti Spray Cans and the Funky Bass Painter (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Have a Flow (Instrumental) [98 BPM]0
Party (Instrumental) C [90 BPM]0
Pianos and Champaign, Silk Woofer Excursion Bass (Instrumental) [102 BPM]0
Good Feeling (Instrumental) Dm [100 BPM]0
Hood Rider, Street Skills (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Psychedelic Urban City Night (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Go Getter (Instrumental) [112 BPM]0
Good Night (Instrumental) G [89 BPM]0
Phone Sex, Tapped and Wired (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Ghetto Ops (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Groovy Alternative, Funky Drums, Bhangra (Instrumental) [85 BPM]0
Godzilla and the Ballet (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Ponderng the Cosmos, The grass is greener, Planet Bass (Instrumental) [86 BPM]0
Legend, The Exodus of Shaolin (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
One Ounce Joint (Instrumental) [82.6 BPM]0
Mud Water, Country Bounce (Instrumental) [91 BPM]0
Legend of the Iron Monk (Instrumental) [98 BPM]0
Give Me Some CDs (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Hip Hop Changed the Ways (Instrumental) [93 BPM]0
Phantom of the Opera, Bass Levels Below (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Peanut Butter and Apple Pie (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Game, Bass Bottom Rumble (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Original (Instrumental) Cm [95 BPM]0
Ghetto Fabulous (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
Ghetto Bounce, Funk Puppy (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Perfect Dread (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Ghetto Seal, Mission Impossible (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
OG Rap (Instrumental) Am [90 BPM]0
New Kicks of Bass, Art Display (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
Headlines (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Hip Hop (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Heaven Is Inside of You (Instrumental) [82 BPM]0
How Does It Feel (Instrumental)0
Look What I Can Do (Instrumental)0
Back Stabber (Instrumental)0
Cut It (Instrumental)0
Who Want Some (Instrumental)0
Exchange (Instrumental)0
Break It Down & Roll It Up (Instrumental)0
Magic (Instrumental)0
Game Time (Instrumental)0
Keep It on the Low (Instrumental)0
Me Myself & I (Instrumental)0
Can't Feel My Face (Instrumental)0
Open Shop (Instrumental)0
Inmate (Instrumental)0
Down in the DM (Instrumental)0
Young Vet (Instrumental)0
West Side Nights (Instrumental)0
Spring Time (Instrumental)0
Time to Realize (Instrumental)0
Up Hill Grind (Instrumental)0
Needed Me (Instrumental)0
Your My Everything (Instrumental)0
Back To Sleep (Instrumental)0
Fast Life (Instrumental)0
Netflix & Chill (Instrumental)0
Work (Instrumental)0
Glory (Instrumental)0
Back To Back (Instrumental)0
Ready To Roll (Instrumental)0
Gangsta Luv (Instrumental)0
Might Be (Instrumental)0
Mental Elevation, Night Flyer (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Contemplation, with a Bass Mentality (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Chinatown (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Clarity got your wits about you, Hiphop (Instrumental) [91 BPM]0
Cackilac (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Cocktail Soup, Corn and Bass Beats (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Circus of the Remix, All Spice, Summer Breeze, Jazz Way (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
Without You (Instrumental) C [85 BPM]0
Wonton Soup, and the Humming Bird of Zhen Shan (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Will My Hip Hop Dreams Come True (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Butterfly Kama Sutra (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Boom Bap (Instrumental) Cm [80 BPM]0
Can I Get a Hustle Tonight (Instrumental) DM [85 BPM]0
Blue Skies (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Why Stop Now (Instrumental) BM [96 BPM]0
Bubble Skank, Club Bounce (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
Yaowarat Road and the Hip Hop Dreamer of Shanghai (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Work It Out (Instrumental) Am [86 BPM]0
Cosmic Rays of Subliminal Time Warp, UFO Invasion from Outerspace Bass (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
You the Boss Man (Instrumental) C [85 BPM]0
Chinese Chopsticks and the Wonton Bass DJ (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
Chill Groove of Bass, Up and Down, in and Out, Tease Her (Instrumental) [105 BPM]0
Chinese Stitching, and the Silk Road Dancers (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
You Know It WIll Rain (Instrumental) Abm [75 BPM]0
Yous a Showday (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
Contemplations of a Bass Movement (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
Comic Book Cyber Pimp with a Ghost In the Machine (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
Can't Get Enough (Instrumental) Em [99 BPM]0
Blues Stomper in the Hood, Mission Critical (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Bongo the Dread, Mash up the Bass (Instrumental) [67.5 BPM]0
Boom the Bottom, Boom the Bass (Instrumental) [98 BPM]0
Chinese Noodle Soup (Instrumental) [86 BPM]0
Air Raids and the Arrival of the Sword (Instrumental) [85 BPM]0
Alternative DJ Mash Up, Scratch Up and Bass (Instrumental) [93 BPM]0
Amsterdam (Instrumental) [84.8 BPM]0
And the Adventure Begins, World Bass Crusade, Premier Presentation (Instrumental) [94 BPM]0
Mellow Drummer, RnB Love Song'o Congo's (Instrumental) [84 BPM]0
Mushroom Clouds in the distance, Radioactive Mutation (Instrumental) [97 BPM]0
Ooo Girl (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
The Magnificent Booty Clap, Bass, Stop and Twirl (Instrumental) [84 BPM]0
The Sorrow of MayLing, Weeping Lotus (Instrumental) [82 BPM]0
The Swan and the Android on the Lake of Bass (Instrumental) [72 BPM]0
The Spice Islands (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
The Mystery Capper (Instrumental) [102 BPM]0
The Making of a Samurai (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
The Robot of Love, in Runaway Passion, SaxGasm (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
Miami Bass (Instrumental) [107 BPM]0
Monsters on the Loose, Predator (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
On the Road to the Festive (Instrumental) [117 BPM]0
The Opus of Hip Hop and the Ghetto Funk Crew (Instrumental) [95 BPM]0
The Streets of Kingston (Instrumental) [137 BPM]0
Beautiful (Instrumental) [78 BPM]0
Bass Marauder (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
Around the World in Thirty Ways, Bass Expedition (Instrumental) [104 Bpm]0
Alternative Bass, Rock of Love, Rap (Instrumental) [120 BPM]0
Battlestar, Cosmic Wars in Outer Space (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
Horns, Rasta's Mission Trekking Through the Jungle (Instrumental) [78 BPM]0
The Rub Down, Silk Sheets Bass Bottom (Instrumental) [80 BPM]0
The Phantom of the Opera, Bass Marauder (Instrumental) [129 BPM]0
The Philosopher of Bass (Instrumental) [110 BPM]0
The Organized Culture of Rhythm (Instrumental) [96 BPM]0
The Time Machine, and Captain Cosmic Traveler (Instrumental) [102 BPM]0
Baby of Bass and the Android Baby Sitter (Instrumental) [88 BPM]0
An Epic Bass Drama (Instrumental) [100 BPM]0
The Magic Pathway of the Enlightened Ones (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
Morse Code of Bass from Outer Space, Maze of Can You Keep the Beat (Instrumental) [90 BPM]0
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