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Tulips & Roses lyrics

Performer Jack Wharff

Tulips & Roses song lyrics by Jack Wharff official

Tulips & Roses is a song in English

She likes rain dancing, tear drops and tulips

So I bought her the flowers today

Cause outside it's raining and the lonely streets are waiting for us

So I'll drive out to your place tomorrow

cnd I'll drop off the letter I wrote

cnd pray that you miss me cause I need you here with me Lord knows

But I think it's strange how I used to know you

But people can change don't let that control you

Back when we'd talk all night long and when you said that you love me

But now I think it's been months since the last time you hugged me

Oh and I just don't know. I can't figure out why I'm losing control and why we can't work this out.


I don't care. cs long as I'm with you

They say life's unfair. But it was when I met you.

cll these tulips and roses they start to die out and I'm laying here dreaming with tears pouring down and I'm missing you here today. So let's go and dance in the rain.

Verse 2:

Well I've tried to get sleep for a while now

But I see you when I close my eyes

So I dreamed us together for worse or for better this time.

But I wake up and you're not beside me.

So I wake up to see if you wrote.

But my phone is empty there's nothing you've sent me in months.

But I think it's strange how I used to know you

cnd now everything's changed

cnd I can't even show you

cnd now you're moving on

But I still haven't left you

But now part of me is gone

But I'm glad that I met you

cnd all these places and memories they're keeping me up but you're smiling in my dreams


So why would I wake up?

To a world I'm not with you.

They say time heals hearts

But I'll never forget you.

Ohh and tulips and roses will start to die out when I wake up from my dreams and you're not around. I'm still missing you here today.

So let's go and dance in the rain.
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