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The Crossing - Osiyezatransl34
I Call Your Nametransl21
Scatterlings Of Africatransl21
Asimbonanga (Mandela)--16
Great Heart--9
Third World Child--7
Ibhola Lethu--7
Colours of Change--6
Asilazi ( featuring Soweto Gospel Choir)--5
King of Time--5
The Crossing--4
Cruel Crazy Beautiful World--3
Take My Heart Away--3
Love in the Time of Gaza--2
Digging For Some WOrds--2
Thamela - Die Son Trek Water--2
Dela (feat. Savuka)--2
Boy Soldier--1
Your Time Will Come (Live)--1
When The System Has Fallen--1
Hidden Away Down--1
All I Got is You--1
The World is Calling--1
One Man One Votetransl1
The Revolution Will Eat Its Children (Anthem for Uncle Bob)--1
Utshani Obulele (Zulu Version)--0
Locked And Loaded--0
I Don't Want To Be Away--0
Utshani Obulele--0
Scatterlings of Africa (feat. The Soweto Gospel Choir) [Live]--0
I Call Your Name (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir) [Live]--0
Africa - Remasterisé En 2010--0
Touch The Sun--0
Always on Time--0
Naked in the Rain--0
Brave New World--0
Ride in Your Car--0
Great Heart (Live)--0
Across the River--0
Africa (Remastered)--0
I Call Your Name (Live)--0
Impi (Live)--0
Into the Picture (Live)--0
The Crossing (Osiyeza) (Live)--0
Digging for Some Words (Live)--0
Africa (What Made You So Strong) (Live)--0
Cruel Crazy Beautiful World (Live)--0
The Crossing (Osiyeza) - Acoustic Version--0
Africa Rising--0
Bull Heart--0
Impi (Live) (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir )--0
African Sky Blue (Live)--0
Asimbonanga (Radio Version)--0
Scatterlings of Africa (Live)--0
Nyembezi (Tears)--0
Give Me the Wonder--0
Day in the Life--0
I Know That Sound--0
Manqoba (The Victorious)--0
Simple Things--0
African Sky Blue--0
Scaterlings of Africa--0
Rolling Oceantransl0
Cruel Crazy Beatufil Worldtransl0
It's An Illusiontransl0
Bombs Awaytransl0
The Crossing (Osiyeza)--0
Woman Be My Countrytransl0
Spirit Is The Jouney--0
Crocodile Love--0
Dela (remix)--0
Orphans of the Empire--0
Africa (What Made You So Strong)--0
Asimbonanga (live)--0
Cha Cha--0
Into the Picture--0
High Country--0
Warsaw 1943--0
One (Hu)man One Vote--0
Inevitable Consequence Of Progress--0
In My African Dream--0
Your Time Will Come--0
Tough Enough--0
New World Survivor--0
lyrics translation visits
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