Julien Doré L'été Summer song lyrics
L'été Summer Julien Doré lyrics sheet
L'été Summer - Julien Doré lyrics
♪ L'été Summer ♪ official lyrics
[Verse 1: ~A.L.T.~]
Cruised, in, the boulevard's packed*
My '82 Regal got amps in the back
Cause that's how I roll, G
Hit the rewind, on the alpine, for the oldies
And the hotties got body in the city
Yelling out the window, singing "Here Kitty Kitty"
I seen two pushin' tint in a convertible
So I decided to creep
And I roll alongside
Open up the door
"Have you ever rolled in a lowride?"
She hopped in, so I popped in the demo
And my ride is fresh like a limo
And I knew I had to try her
Then this homey from a party crew passed me a flyer
And it had to be ninety degrees
Another hot day
Another hot summer breeze
Summer breeze, summer breeze, summer breeze
Cause it feels so good, baby
When I'm rollin' with the top down
Summer breeze, summer breeze, summer breeze
And it's driving me crazy
[Verse 2:]
It's the middle of June, and the sun is scorches
Homies in the neighborhood are out on they porches
Wearin' cut off sweats and some black Vans
Drinkin' the Bud out the big tall cans
Little kids are playing in the front yard
Vatos on the corner, and yo, they're tryin' to front hard
But I just throw the black locs on
Sing a old song, and then I roll on
In a Audi, Audi
Gotta hit the road, jack, so then, I head back
I got the ride, so, yo
I got music
Head to the boule' and I cruise it
Sundays and Saturday late night
From miles and miles, all you can see our break lights
I got the top down, but I won't freeze
Another hot day
Another hot summer breeze
[Repeat Chorus: {*with variations*}]
[Verse 3:]
Fine ladies in the mini skirts and high heels pumps
Turned to take a look because my system thumps
I got to look right back at the rumps
Send sparks from my car when I hit the bumps
I seen a Nissan truck that was red
Drop with my cleans and lifts in the bed
So I hit my switches
I'm starin' at the front stuff, which is
The honies, the hotties, the bodies, the women
Wearin' a G-string, but they ain't swimmin'
And it's got my head spinnin'
As I fantasize and imagine them in
My bed, my lap, my ride
Don't be shy, girl, and please don't hide {*female
Cause it's gotta be ninety degrees
Another hot day
Another hot summer breeze
[Repeat Chorus: Til Fade {*with variations*}]
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Julien Doré - L'été Summer song lyrics
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