Kendrick Lamar One Shot Kill song lyrics
One Shot Kill Kendrick Lamar sheet
One Shot Kill - Kendrick Lamar lyrics
♪ One Shot Kill ♪ official lyrics
One shot kill, one shot kill hey
One shot kill, hey, one shot kill
One shot kill go!

(Pump up the volume)
(Pump up the volume)

I say thinkin' of a master plan
Motherfucker I'm a mastermind, I'm an 18 year old dollar
I'm a one man tragedy
I'm Columbine
I'm sharp as fuck but no porcupine
Penitentiary blade to cut yo' ass up
Good lookin hunk
Lookin for anybody thats lookin for me
Shotty look em right in the eye
What do I see
A scared nigga waitin to die
A scared nigga I even got you a suit and tie
Something suitable
Sledge hammer break down your nail cuticles
Nigga I do the unusual
Any thing is necessary in the art of war
Slam his head inside the suicidal doors
Do him like lil man off players club
Roll around to his knees rub
Im a ground hog
No Im a young hog
Hoggin up all the money from all a yall
Its funny how all yall wanna be my associates
Come around smile like that shit is appropriate
I'mma put it to your skullcap and open it
Leave it on the side with that ho you was rollin wit
Im rollin with the 9mm close to my nuts and dick
You know who you fuckin with
Im done with regular bowel movements Im on some other shit
Im a fuckin beast you a fuckin bitch
Im a fuck your bitch
Then send her back to you
Let her suck some dick then let her kiss on you
Now ain't that a bitch
That ain't right
But that's my life
If you don't like then we gon' fight
You gon' be fightin a bullet

(Pump up the volume)
(Pump up the volume)

Where the pump at
I say They could never master plan
Mothafucker Im a master mind
Im a 18 year old dollar sign
Im a one man tragedy
Im Columbine
Shit you already know what im about
Keep the guns by the couch in the living room
Company act up we give it to them
Send it to them like emails
Let them sell his soul
Put his body on retail
If we do dirt
And you tell
We gon' put you under dirt
He was a good person
He was down to earth but now he down to earth
Chillin with the worms and the insects his brother gon' be
His mother gon' be after him kill the family tree
If they fuckin with him and that him is me
And that limb is lost on your body
Aiming at your feet probably

Training day
Sniper music
Sniper music

One shot kill
I told you before
One shot kill
I told you before
One shot kill
I told you before
One shot kill
One shot kill
One shot kill
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Kendrick Lamar - One Shot Kill song lyrics
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