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This World lyrics

Performer Kyle cox

This World song lyrics by Kyle cox official

This World is a song in English

[verse 1]
This world is so unkind
One day you’re king, the neXt you’re crucified
What good is truth without love
What good are we if just flesh & blood

[verse 2]
This world is so cruel
You think you’ve won the game & they’ve gone & changed the rules
Maybe I’m just a fool to believe
There’s something beautiful inside of you & me

How long must I wait
To see this world change
Oh I long for the day
That my tears are gone
Each day that goes by
I watch evil rise
And it’s getting harder to find
Where beauty belongs

[verse 3]
This world is so dark
It loves to stomp the fire out of every broken heart
But if I refuse to let this flame in me die
I can light the world up one spark at a time
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