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Need You Nowtransl5
Falling For You--3
I Run To Youtransl2
Never Alonetransl2
American Honeytransl2
We Owned The Nighttransl1
When You Got a Good Thing--1
Wanted You Moretransl1
Stars Tonighttransl1
Ready To Love Againtransl1
Love This Paintransl1
If I Knew Thentransl1
Just a Kisstransl1
All We'd Ever Needtransl1
One Great Mystery--1
I did with you--1
I Run To You (iTunes Live Session Performance)--0
I Run To You (ITunes Session)--0
Love Don't Live Here--0
Teenage Heart--0
On This Winter's Night--0
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow--0
Need You Now (video version)--0
Blue Christmas--0
Celebrate Me Home--0
Lie With Me--0
A Holly Jolly Christmas--0
This City--0
Dancin' Away With My Heart - Spotify Interview--0
Love's Lookin' Good On You--0
Need You Now (2010 Remix)--0
The Stars--0
Long Strech Of Love--0
Learning to Fly--0
I Did With You - From “The Best Of Me”--0
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)--0
Big Love In a Small Town--0
I Run To You - Live--0
Learning To Fly (iTunes Session)--0
Damn You Seventeen--0
Down South--0
Good Time To Be Alive--0
Think About You--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas--0
Lay Our Flowers Down--0
Just a Girl--0
Silver Bells--0
Freestyle - Commentary--0
I Run to You (Live At the Ryman)--0
I Run to You (Pop edit)--0
I Run to You (edit)--0
A Woman Scorned--0
Long Stretch Of Love - Commentary--0
Bartender - Commentary--0
747 - Commentary--0
I Run to You (Acoustic)--0
Goodbye Town - Commentary--0
Long Teenage Goodby--0
Grammy Medley--0
Compass - Pop Mix--0
I Run To You - Acoustic Version--0
Heart Break (Live)--0
Hello World (iTunes Session)--0
I Run to You (An iTunes live session Performance)--0
Need You Now (Static Revenger club mix)--0
This Christmas--0
Sounded Good At the Time--0
She Is--0
Need You Now (iTunes Session)--0
All Nighter--0
Better Man--0
Slow Rollin'--0
Need You Now (An iTunes live session Performance)--0
Just a Kiss (Dave Bascombe Remix)--0
Hey Baby--0
Our Kind of Love (iTunes Session)--0
Love This Pain (iTunes Session)--0
American Honey (iTunes Session)--0
Baby, It's Cold Outside--0
Life As We Know It--0
Need You Now (Jason Nevins Dance Remix)--0
Somebody Else's Heart--0
Long Gonetransl0
Need You Know--0
The Woman Makes The Mantransl0
When You Were Minetransl0
Woman Scornedtransl0
Somewhere Love Remainstransl0
Something 'bout a Womantransl0
Slow Down Sistertransl0
Singing Me Hometransl0
Perfect Daytransl0
Our Kind Of Lovetransl0
Love's Looking Good On Youtransl0
Love I've Found In Youtransl0
Last Night Lasttransl0
Nee You Now--0
Home Is Where Heart Istransl0
Love Don't Live Here Anymoretransl0
Things People Saytransl0
Home Is Where The Heart Istransl0
Lookin' For a Good Timetransl0
One Day You Willtransl0
Hello Worldtransl0
As You Turn Awaytransl0
I Was Heretransl0
Bottle Up Lightningtransl0
Cold As Stonetransl0
Dancing Away With My Hearttransl0
Friday Nighttransl0
Heart Of The Worldtransl0
Dancin’ Away With My Heart--0
Better Off Now (That You're Gone)--0
What If I Never Get Over You--0
Need You Now (2010 mix)--0
Need You Now (Acoustic iTunes Session)--0
Generation Away--0
Long Teenage Goodbye--0
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of Youtransl0
Need You Now (acoustic)--0
And the Radio Played--0
Need You Now (Pop Mix)--0
Can't Stand the Rain--0
Nothin' Like the First Time--0
Heart Break--0
I'll Be Home For Christmas--0
All I Want For Christmas Is You--0
Silent Night (Lord of My Life)--0
Can't Take My Eyes Off You--0
Long Stretch Of Love--0
Need You Now (live)--0
Just a Kiss (Backstage acoustic session)--0
All For Love--0
Need You Now (single version)--0
Need You Now - Acoustic Version--0
You Look Good--0
Get to Me--0
It Ain't Pretty--0
Goodbye Town--0
Need You Now (iTunes Live Session Performance)--0
The First Noel--0
Hello World - Single Edit--0
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