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Meg & Dia

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Monster (DotEXE Remix)--25
Monster (live)--3
The Place Where I Feel Most Like Me--0
My Baby's Better Than Yours--0
Just One of Those Things--0
Santa Barbara (acoustic version)--0
Joey Had a Smoke--0
What Are You Into?--0
Don't Be Careful--0
Love Song--0
Santa Barbara--0
Dreams Like Oceans--0
Less of Me--0
My Ugly Mouth--0
Teddy Loves Her--0
I Need You In It--0
Strawberry Waltz--0
Lessons in New Jersey (live)--0
Cardigan Weather (live)--0
Agree to Disagree (Live)--0
No Rain - Live--0
Masterpiece (live)--0
Roses (live)--0
Santa Barbara - Bedroom Demo--0
Going Away (Live)--0
Better Off--0
Inside My Head (Live)--0
Here, Here and Here (Live)--0
Monster (acoustic)--0
Heaven's Too Far--0
I'm Going Away--0
Setting Up Sunday (demo version)--0
Monster (alternate version)--0
Summer Clothes--0
Mary Ann--0
Are There Giants Too, In the Dance?--0
The Last Great Star In Hollywood--0
Black Wedding--0
What If--0
How Much?--0
Tell Mary--0
Hug Me--0
The One--0
Kiss You Goodnight--0
Going Away--0
Fighting for Nothing--0
Bored of Your Love--0
Nineteen Starstransl0
Lessons In New Jerseytransl0
Agree to Disagree--0
Getaways Turned Holidays--0
Inside My Headtransl0
I'll Find Mine--0
Unsinkable Ships--0
Love Is--0
What Are You Into? (Bedroom Demo)--0
Only for Love--0
Hug Me (Meg's Remix)--0
Courage, Robert--0
Setting Up Sunday--0
Cardigan Weather--0
Said and Done--0
Don't Be Careful With Me--0
Here, Here and Here--0
One Sail--0
What If (Remix)--0
lyrics translation visits
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