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I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes3
Crossroads of the World1
Addicted To You1
My Arms That Ache to Hold You1
Woodland Lullaby1
Cycles of Life1
Life Is a Circle1
Meine besten Freunde1
Your Eyes In The Candlelight1
For You0
All the Things I Could Not Say0
You Are My Home0
Amber Waters0
Step Into My Fire0
Sunrise Dance0
The Desert of My Heart0
Her Infinite Embrace0
A Sea of Ecstasy0
Ahead of the Game0
The Puritan's Dream0
The Shape of Her Face0
Before I Close My Eyes0
Killer Instinct0
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen0
Through the Parched Land0
Land of Seduction0
First Light0
Song of the Everglades0
Peril in the Timberland0
Winding to Infinity0
Canyon Wind0
The Dark and the Light0
Love's Secret0
Swimming In A Lovely Sea Of You0
Two As One0
Through the Parched Land: Desert Flower0
Hands Of Silk0
After the Rain0
Love Begins Again0
Jacana and the Fish Eagle0
Lost On the Plains0
Fire and Ice0
Night On the Serengeti0
The Elephants0
A World In Fast Forward0
Battery Park0
The Small Hours0
Niorth from the Riverside0
How Different You Are from the Darkness0
Waiting for the Lights to Change0
River to the Sea0
An Oasis from the World0
If Only for Tonight0
The Curved Sky0
Traveling Back In Time0
A Battle for Turf0
The Hyena and the Melons0
Journey of the Thousands0
Love Is a Stolen Season0
Theme to Forever Wild0
The Wilderness of the East0
The Great Highway0
Hudson Valley0
Muir's Paradise0
Seasons of the Wind0
Kingdom of the Sun0
Times of Change0
The Slowpoke Club0
African Sunsets0
Wild Pups0
Mountain Gorillas0
A Living Machine0
Solar Clarity0
No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen0
Winter Blues0
All My Stars0
Soul to Soul0
For the Blue Dream of Sky - Single Version0
Compared to a Summer's Day0
Big Ears, Big Nose, Big Heart (A Puppy Ballad)0
Ridge Running0
Land Of Seduction - Passion/Romance Version0
First Light - Passion/Romance Version0
The Shape Of Her Face - Passion/Romance Version0
The Slowpoke Cub0
Under a Full Moon / Uncle Abe0
The First Elevent0
Birth: The Journey To Life0
Part Two: Journey Towards The Sunrise0
Part One: The Heart Of Midninght0
Do Not Allow Me to Forget You0
Silver Shores0
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Bonus Track0
Ever Closer Ever Nearer Ever Sooner0
Hush the Night0
My Obsequious Tear0
Window to the Soul0
No More Secrets0
The Prayer Box0
Almost Touching Heaven0
Full Moon Dance0
Heart so Filled with Joy0
Kiss the Quiet0
For the Blue Dream of Sky0
The End of the Line0
Waiting to be Carried Off0
Up All Night0
The Big Sleep0
The Distant Light0
Dream Cycle0
Part Four: Love0
Part Three: Faces0
Part Two: Passages0
The Cheetah Hunt0
Phantom of the Forest0
Predators of the Predators0
Winter Rain0
Quiet Beauty0
Brink of Extinction0
The Forest Edge0
Night Creatures0
Cathedral of the Woods0
Life In the Nest0
The Feather0
Building a Nest0
New Forests0
Open Spaces0
The Wood Cock0
Killing to Survive0
The Hawk Appears0
One Becomes a Trillion0
A New Heart0
I Am (Brain)0
Part One: Light-Sky-Stars0
Show Introduction / Theme To0
Passage to Paradise0
Part Seven0
Part Six0
Part Five0
Part Four0
Part Three0
Part Two0
Part One0
Birth: The Journey of Life0
Life in Cramped Quarters0
Months of Constant Change0
Protected & Nourished0
I Move (Muscles)0
Eyes, Ears & Fingers0
The Mother Knows0
Sea of Trees0
Close Your Eyes, the Right Approaches0
Black Soldiers and the Call to Arms0
Small Comes Home0
On the Road After the War0
Voices of Change0
The Red Shirts0
Winding the Clock Back0
The South Wins the Peace0
The Road to Freedom0
Under a Fool Moon : Uncle Abe0
Brink of Civil War0
David Smith and the Next Generation0
A Vision of Black and White0
Sold down the River : The Plantation0
Harriett's Theme0
The Immigrants0
A Sea of Blood0
Stealing the 'Planter'0
Mother and Son0
A Blessing (End Titles)0
Footsteps - In the Snow0
Half Light0
Ocean of Glass0
Morning Coast Drive0
She's a Lite Sleeper (Interlude)0
A Moment In Time0
My Linda0
Evening Blurs Into the Neon (Alternate Mix)0
Imagine the Sun0
Impossibly Blue0
Original Sin0
The Road of Ghosts0
Blink of an Eye0
All of Me0
I Am0
Seasons of Light0
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