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Mindless Self Indulgence

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Sex for Homework--4
Shut Me Up (Groandome Metal Mix by Ulrich Wild)--1
Hey Tomorrow Fuck You And Your Friend Yesterdaytransl1
Bring the Pain (New Wave)--1
Straight To Videotransl1
I Hate Jimmy Pagetransl1
Faggot (Ultrasex version)--0
Bitches (LP version)--0
What Do They Know? (The Last Word mix)--0
What Do They Know? (Maelstrom mix)--0
I Hate Jimmy Page (LP version)--0
Planet of the Apes (LP version)--0
Faggot (Celibate radio version)--0
Bitches (radio version)--0
Cocaine and Toupees (LP version)--0
What Do They Know? (Hollowboy Extended Pleasure mix)--0
Issues (Rhys Fulber remix)--0
Straight to Video (More and Faster mix)--0
Shut Me Up (original crappy demo)--0
Shut Me Up (TSMV Still Filthy mix)--0
Straight to Video (extended Electro mix)--0
Make Me Come--0
What Do They Know? (Backstabber's Delight mix)--0
Issues (Scandy remix)--0
What Do They Know? (Mindless Self Indulgence vs. Julien-K & Chester Bennington)--0
I Hate Jimmy Page (radio version)--0
Planet of the Apes (radio version)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (The Birthday Massacre a cappella mix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Spider dub remix)--0
Issues (Million $ Mano remix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (The Birthday Massacre remix w/guest vocals by Chibi)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Electro Hurtz mix by Combichrist)--0
Issues (Dinesh Boaz of What What Where remix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Spider mix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Tommie Sunshine [TSMV] remix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (The Birthday Massacre Pansy mix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Combichrist Electro Hurtz mix)--0
Shut Me Up (1200 XL mix)--0
Straight to Video (TSMV remix)--0
What Do They Know? (Hollowboy remix)--0
Bring the Pain (MadHatter's Snap Megaman's Back mix)--0
Grab the Mic--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Ulrich Wild Voluptuous Metal mix)--0
Make Me Cum (demo)--0
2 Hookers & an Eightball--0
Issues (original radio mix)--0
Straight to Video - s2v Instrumental--0
Royally Fucked--0
Ready for Love--0
Thank God--0
Panty Shot--0
Rip Off--0
Like Shit--0
Two Hookers--0
London Bridge--0
Golden I--0
Free As a Birdie--0
I Think I Turned 22--0
Dickface (Demo)--0
I Hate Everyone--0
Bring the Pain (Corky's Retarded Breakbeat mix)--0
Greatest Love of All (Demo)--0
My World (Demo)--0
Molly (Live)--0
2 Hookers and an Eightball--0
Straight to Video (Haujobb Mindless Myer Massacre mix)--0
Straight to Video (Nonplus mix)--0
Straight to Video (Front 242 Art and Strategy mix)--0
Straight to Video (KHZ Death mix)--0
Straight to Video (Bro Peezy A.K.A. Greg Poole Video Struggle mix)--0
Straight to Video (P•A•L dub mix)--0
Straight to Video (Combichrist Remix)--0
Issues (Tub Ring's disco Edison remix)--0
Straight to Video (S2V a cappella)--0
Straight to Video (Noise Unit Don't Get Emotional mix)--0
Straight to Video (Velvet Acid Christ Loud & Tripped Up mix)--0
Thank God (radio edit)--0
Mic Commander--0
2 H**k*rs and an 8 B***--0
Straight to Video (Infrastructure w/ Punketta Doilie mix)--0
Straight to Video (Front Line Assembly mix)--0
Straight to Video (Assemblage 23 mix)--0
Straight to Video (mix according to Combichrist)--0
Straight to Video (Funker Vogt mix)--0
Shut Me Up (Groandome Metal mix)--0
Pay for It (Ulver Remix)--0
It's Got Issues - Million $ Mano Remix--0
It's Got Issues (Radio Mix)--0
Pay For It - The Son Of A Clown Mix - Remixed by M. Shawn Crah--0
The Birthday Massacre - Remix with guest vocals by Chibi--0
Pay For It (Radio Mix)--0
Pay For It - Remix Created by: Wumpscut / Rudy R.--0
On It - The Tweaker Mix by Chris Vrenna--0
On It - Grinder Mix by Hollowboy--0
On It (Radio Mix)--0
Pay For It - MackeyMix by Curse Mackey--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Combichrist Electro Hutz Mix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance (Electro Hurtz Mix)--0
Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim--0
Molly (Side 3's Industrial Dub mix)--0
Molly (Pull's kHz mix)--0
Seven Minutes In Heaven--0
Make Me Cum - Original Unreleased Demo--0
Stupid MF (Clean Version)--0
1989 (Clean Version)--0
My World - Original Unreleased Demo--0
Your No Fun anymore Mark Trezona--0
1989 (Remastered)--0
Tight 8-Bit--0
You Will See Just What I See--0
Pay for It (remix by M. Shawn Crahan (Clown From Slipknot / Dirty Little Rabbits))--0
On It (remix by Hollowboy)--0
Last Gay Song I'll Ever Write--0
Bring The Pain - Album Version (Edited)--0
2 H******s and an 8 B***--0
Prom (Remastered)--0
On It (remix by KMFDM)--0
Spider Mix--0
On It (Antron 2600 of 8-bit Suicide Remix)--0
Straight to Video - s2v Acapella--0
Shut Me Up (TSMV Still Filthy Mix by Tommie Sunshine)--0
On It (Hollowboy Grinder Mix)--0
On It (Chris Vrenna Tweaker Mix)--0
Never Wanted to Dance - The Birthday Massacre With Guest Vocals By Chibi (Remix)--0
Pay For It (Wumpscut Remix)--0
Pay for It (Son of a Clown Mix By M. Shawn Crahan a.k.a. Clown from Slipknot/Dirty Little Rabbits)--0
Molly (Original "Tight" version)--0
Prove Me Wrong--0
Pay for It (:Wumpscut: remix/Explicit)--0
Written In Cold Blood--0
Make Me Cum (original demo)--0
Stupid MF (Live in Birmingham, UK)--0
Animal (Live at Webster Hall, NYC)--0
Tornado (Live at Webster Hall, NYC)--0
Straight to Video (Live in Birmingham, UK)--0
On It (remix by Antron 2600 of 8-Bit Suicide)--0
On It (Assemblage 23 mix)--0
Pay for It (Dubstep on Your dirty Little Face mix)--0
Pay for It (The :wumpscut: remix)--0
Pay for It (The Son of a Clown mix)--0
Greatest Love of All (original demo)--0
On It (original radio mix)--0
On It (The Tweaker remix)--0
On It (Grinder mix)--0
On It (KMFDM remix)--0
Animal (Video)--0
Stupid Motherfucker--0
Bite Your Rhymes--0
Apple Country--0
Kick (remix)--0
Bitches (Kid Rock's Cock Rock remix)--0
Bitches (µ-Ziq mix)--0
Bitches (State of Bengal mix)--0
Bitches (Rhys Fulber mix)--0
Bitches (DJ Cam mix)--0
Unsociable (extended)--0
Straight to Video (Burnout Revenge mix)--0
What Do They Know? (Extended Pleasure mix)--0
Bomb This Track (original demo)--0
Mic Commander (dirty version)--0
Bring the Pain (Nicey-Nice for radio)--0
Tornado (Clean and Fresh-Scented for radio)--0
Tornado (Original Filthy demo version)--0
Bring the Pain (Nasty as Hell version)--0
My World (original demo)--0
Do Unto Others--0
Never Wanted to Dance - Electro Hurtz (Combichrist Mix)--0
Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)--0
Kill You All in a Hip Hop Rage--0
Out of my Minds--0
Bring the Pain--0
Ala Mode--0
The Logical Song--0
Personal Jesus--0
I Want to Be Black--0
Be Like Superman--0
Darling Young Boyz--0
What Do They Know?--0
I'm Your Problem Now--0
Cocaine and Toupees--0
Keepin' Up With the Kids--0
Planet of the Apes--0
Last Gay Song--0
This Isn’t Good--0
I Am Not Here to Make Any Friends--0
Bomb This Track--0
Straight to Video - KMFDM Remix--0
Do Unto Others, Pt. 2--0
Memory of Heaven--0
Jack You Up--0
This Hurts--0
Tom Sawyertransl0
Brooklyn Hype (Part One)transl0
Pre-Teen Violencetransl0
Born To Be Beheadedtransl0
Alienating Our Audiencetransl0
You'll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It's Not Challenging)transl0
Shut Me Uptransl0
Microphone Commandertransl0
Stupid MFtransl0
What Do They Know ?transl0
2 Hookers And An 8 Balltransl0
My Worldtransl0
Capitol Ptransl0
Frying Pantransl0
Bed Of Rosestransl0
Ass Backwards--0
It Gets Worse--0
Fuck Machinetransl0
Mindless Self Indulgence--0
You're No Fun Anymore Mark Trezona--0
For the Love of God--0
Girls on Film--0
Evening Wear--0
On Ittransl0
Never Wanted To Dancetransl0
Lights Outtransl0
Kill The Rocktransl0
Get It Uptransl0
Adios Amigostransl0
Mark David Chapmantransl0
Big Poppatransl0
Pay for It--0
You'll Rebel to Anything--0
Straight to Video (Haujobb Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Nonplus Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Front 242 Remix)--0
Straight to Video (KHZ Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Bro Peezy AKA Greg Poole Remix)--0
Straight to Video (P.A.L Remix)--0
Golden 1--0
Step Up, Ghetto Blaster--0
Bomb This Track (Demo)--0
Straight to Video (Noise Unit Remix)--0
Straight to Video (The Birthday Massacre Remix)--0
Straight to Video (More And Faster Mix by Suicide City)--0
You'll Rebel To Anything (Remastered)--0
Tom Sawyer (Remastered)--0
Bullshit (Remastered)--0
Straight to Video (Extended Electro Mix by Tommie Sunshine)--0
Straight to Video (Infrastructure With Punketta Doilie Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Assemblage 23 Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Funker Vogt Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Front Line Assembly Remix)--0
Straight to Video (Remix According to Combichrist)--0
Fuck Machine (album version)--0
Tornado (Live At Cbgb)--0
Eat Those Words--0
Never Wanted to Dance (a cappella mix by the Birthday Massacre)--0
Pay for It (remix by Ulver)--0
Molly (Madgroove's CircusJungle mix)--0
Hail Satan! (live)--0
Do Unto Others (clean version)--0
Do Unto Others, Part II--0
Electro Hurtz (Mix By Combichrist)--0
Fuck Machine (Acapella Do Your Own Fucking Remix Asshole)--0
Fuck Machine (KMFDM remix)--0
Fuck Machine (Scandinavian Cock mix)--0
Fuck Machine (LJU remix)--0
Fuck Machine (a cappella)--0
Fuck Machine (Flock of Jimmy's remix)--0
Fuck Machine (Blush Response remix)--0
Fuck Machine (Coming Soon to a Theater Near You)--0
Fuck Machine (Combichrist remix)--0
Fuck Machine (Chantal Loves Jimmy remix)--0
2 Hookers and an 8 Ball (Remastered)--0
What Do They Know? (Remastered)--0
Dicks Are for My Friends--0
Make Me Cum--0
Tornado (Cassingle Version)--0
Harry Truman--0
Holy Shit--0
Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World--0
Kick the Bucket--0
Angry Boy--0
Greatest Love Of All--0
Bitches (Michael Patterson's SubBass club mix)--0
The Birthday Massacre (Accapella Mix)--0
Married Alive--0
If I Only Didn’t Want to F the Ones Who Didn’t Want to F Me--0
Fuck Machine (Mustard Pimp remix)--0
Wack (live)--0
Brooklyn Hype, Part One--0
Mark David Chapman (radio edit)--0
Mark David Chapmen--0
P***y All Night--0
Straight To Video (Remastered)--0
Stupid MF (Remastered)--0
Shut Me Up (Remastered)--0
Ulrich Wild (Loud Mix)--0
Jack You Up (Black Lipstick Remix)--0
Pussy All Night--0
Straight to Video (The Birthday Massacre Dramaclub mix)--0
Straight to Video (KMFDM Burnout Revenge mix)--0
Pay for It (original radio mix)--0
Shut Me Up (1200 XL Mix by VNV Nation)--0
Rip Off (Studio Version)--0
Planet of the Apes (amended version)--0
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