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Rockstar (clean edit)--80
Far Awaytransl68
How You Remind Metransl36
Never Gonna Be Alonetransl4
What Are You Waiting Fortransl3
When We Stand Togethertransl2
Photograph (intro)--2
This Afternoontransl1
Burn It To The Groundtransl1
Because Of Youtransl1
Gotta Be Somebodytransl1
Shakin' Handstransl1
If Today Was Your Last Daytransl1
Miss Youtransl1
Silent Majority--1
Someday (acoustic mix)--1
Coin for the Ferryman--1
Never Againtransl1
How You Remind Me (live)--1
Song On Fire--1
After the Rain--1
Figured You Outtransl1
Gotta Get Me Sometransl1
Savin' Me (album version)--1
Kiss It Goodbyetransl1
Bottoms Uptransl1
Savin' Metransl1
Not Leavin' Yettransl1
Too Badtransl1
Next Contestanttransl1
Photograph (Rock edit)--0
Edge of a Revolution (music video)--0
It Ain't Like That--0
This Afternoon (Promo Only clean edit)--0
Bottoms Up (clean edit)--0
Gotta Be Somebody (radio edit)--0
Mistake (Live In Edmonton) [Moi Mix]--0
Float on the For--0
Figured You Out (call-out hook #2)--0
Something in Your Mouth (live from Summer Sonics 2010)--0
Leader of Men (LP version)--0
Breathe (live) (video)--0
One Last Run (live) (video)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (album version)--0
Hollywood (live) (video)--0
Worthy to Say (live) (video)--0
Hangnail (live) (video)--0
Woke Up This Morning (live) (video)--0
Too Bad (LP version)--0
Leader of Men (call out hook #1)--0
Leader of Men (acoustic version)--0
Leader of Men (call out hook #2)--0
Savin' Me (acoustic version)--0
Now You Remind Me--0
Edge of a Revolution (behind the scenes)--0
Too Bad (live) (video)--0
Never Again (live)--0
Someday (album mix)--0
Leader of Men (video)--0
Photograph (Pop Version)--0
Gotta Be Somebody (album version)--0
Far Away (Video)--0
If Everyone Cared (Video)--0
Someday (acoustic live)--0
How You Remind Me (Gold mix)--0
Someday (single mix)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (radio edit)--0
The Betrayal (Act I)--0
Photograph (Live In Atlanta)--0
Animals (Live In Atlanta)--0
Leader of Men (Acoustic - 3:23)--0
Never Again (clean radio edit)--0
Far Away (live at Sturgis 2006)--0
Too Bad (acoustic)--0
Old Enough (live) (video)--0
Never Again (live) (video)--0
How You Remind Me (acoustic version)--0
How You Remind Me (Reduced Guitar mix)--0
Follow You Home (Live In Atlanta)--0
Photograph (live from Summer Sonics 2010)--0
Photograph (pop radio edit)--0
This Afternoon (Album edit clean)--0
Rockstar (radio edit)--0
Shakin' Hands (Promo Only clean edit)--0
Someday (acoustic version)--0
Old Enough (live)--0
Woke Up This Morning (live)--0
Throw Away Yourself--0
Leader of Man--0
Never Again (explicit)--0
Breathe (live)--0
Yanking Out My...--0
Worthy to Say (live)--0
One Last Run (live)--0
How You Remind Me (live) (Cold live at the Chapel)--0
Too Bad (Diggla mix)--0
Leader of Men (live)--0
If Everyone Cared (radio edit)--0
Photograph (Pop edit)--0
Never Again (edited album version)--0
Never Again (edited clean radio edit)--0
How You Remind Me (album version)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (Rock radio edit)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (radio clean)--0
Leader of Men (radio edit)--0
Where Do I Hide (live unplugged)--0
Too Bad (vocal up radio edit)--0
Figured You Out (album version)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (Loncao Pop mix)--0
Mistake (live)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (single version)--0
Never Again (single version)--0
Too Bad (live)--0
Something in Your Mouth (live)--0
Making of This Afternoon--0
Burn It to the Ground (live & loud)--0
Never Again (live in Atlanta)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (album edit)--0
Never Again (video)--0
How You Remind Me (live) (video)--0
It Ain't Like That (live) (video)--0
Where Do I Hide (live) (video)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (dirty version)--0
Leader of Men (live) (video)--0
Mistake (live) (video)--0
Animals (live & loud)--0
Something in Your Mouth (live & loud)--0
Never Again (Full-Length single version)--0
Figured You Out (call-out hook #1)--0
Photograph (pop version edit)--0
Where Do I Hide (live)--0
Wake Up This Morning--0
Never Again (album version)--0
Rockstar (cleanest edit)--0
This Afternoon (Album Edit)--0
This Afternoon (Instrumental)--0
Leader Of Men (Live (Explicit))--0
Too Bad (call out hook)--0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (mainstream edit)--0
This Afternoon (album edit) (Promo Only clean edit)--0
Photograph (acoustic)--0
Look What Your Money Boughttransl0
Little Friendtransl0
Sea Groovetransl0
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)transl0
Flat On The Floortransl0
Falls Back Ontransl0
Believe It Or Nottransl0
In Front Of Metransl0
See You At The Showtransl0
Should've Listenedtransl0
I'd Come For Youtransl0
Just To Get Hightransl0
Next Go Roundtransl0
Midnight Queentransl0
This Means Warstransl0
Something In Your Mouthtransl0
Yanking Out My Hearttransl0
Throw Yourself Awaytransl0
Slow Motiontransl0
Window Shoppertransl0
I Don't Havetransl0
Learn The Hard Waytransl0
Cowboy Hattransl0
Leader Of Mentransl0
Old Enoughtransl0
Worthy To Saytransl0
Good Times Gonetransl0
Just Fortransl0
Woke Up This Morningtransl0
Hollywood (N2)transl0
Money Boughttransl0
Where Do I Hidetransl0
Diggin' Thistransl0
Do This Anymoretransl0
Feelin' Way Too Damn Goodtransl0
Another Hole In The Headtransl0
Someone That You're Withtransl0
If Everyone Caredtransl0
Hold Out Your Handtransl0
One Last Runtransl0
Follow You Hometransl0
Fight For All The Wrong Reasonstransl0
Side Of a Bullettransl0
Trying Not To Love Youtransl0
Everything I Wanna Dotransl0
The Betrayal (Act III)--0
For the River--0
Too Bad (video)--0
How You Reminde Me--0
Photograph (edit)--0
How U Remind Me--0
How You Remind Me (acoustic)--0
Someday (acoustic)--0
Every Time We're Together--0
Edge of a Revolution (lyric video)--0
Animals (live)--0
Rockstar (album version)--0
Photograph (album version)--0
Just Four--0
Photograph (Video)--0
Far Away (Edit Version)--0
Burn It to the Ground (live from Summer Sonics 2010)--0
I'd Come for You (edit)--0
If Everyone Cared (album version)--0
Rockstar (video)--0
Follow You Home (live)--0
Saturday Night's Alright--0
Leader of Men (acoustic)--0
Love Will Keep Us Together--0
Far Away (album version)--0
Saving Me--0
She Keeps Me Uptransl0
Edge Of a Revolutiontransl0
What Are You Waiting For?--0
Dirty Laundry--0
Get 'Em Uptransl0
The Hammer's Coming Downtransl0
Holding On To Heaventransl0
Don't Ever Let It Endtransl0
Got Me Runnin' Round (ft. Flo Rida)transl0
Sister Sintransl0
Million Miles An Hourtransl0
How You Remind Me - LP Mix--0
Savin' Me (radio mix)--0
What Are You Waiting For? (lyric video)--0
You Remind Me--0
Far Away (edit)--0
Photograph (live)--0
Feed the Machine--0
Make Me Believe Again--0
We Will Rock You--0
How You Remind Me (video)--0
This Is How You Remind Me--0
Savin' Me (Video)--0
This Means War--0
Must Be Nice--0
Gotta Be Somebody (single edit)--0
lyrics translation visits
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