Nirvana Intro / Old Age / Low Rider (4-track demo 1992) song lyrics
Intro / Old Age / Low Rider (4-track demo 1992) Nirvana sheet
Intro / Old Age / Low Rider (4-track demo 1992) - Nirvana lyrics
♪ Intro / Old Age / Low Rider (4-track demo 1992) ♪ official lyrics
Ahh, voce! Voce!

Yes I'm leaving
Filthy hands, hey, hey
Meet me hey, hey, hey
And miss me, hey, hey, hey
Prefer me sayin' hey, hey
And a one day...
She's gonna miss me hey, hey
And you're gonna miss me...
And I am afraid
It's a fire, our house is gone
And I refrain
Are you God?
Are you God?
You little boy
Your knotted fingers meet the floor
And now like a baby he ignores
I don't want do a baby
Free spin flowers beneathe something
Your silent bit and I will sway
The sea infront of me is away
And I know, hey...

Keep it down to the one more species
One more high and I'll free my service
Someday I gonna run my way to something
It's not hard to believe my service
Come inside of her inner circles
Someday I walk behind away
It's over

She seems to read minds
And I'm dead, dumb and blind
Weigh a frame I have used
She's the same

Old Age
Old Age
Old Age

Some are killed and some are wounded
Some work hard and I free my servers
Someday I won't find my way, it's over
This young mary believes my sermans
One more hour and I'll wake my servant
Someday I'll wind my way to something

She seems to read minds
And I'm dead, dumb and blind
Face to face in the mirror
We survey

Old Age
Old Age
Old Age
Old Age

It's such a fantasy
You're all weak
Come on higher and obey
'Cause see... mmm

One more hour and I face my service
Coming down to relieve my servants
Someday I will allow my way to nothing
Something terrible thing my service
One more high and I won't be serious
Someday I will find my way to sunday

She seems to read minds
And I'm dead, dumb and blind
Weigh the frame I have used
Jesus saves
Old Age
Old Age
Jesus saves
Old Age
Old Age
Old Age
Takin' a little trip
Takin' a little trip for me
Low Rider
He's a low rider

Ok, bene, la musica
La musica!
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Nirvana - Intro / Old Age / Low Rider (4-track demo 1992) song lyrics
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