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Little Moments lyrics

Performer Patrick Watson

Little Moments song lyrics by Patrick Watson official

Little Moments is a song in English

Where the newspapers fall asleep
Blowin' past the people
Who are walking down the street (ooh)
Said that you're a spy, well, so am I (ooh)
I'll meet you dressed up as a ghost
And wander around the town
And as the sidewalk dreams for you and me
City lights are swallowed
By the puddles on the ground
And I will meet you there

We're live on TV from your bathroom mirror
While the little moments dream
And I will meet you there
And it's only in this quiet, you realize
Just how small we are
And I will meet you there
And it's only in these moments we realize
Just how special we are

Where the flower dresses are worn out at the seams
And the fancy hat you just don't fuck with
And the kids pack ships made of cardboard
With their fists up in the air
I will meet you between those lovers' hands
Scared 'cause they know this has to end
Did you see that boy who carried
His mother up the stairs
In a crowd of strangers?
Leaning against each other's ugly troubles
She walks back to her car
Just like a movie star
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Writer: Patrick Watson
Copyright: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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