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Moonlight Kissed--2
Cradled In Lovetransl2
Love Will Come To You--2
The Ballad Of Jeremiah Peacekeepertransl2
My Dark Disquiet--2
False Kings--1
Given And Deniedtransl1
Illusion & Dream (Live)--1
Cradled in Love (Live)--0
Temple of Thought (Unplugged Studio Live) [Unplugged Studio Live]--0
The Poet and the Muse--0
Skin (Unplugged Studio Live) [Unplugged Studio Live]--0
Daze (Instrumental)--0
Dancing on Broken Glass--0
Fool's Paradise--0
Kamikaze Love (Radio Edit)--0
Dancing on Broken Glass (Radio Edit)--0
The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper - Live--0
Lift - Instrumental Version--0
Choice Millionaire (Single Mix)--0
Love Will Come to You - Instrumental--0
You know my name--0
The Ultimate Fling (The Impromptu alternative version)--0
Late Goodbye (radio edit)--0
Daze (Short Version)--0
The Ultimate Fling (The Impromptu Alternate Version)--0
Looking Up the Sun--0
You Know My Name (studio live)--0
Carnival of Rust (radio edit)--0
Diamonds for Tears (radio edit)--0
Diamonds for Tears (album version)--0
Love Will Come to You - Single Version--0
The Ultimate Fling (Director's cut)--0
Moments Before the Storm--0
In a Perfect World--0
Choir of Cicadas--0
King of Fools (Unplugged Studio Live)--0
Cradled in Love (Radio Edit)--0
Kamikaze Love (Radio Edit Instrumental)--0
Can You Hear Me (single version)--0
Carnival Of Rusttransl0
The Lie Eternal (radio edit)--0
Lift (Instrumental)--0
Diamonds for Tears (Live)--0
Delicious (Live)--0
Locking up the Sun (Live)--0
Kamikaze Love (Live)--0
Given and Denied (Live)--0
Temple of Thought (Live)--0
Everything Fades (Live)--0
Stay (Live)--0
Running out of Time (Live)--0
Late Goodbye (Live)--0
Children of the Sun (Radio Edit)--0
Sleep (Live)--0
Dreaming Wide Awake (Live)--0
Lift (Live)--0
The Happy Song (Live)--0
Drama for Life (Radio Edit) [Bonus Track]--0
Partir avec moi (Radio Edit)--0
The Sweet Escape (Radio Edit)--0
The Sweet Escape (Long Edit)--0
Once Upon a Playground Rainy (Genelec Artist Room Live)--0
Love Will Come to You - Short Version--0
Nothing Stays the Same--0
Don't Mess With Me (live)--0
The Lie Eternal (radio edit instrumental)--0
Diamonds for Tears (studio live)--0
The Happy Song (American Nightmare edit)--0
Carnival of Rust (Instrumental)--0
Grinder's Blues--0
Can You Hear Me (Radio Edit)--0
Lift (radio edit)--0
Lift (album version)--0
Sorry Go 'Round (Radio Edit)--0
Carnival of Rust - Instrumental Version--0
Sorry Go 'Round (album version)--0
Tobacco Road--0
Dreaming Wide Awake (radio edit)--0
Dreaming Wide Awake (album version)--0
The Ultimate Fling (Producer's cut)--0
Fire (live from Ankkarock 2007)--0
Late Goodbye (unplugged)--0
Choice Millionaire (Instrumental)--0
All the Way / 4U - Live on Channel 2--0
Skin (unplugged studio live)--0
Save Metransl0
Revolution Roulettetransl0
The Ultimate Flingtransl0
Miss Impossibletransl0
Where Do We Draw The Linetransl0
Passion Colors Everythingtransl0
Diamonds For Tearstransl0
Temple Of Thoughttransl0
Dreaming Wide Awaketransl0
You're Still Heretransl0
Running Out Of Timetransl0
Kamikaze Lovetransl0
The Lie Eternaltransl0
Illusion & Dreamtransl0
Show Me This Lifetransl0
Sorry Go 'Roundtransl0
Locking Up The Suntransl0
King Of Foolstransl0
All The Way / 4Utransl0
Maybe Tomorrow Is a Better Daytransl0
Everything Fadestransl0
Don't Mess With Metransl0
Late Goodbyetransl0
Seek You Outtransl0
3 AMtransl0
Someone Specialtransl0
The Distancetransl0
Morning Tidetransl0
Sleep Sugar (Dj Antonio Remix)--0
The Labyrinth--0
Children of the Sun--0
The Game--0
Once Upon a Playground Rainy--0
Shadow Play--0
Jealous Gods--0
The Child in Me--0
Late Goodbye (instrumental)--0
Drama for Life - Radio Edit--0
Center Stage--0
Choice Millionaire--0
The Sweet Escape--0
Hounds to Hamartia--0
Late Goodbye (Radio Edit) [From "Max Payne 2"]--0
Clear Blue Sky--0
Cradled in Love - Instrumental--0
Drama for Life--0
Late Goodbye (Theme from Max Payne 2) - Radio Edit--0
The Happy Songtransl0
Dying To Livetransl0
Signs Of Lifetransl0
Can You Hear Metransl0
No End, No Beginningtransl0
15 Min Flametransl0
Smoke And Mirrorstransl0
Carnival of Rust (Lost Stories Remix)--0
Heal My Woundstransl0
Cradled in Love (Full Version)--0
The Beautiful Ones--0
Brighter Than the Sun--0
15min Flame--0
Carnival of Rust (Live)--0
Temple of Thought (unplugged studio live)--0
The Sweet Escape (Instrumental)--0
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