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To find perfection
It's my obsession
Never the right guy...

Is nearby
(I've tried to make you see)
I don't know why
(If you'd only come with me)
I can't find
(You would never even try)
The one in my mind
(But here I am, open your eyes !)

So my ego needs perfection
He's just a token Lego collection
I've broken, yes I broke him.

So you want to try
To be God to me
I know you can't be...

So stop it
(Beat my head against the wall)
Don't want it
(As I pace within this hall)
Why bother ?
(Sick of looking for the key)
I'll find another
(You're still alone, why can't you see ?)

So my ego needs perfection
He's just a token Lego collection
I've broken, yes I broke him.
So now I watch the princes falter
As traces of tears slide down like blood on my alter
Here live your fears, dear.

Used to think we'd live without care, just do as we chose
In the house we built together we'd constructed with Legos
In this world we'd start our own religion, anything goes
And our house would be super
And this world too I supposed

An avalanche of fears and jaded pride just destroyed it
My second half, my one and only heart, just exploded
And the hatchet she buried cut deep into my soul and sinew
There's nothing left of me now
Now way I can continue...

(So still my...)
So still my ego needs perfection
He's just a token Lego collection
I've broken, yes I broke him.
The winds can blow me to wherever and still I will try
Even if it takes forever I will find my prize !
Lyrics credits : lyrics added by atalza
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Slot - Lego song lyrics
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