Snoop Dogg Lay Low song lyrics
Lay Low Snoop Dogg lyrics sheet
Lay Low - Snoop Dogg lyrics
♪ Lay Low ♪ official lyrics
Yo what's Crip-a-lat'n? Dis big Snoop Dogg
Leave your name and your number at the motherfuckin beep
If dis one of my hoes, two-way me

Ay ay Snoop whattup? This your nigga Dre
Ay man I was thinkin I ain't said shit on your whole
motherfuckin album
So check it out, put this on there:
All you motherfuckin haters out there, can suck my
motherfuckin dick!
And we still smokin, what?!

For the nigga who be talkin loud and holdin his dick
Talkin shit, he better LAY LOW
For the bitch that said I shot some shit up out of my dick
Now she sick, she better LAY LOW
For the niggaz who be claimin my hood
and really ain't from my gang, better LAY LOW
I hope he don't be thinkin I'm just talkin
and I won't do a thing, really HOPE SO!

Hmm, lay low, nobody move until I say so
Limo tint rollin deep like the President
See I don't go to clubs, I never chase a bitch (beitch)
I'm here to bang that gangsta shit to the apocalypse
We call it stress, some of y'all call it chocolate
Return of the Top Dogg, and ain't no stoppin this
Whatever the case, I ain't tryin to catch it
Lay low, blow big dope, and slang records
Unseen but well heard, do not disturb
The only reason you alive cause I ain't sent the word
I flip, faster than birds, Snoop Dogg will emerge
from the smoke and go loc, you shouldn't provoke
I bring the worst from the L.B.C.
Smash motherfuckers thinkin they gon' smash on me
Snoop and Dre give a FUCK about what y'all say
From the "World's Most Dangerous Group" - N.W.A
Ay, ay

Our rise, it was no surprise
I always knew these fools would trip
Hatin, fakin, schemin on mine
and on the down low talkin shit
Best move cause I refuse to lose
no matter which damn road I choose
So lay low cause you might be bruised
Top story on the evening news
I ain't for games, so if you wanna play 'em lay low
Lay down on the floor
I'm in a rage, so if we gotta do this let me know
That's what I came fo'

Where that nigga who be talkin shit?
He don't come around no more because I fucked his bitch
I made her suck my dick, while I was squeezin the tits
Then I hit it from the back, gripped tight on them hips
She tried to make me cum, but I was tryin to take her home
Dropped you off and seen you fishin on your raggedy Brougham
Coulda thumped you and the dog (you little fag)
And don't sag too hard, you show everybody your thong

Booyaka booyaka, we bring it straight to ya
From 22's to Luger's the shit that shoot through ya
Who you motherfuckers think the Top Dogg bang with?
The same click he came with and made the game flip
Now niggaz grow they hair, hope they stayin act hard
That's even tho' yo' CEO talk shit get slapped hard
The backyard is where we get our scrap on
The black car drive by then you get capped on

Whassup pimpin? It's P and Snoop
With Dre on the beat, this ain't nuttin but loot
They call me Jed Clampett for all the bread I got
but they call me Bill Clinton for all the head I got
I keeps it real-ah, cause I'm all about my scrilla
The ladies love me cause I'm a million dolla hitta
It's, No Limit til I D-I-E
C-P-3, or Richmond, Cali's where I be
Lyrics copyright : legal lyrics licensed by MusiXmatch.
1 comment for Snoop Dogg - Lay Low lyrics
#1 jessy 25/02/2007 at 16:54:52
j'adore cette chanson j'adore tous les chanteurs surtout
SNOOP et N.DOGG avec leurs costume BLANC le chapeau et les
Snoop Dogg - Lay Low song lyrics
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