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Desert Rose (avec Cheb Mami)transl175
Fragilidad (Spanish)transl81
Englishman In New Yorktransl44
Shape Of My Hearttransl38
Every Breath You Taketransl25
Message In a Bottletransl24
La Belle Dame Sans Regrets--16
Ellas Danzan Solastransl13
A Thousand Yearstransl9
Practical Arrangement (Full original Duet, feat. Jo Lawry)--8
Seven Daystransl8
Dalam Diam Aku Mencintaimu--6
How Insensitive--6
If I Ever Lose My Faith In Youtransl5
St. Agnes and the Burning Train--5
The Dream of the Blue Turtles--5
Moon Over Bourbon Streettransl5
My Funny Valentine--4
King of Pain--4
Fragile (Portuguese Version)--4
I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else--4
Mariposa Libretransl4
It's Probably Metransl4
Dead Man's Boots--3
Come Down in Time--3
Desert Rose (Larkero’s Arabic mix)--3
All Would Envy--3
Saint Agnes and the Burning Train--3
Morning (Poem From the Movie Il Postino)--3
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Edit)--3
I Was Brought To My Sensestransl3
All Would Envy (Live)--3
Angel Eyestransl3
Driven To Tearstransl3
Fields of God--3
Stolen Cartransl3
If You Love Somebody Set Them Freetransl2
You Were Meant for Me--2
Windmills of Your Mind (From the Movie the Thomas Crown Affair)--2
What Say You, Meg?--2
Set Them Free--2
Can't Stand Losing Youtransl2
Ain't No Sunshine--2
The Empty Chair--2
Don't Stand So Close To Metransl2
Walking On The Moontransl2
Christmas At Seatransl2
Sister Moontransl2
It's a Lonesome Old Town--2
Come Againtransl2
If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor--2
Synchronicity II--2
I'll Follow My Secret Heart--2
The Bed's Too Big Without You (vocal Toast Performed by Ranking Roger)--2
Ocean Waltz--2
An Englishman in New York--2
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live In Paris)--2
Prologue (If I Ever Lose My Faith in You)--2
Cherry Tree Caroltransl1
Ellas danzan solas (Cueca sola)--1
Fragile (Signum Signal remix)--1
The Pirate’s Bride--1
Flow, My Tears (Lachrimae)transl1
Every Breath You Take (KHURSOR Remix)--1
Someone to Watch Over Me--1
Sea Dreamer--1
Windmills of Your Mind--1
50,000 ('17)--1
The Police - Every Breath You Take--1
So To Speak--1
Message In A Bottle - MTV Unplugged Version--1
One Fine Day--1
Fragile (live)--1
Bring on the Night / When the World--1
The Bed's Too Big Without You--1
Down So Long (Live In Arnhem)--1
Children's Crusade (Live Arnhem)--1
Bring On The Night / When The World Is Running Down You Make The Best Of What's (Still Around) - Live In Paris--1
Down So Long (Live)--1
Everything She Does Is Magic--1
Every Breath You Take (with Bruce Springsteen) (Live)--1
Now Winter Comes Slowly--1
Fortress Around My Heart--1
Spread a Little Happiness--1
So Lonely--1
Send Your Love - Dave Aude Remix Edit Version--1
Muoio per te--1
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (edit)--1
Rise & Fall--1
Walking On the Moon (MTV Unplugged Version)--1
Jock the Singing Welder--1
Flow My Tears--1
Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (radio version)--1
Fields of Gold (Live)--1
She Walks This Earth (Soberana Rosa)--1
Clear Or Cloudytransl1
Another Day (Live)--1
Consider Me Gonetransl1
The Secret Marriagetransl1
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magictransl1
This Cowboy Songtransl1
Desert Rosetransl1
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilottransl1
Si Estamos Juntostransl1
Rock Steadytransl1
Send Your Lovetransl1
All Four Seasonstransl1
Love Is Stronger Than Justice ( The Munificent Seven)transl1
Deep In The Meadowtransl1
Don't Crytransl1
I Burn For Youtransl1
Tea In The Saharatransl1
Down So Longtransl1
Ghost Storytransl1
Bethlehem Downtransl1
The Book Of My Lifetransl1
Why Should I Cry For Youtransl1
Island Of Soulstransl1
Fragil (Portuguese)transl1
Fragile (Jupiter Jazz, Part 2)--0
Fragile (radio edit)--0
This Cowboy Song (single reggae mix With Toast)--0
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (A&G remix)--0
Never Coming Home (Gonna Live My Life remix)--0
When Dolphins Dance--0
Fill Hep Up--0
I Need You Like I Need This Hole in My Head--0
The Soul Cages (live)--0
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Cornelius mix)--0
Like a Beautiful Smile--0
Seventh Son--0
If I Ever Loose My Faith--0
My Funny Friend & Me--0
Send Your Love (Dave Audé remix)--0
I Need You Like This Hole in My Head--0
I Miss you Kate (Instrumental)--0
If You Love Somebody--0
Jellyfish Lake--0
Brimstone & Treacle--0
You Know I Had the Strangest Dream--0
Thruth Hits Everybody--0
Invisible Sun--0
Fall Out--0
Brand New Day (Cornelius remix)--0
Desery Rose--0
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Soulpower Deep dub)--0
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Soulpower mix)--0
Fortress Around Your Heart (Hugh Padgham remix)--0
This Cowboy Song (extended remix)--0
Walking on the Moon (live)--0
The Mighty--0
Stolen Car (radio version)--0
Brimstone 2--0
Waters of Tyne--0
Beneath a Desert Moon--0
I Miss You Kate--0
Brand New Day (edit)--0
Me Ghile Mear--0
Tutti Frutti--0
End of the Game--0
Natural High--0
Mad About You (live)--0
Speech Behind Speech--0
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (dance mix)--0
Sacred Lovetransl0
Mack the Knife--0
The Wind Cries Mary--0
Everybody Laughed But You (Bonus Track)--0
Girl From the North Country--0
Consider Me Gone (2011 remix)--0
Desert Rose / Roxanne (live, Super Bowl 2001)--0
Send Your Love (Dave Aude remix edit)--0
Sister Moon (live)--0
King of Pain (Live)--0
The Snow It Melts the Soonest (Live At the Cherrytree House)--0
Heavy Cloud No Rain (2011 Remix) [Live At Irving Plaza]--0
Demolition Man (2011 Remix) [Live At Irving Plaza]--0
Message In a Bottle (2011 Remix) [Live At Irving Plaza]--0
Why Should I Cry for You? (Fields of Gold Remix)--0
Never Coming Home (2011 Mix)--0
Bring on the Night (live)--0
I Burn for You (2011 Remix) [Live]--0
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Live)--0
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live)--0
Brand New Day (Live)--0
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