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Tower Encounter0
Confrontation in the Mechanical Tower0
An Unsafe Sanctuary0
Discover the Royal Chambers0
Attack at Sea0
The Tower of Dawn0
Welcome Within0
I Still Love You0
Battle the Dahaka0
Escape the Dahaka0
Struggle in the Library0
Enter the Royal Palace0
At War With Kaileena0
The Vizier Must Die0
Clash in the Catacombs0
Chaos in the Zoo0
The Mental Realm0
Conflict of the Griffins0
Attack of the Sand Griffins0
Trouble in the Barracks0
The Library0
Military Aggression0
Rooftop Engagement0
The Guard Tower Past0
Welcome to Persia0
Time Only Knows0
The Fight0
The Prison0
The Beauty of the City0
Conflict at the Entrance0
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Main Theme0
The Royal Baths0
A Long Way Up0
A Question of Trust0
A Vision0
Start Running0
A Princess Is Stolen0
A Dagger Is Found0
Call to Arms0
The Sands of Time0
A Bad Dream0
A Brief Oasis0
The Halls of Learning0
The Father0
The Last Fight0
The 2nd Fight0
The Bridge Fight0
The 1st Fight0
The Bath Fight0
The Zoo0
The Magic Cavern0
Farewell Princess0
Finish the Vizier0
The Battle Begins0
At What Cost0
Farah Perishes0
The Prison Intro0
Prelude Fight0
In Pursuit of Farah0
The Wandering Sand Prince0
Farah Enlightens the Prince0
Lost in the Crypts0
Babylon Exploration0
The Mighty Prince0
Don't Enter the Light0
The Palace Battle0
Father Is That You?0
The Prince Retaliates0
Behold the Sands of Time0
Introducing the Prince0
The Prince Hesitates...0
Alone in the Garden0
Worried in the Catacombs0
A Princess Is Captured0
Explore the Catacombs0
The Mystic Caves0
The Sands of Time - Main Title0
Attack of the Sand Griffons0
Time Marches0
Epic Battle of the Chariots0
Garden Explorations0
Alone in the Courtyard0
A Babylonian Prince0
Reverse the Sands of Time0
Beneath Babylon0
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